The following report was published in part by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority:

    The American Public Transportation Association's National Public Transportation Career Day is an initiative to introduce students, grades K-12, to careers in public transportation.

    APTA's goal is to have every transit agency, private transit company, and private business host an activity that will showcase industry talents and promote public transit career opportunities to the youth.
    As part of this initiative, this year SEPTA held the 2014 Careers in Transit Week Poster Contest. Ten schools participated in this year's contest, including: Our Lady of Hope School, Esperanza Academy Charter School, East Norriton Middle School, Hancock Elementary School, Julia Ward Howe School, Our Lady of Hope Regional School, St. Francis DeSales School, Mother Teresa Regional School, Saint Anastasia School, and Austin Meehan M.S.
    Twelve winning posters were selected.
    Two out of the 12 winning posters  were submitted by Tori Jon and Kailyn Williams, 5th grade students from East Norriton Middle School! Congratulations Tori and Kailyn! The posters illustrated what public transportation and the Authority's 50th Anniversary meant to them. 
    Tori Jon
    Kailyn Williams
    Septa Winner 2