Reggie Dabbs at ESTLA - The students experienced a full range of emotion. At times, there was great laughter and at other times, great sadness.
    He asked students, have you ever hurt so bad that it’s hard to breathe. Keep breathing, he said, because tomorrow you’ll find the answer.

    He tolds tudents that when they write the book of their life to make the ending the best part of the book. Great books like great movies, the ending is always better than the beginning, he said. 

    “My past is my history, my future is my destiny,” he told the students.

    The message of the day was “don’t give up.”
    In the photograph below, 5th graders surround the fabulous Reggie Dabbs.
    5th graders
    Reggie played, "You are amazing just the way you are."
    Favorite teachers were called to the stage to learn an anti-drug rap song.
    favorite teachers
    rap teacher   rap teacher 2
    audience1   audience 2
    Reggie Dabbs spoke to all of our secondary school students on Feb. 27th - and then met with parents in the auditorium of the high school for an evening progra. He has been speaking to students in public schools for the past 22 years. Major news media call him the Number One Public School Speaker in America and every year he speaks to millions of teenagers. Don’t just exist from one day to the next. Be a better person by learning from the bumps in the road, making better choices today, and steering onto the path of success. Look ahead to all of your future possibilities. The first step to going anywhere is setting goals, having purpose, and enjoying the ride.