• Norristown Area Education Foundation

    September 2015 Mini-Grant Winners


    1.      Recreating Famous Hispanic Art Works

    Michele Cesena, Danielle Regan, Norristown Area High School

    Students in Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 classes will study various famous Hispanic artists throughout the year and discuss their styles and differences throughout the centuries. Students will visit both the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Hispanic Society of America museum in New York City. The culminating project will have students choose an artist and recreate a work of art in the style of their chosen artist.


    2.      Student Sound Garden

    Dr. Barbara Weikert, Eisenhower Science & Technology Leadership Academy

    Students will create a sustainable garden of sound to extend the music classroom into the outdoors. Students will create the items for the garden that will be enjoyed by students, the community, and nature. This music garden will be an ever changing world of sound located outside for all to enjoy and will be maintained by the music teachers and student leaders at Eisenhower.


    3.      Exercise to Improve the Whole Student

    Judith Thomas, Marshall Street Elementary School

    Teachers will create a “Kid’s Club” to be held before school during the cold months when students are not able to go out and play. “Kid’s Club” will meet in the Marshall Street gym for teacher led activities that provide an environment where students will learn the value of teamwork and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The morning will finish with a healthy snack and the students will also use the equipment during school recess.


    4.      Musselman Math Night

    Eva Smith, Musselman Learning Center

    The goal of this grant is to enhance the math curriculum and partner with parents to ensure that their kindergarten build a solid foundation for learning mathematics. The teachers will create activities, games, and experiences for the Math Night. In addition to the math activities during the evening, parents, students, and teachers will work on “make and take” math games that parents will take home.


    5.      No Need to Waste

    Victoria Strickland, East Norriton Middle School

    Students will design a virtual city where the goal is to create a balanced budget while trying to keep residents educated, healthy, and employed.   Then students write a research essay on this year’s topic, “managing solid waste.”  Students must research ways companies and cities currently handle this issue and using engineering concepts, dream up new and innovative ways to recycle and manage solid waste.  Students must also take their plans and represent them visually in a model city built to the competition’s specifications. This model will be judged by actual engineers at the Philadelphia regional Future City competition in January. 


    6.      Gardens Help Kids Grow

    Cynthia McGeehan. Paul Fly Elementary School

    In this project students will:

    ·         Participate in starting, planting, and growing future produce from seed.

    ·         Maintain the garden throughout the year.

    ·         Use the garden for science based lessons and other educational lessons.

    ·         Research and present projects.

    ·         Create a planting guide for the garden.

    ·         Grow edible produce that can be donated to the school and local communities.

    ·         Participate in a field trip to a local farm or an in house field trip to gain knowledge and experience about gardening to grow healthy food.

    Students will learn about the importance of working collaboratively on a long term project that involves many content areas and will beautify the school grounds and provide a way to service the community.