• Principal - Gotwals We are pleased to welcome you to the J.K. Gotwals Elementary School. Under the guidance of a dedicated professional staff and nurtured by a loving family our teachers believe that all students can achieve and that learning should be interesting, rewarding and engaging.  Our goal is for all students to develop to their highest potential academically, physically, and socially.
    Your child will be instructed daily in all of the major curricular areas. Help to support your child’s success by:
    •  Providing a quiet time and space each day to complete homework.
    •  Reading to your child and talking about books in your native language.
    •  Making sure your child is well rested and attending school every day.
    Educational success depends on many factors. When parents, teachers and administrators work together we are most successful in meeting the needs of your child. We hope that this website will be a valuable resource. We invite you to read about our school on this website. 
    Jeanette Fernandez


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