• Click on the links to see the amazing artwork of our Paul V. Fly students!

    Wacky Birds by Kindergarten Artists
    This project focused on the Art Elements of Shape and Color. We listened to and sang a song about shapes. The students learned to use shapes to draw their own flock of “Wacky Birds”. After drawing their flock, students added color by painting in their shapes. They are learning the right way to treat their brush and use their watercolor paints.

    First grade practiced drawing realistic trees without leaves. They learned an artist divides their paper into main areas of space known as foreground, middle ground and background. Using this knowledge they drew Fall Landscapes

    Students learned about the life and work of the artist, Wolf Kahn. Via the SMARTboard, we viewed his art, visited his studio in New York and his home in Vermont. He is currently 87 years old and working as an accomplished artist in the United States.

    Second Grade Winter Landscapes

    Second Grade practiced drawing realistic pine trees. They are focusing on the Art Element of Space as it applies to foreground, middle ground, and background in a picture. Using oil pastels and white tempera paint, they created a Winter Landscape Scene showing Space or depth thru the size and placement of 3 pine trees. When they were done they will titled their work and wrote a short artist’s statement about it.

    3rd Grade Cityscapes Inspired by Norristown and

    Students focused on the Art Element of Space. They learned to identify the 3 main areas of space in a landscape or cityscape. For inspiration and drawing ideas, we viewed and discussed photographs of Norristown and the Philadelphia skyline.

    Fourth Grade artists learned about the famous artist Pablo Picasso and the art style he helped invent, Cubism. They choose a person they knew as the subject for a Cubist style portrait. They used oil pastels to complete their Cubist portraits. They titled their works and wrote reflections about their art.