• NAHS Students Participate in Art Appreciation Program


    Students from Norristown Area High School recently completed a month-long Art Appreciation and Aesthetics Program at the Woodmere Art Museum in Chestnut Hill, PA.  The program, known as Art Trak, provides students with the opportunity to think, write, and reflect critically on both contemporary and class works of art. 


    The students visit the museum three times over a period of several weeks.  On their first visit, students are given an in-depth tour of the museum and its various collections.  During this time, they are introduced to art terminology, concepts, and ideas necessary to effectively interpret and analyze a work of art.  On their second visit, the students select a piece of artwork to personally analyze and research.  Using materials provided by the museum, they consider all aspects of the art as well as the artist.  Once they return to school, student spend time further researching their chosen piece and its creator.  They then work on developing a 3-5 minute presentation detailing their thoughts, reflections, and research on the art.  They are also asked to create an original piece of artwork or writing which their feel reflects their thoughts on their chosen piece. On their final visit to the museum, the students present their piece to peers as well as museum staff and guests.  They serve as the expert on their piece of art and use their newly acquired knowledge to facilitate discussions and answer questions. 


    Students come away from the program with new appreciation for art and its creation.  In addition to developing an appreciation of the visual arts, students gain practice and experience in critical thinking, in-depth writing, and presentation skills.  Many students return each year to participate.  As the museum’s contemporary collection change, so does their experience and appreciation of the world of the visual arts.   
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