• Kudos to the following Norristown Area High School students who gave of their time and talent on Friday, October 26 to support biological diversity in the Norristown Farm Park and in our community:

    1. Burnett, Siani

    2. Crippen, Jeffia

    3. Flores, Maria

    4. Gollick, Kelsey

    5. Marshall, Sherika

    6. McCoy, Austin

    7. Munoz, Crisol

    8. Myers, Zachary

    9. Rouse, Desiree

    10. Schulte, Bailey

    11. Whitley, Mark

    These 11 students continued their work on the Monarch Butterfly Garden Migration Center that began in May 2012 in preparation for Spring 2013. There are over 100 million monarchs that await the spring arrival of milkweed in North America, the only source of food for their offspring. The unique ecosystem created in the Monarch Butterfly Garden Migration Center will be a key to the monarchs’ survival. The persistence of the monarch butterfly’s spectacular and unique migratory phenomenon is dependent on the conservation of habitats in the United State, Canada, and Mexico. No species better symbolizes the ecological links among the three countries.
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    The improved butterfly garden will be a part of the Earth Day unveiling of the Norristown Farm Park. The improvement of this habitat will likely result in an increased population of monarchs in the Norristown Area Farm Park. This project promotes respect for the environment by piloting the use of environmentally centered science curriculum.

    Many thanks to science teachers Mr. Max Geisler and Mr. Josh Wexler for leading this effort at the high school.

    A landscaping plan was created by Mr. Kenneth Shellenberger, Farm Park Manager, in partnership with Mrs. Anne Rohricht, NASD Chief Financial Officer, and Mr. Geisler. Thanks to the combined efforts and hard work of everyone involved, much was accomplished in a relatively short period of time. The completion of the garden in its entirety is scheduled for the spring.

    Stay tuned to Norristown Area High School Eagle TV for full coverage of the event. You will be amazed at the knowledge of our students!