• Some 30 colleges/universities fielded questions from Norristown Area School District 8th graders.  The questions were varied and thoughtful and included:

    What do you wish students knew about your school?
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    What are the most popular majors at this school and can I get a list of majors to take with me?
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    What kind of study time should I apply to may academics to attend your college?
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    What type of student organizations and clubs should I join in high school to help me prepare for college?
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    Will taking advanced placement, honors, and dual credit courses in high school help prepare me for college?
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    What role will sports play in the social life of college? What happens on football or basketball weekends?
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    Will you be reviewing admissions applications, if so what do you look for?
    What does your school consider for admissions? What accomodatations do you offer for students with physical disabilities or learning differences? Is tutoring available for all students, if so, is it free? What is your typical class size? Do you offer student housing, if so, for how long Is the campus wireless? What other types of technology are available? Does your school offer scholarships or grants for incoming students? How can I be considered? What extracurricular opportunities are available on campus and are there any specific requirements to join? Who succeeds here and are there any famous people who graduated from your school? What kind of students do you like to attract? What is the best way to prepare for your school? What are some fun campus traditions?
    ...and many more.
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