Roosevelt High School principal Dr. Queenan, Counselor Mary Beth Sedgwick, and the students at Roosevelt have been doing wonderful work, according to Vivian Schorle of the Norristown Violence Prevention Initiative.


    Through an art group, in conjunction with NVPI (CTC), that has been meeting the second half of the school year, Roosevelt students participated in the ArtBox Contest and tied for Norristown Arts Festival Favorite!
    artbox2  artbox3  artbox5  artbox6  artbox7  artbox8




    “Dr. Queenan and Mary Beth Sedgwick have been an absolute pleasure to work with and they served their students without abandon,” Ms. Schorle said.


    Ms. Schorle can be contacted at: 610-630-2111 ext 257 or vschorle@fsmontco.org