• Middle School transition planning for Paul Fly students:
    Paul V Fly Elementary School 4th grade students had the pleasure of meeting several members of the NAHS Student Council recently. They participated in a panel discussion about important topics such as transitioning into middle school, friendships, responsibilities and goal setting for the future. The NAHS student council members gave great advice to our students such as "don't procrastinate with your work or homework; there are always people in your school who want to help you like your teachers, school counselors and friends, and always put forth your best effort and don't let anything stop you from reaching goals."

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    Their advice was invaluable to our students and it was a great experience for everyone!

    The student council members who participated were: Breezy Hagel, Kerri Harner, Hanna Kquira, Liz Miller, Anthony Stagliano, Caroline Stilley, and Sterling Williams.
    Submitted by:
    Kristie M. Cupples
    School Counselor