Dear NASD Alumni;

    As you may know, the District and the community are building a new athletic complex for our Norristown student athletes – all from donations; no tax dollars are being used. Progress has been slow, but recently new bleachers and a press box, in memory of Bobby Cain, Class of 1949, were installed.

    But the work is far from finished. More home bleachers and guest bleachers are needed and there are neither lights nor facilities at the complex. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. (Letter for the Alumni Challenge) 

    This is a historic time for Norristown Area High School athletics. As wonderful as Roosevelt Field was and all the memories that were made there, the facility was not in good shape and no longer served the needs of the students. The new athletic field is beautiful and used by at least six different sports. The track and field team can finally have home meets after decades of not having adequate facilities to host them, when every meet was an away meet.

    The new athletic complex is not about forgetting the memories that were part of NAHS’ past, but it is about creating new memories for the current student to carry on the traditions of the past. To accomplish this, your financial support is needed. The current students would benefit from your support, much as you benefitted from the support of the community when you were a student. Please help us finish the athletic complex now!