Stewart Middle School Main Entrance
  • Located in the west end of the Municipality of Norristown, Stewart Middle School is in its 93rd year of service to the community. Opening as a junior high school in 1925, Stewart was converted to a middle school in 1973. Because many of the 770 students reside within a 1-mile walking distance of the school, Stewart may be regarded as one of the few remaining neighborhood schools in the region.

    A wireless computer network is available to all students for research and enrichment opportunities. Many classrooms have smart boards and teachers have access to technology based curriculum resources. This technology is used for daily instruction as well as formative assessments to ensure student learning. In addition, a state-of-the-art visual and sound system in the auditorium provides a rich environment for student assemblies and presentations.

    Students at Stewart have many opportunities to extend their involvement at school with after-school activities. Seventh and eighth grade students participate on a variety of athletic teams. Stewart’s student council program does service activities and projects throughout the school year. Many clubs and other activities are offered to students, from Band, Chorus and Orchestra to 24 to Homework Club.

    Stewart has been actively involved with The Food Trust. The Food Trust provides nutritional lessons and samples during the school day. Stewart received mini-grants to focus on special projects within the school. We are especially proud of the community garden. This garden which is partly funded by the Norristown Education Foundation is run entirely by students and the vegetables are donated to local families. Stewart is working hard to help students make positive choices that lead to active, healthy lifestyles.

    Stewart has been designated a No Place for Hate School and worked with the Anti-Defamation league to ensure that all students have a safe environment in which to learn and grow each year. Several school wide projects are incorporated into the school culture as a result of No Place for Hate activities.

    Stewart has implemented parts of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program over the last few years. This program is researched based and helps schools combat bullying. This program involved professional development for staff, students and families. We hope that bringing awareness to this important issue and partnering with families will stop incidents of bullying at Stewart Middle School. Stewart has been implementing Restorative Practices for several years. Restorative Practices promotes healthy and positive relationships.

    Stewart has recieved many cosmetic and structural renovations over the last few years including: new windows, a new roof, masonry work and landscaping improvements. We are excited that our main entrance is scheduled to be renovated and our sound system updated.