mission statement

The Mission of the Norristown Area School District is to provide comprehensive educational programs to prepare all students to become productive, responsible, creative citizens. Norristown Area School District provides a well-developed, full day educational program for almost 7,000 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12, including the necessary support services.

Our Core Values affect our students, families, staff, and the greater Norristown Area. The following principles provide the foundation that guides our actions:

1.     Student achievement is our number one priority

2.     Parent and family engagement is critical to the success of students

3.     Our schools are part of a larger community

4.     Diversityis a valued strength to be affirmed and celebrated

5.     Our actions will be characterized by trust, respect, fairness, truth, and transparency

6.     We are committed to safe and supportive environments that are physically, intellectually, and emotionally conducive to teaching and learning

7.     Our staff is a valued asset and critical to student learning

8.     We are committed to maintaining financial stability and accountability

A great emphasis is placed upon Promoting All to Higher Standards (PATHS) of Excellence to ensure that students are post-secondary ready and prepared for the 21st Century. 

PATHS is the overarching framework for indicating every student’s progress, grade Pre-kindergarten through 12, towardt he goal of being post-secondary or college ready. PATHS is a district-wide commitment to all students, families and the community. It is an investment in our students that will ultimately result in the sustainability and growth of the Norristown community.