• Norristown Area Education Foundation works cooperatively with
    Norristown Area School District to build its Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) programming.  
    The EITC program is one of our largest funding sources.  Very generous donors include TD Bank, ViroPharma, Inc., Pennsylvania American Water Company, National Penn Bank, Weis Markets, GIANT, Waste Management, Susquehanna Bank and others! 
    Pennsylvania companies that commit to donating one year receive a 75% tax credit and for two years receive a 90% tax credit. Corporations who qualify pay one or all of the following taxes: Corporate net income tax Capital stock franchise tax, Bank and trust company share tax, Title insurance company share tax, Insurance premiums tax, Mutual thrift institutions tax, Personal Income Tax of an S Corporation, Shareholders of Partners in an LL/LLP Sub Chapter S corps, limited partnerships and other pass through organizations are eligible (filing PA forms 20S or 65). 
    By donating to NAEF through the EITC program, companies all across the state of Pennsylvania can show their support for public education and ensure that the Norristown Area School District remains strong and vibrant. For more information visit www.newpa.com or call Anne Rohricht at 610-630-5006.
    On behalf of the students in the Norristown Area School District and the NAEF Board of Trustees, we sincerely appreciate the support of our Business Community!  


     The Norristown Area Education Foundation (NAEF), the Norristown Area School District (NASD) and TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, today announced a two year commitment by the bank to participate in the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program to help fund technology at all NASD schools. TD Bank Market President Thomas Shoemaker and Regional Vice President Geoffrey Brandon presented NAEF with a $100,000 check, representing TD Bank's first year of the commitment, as Norristown Area High School students led faculty, staff and bank representatives on a tour of three classrooms at the school, including an Art classroom with digital design capabilities, an Honors Biology classroom, and an Honors Earth and Space (Science) classroom.
    Some of the program funded all or in part with EITC funds: 
    READING OLYMPICS BOOK CLUB - Reading Olympics- increase students' reading for enjoyment and increase reading skills. Students collaborate afterschool with their teammates to read forty to fifty books that have been selected by a committee of librarians, reading specialists and classroom teachers. These professionals read the books and write questions which teams of students answer during the competition. The Olympics are primarily a celebration of reading rather than a contest. All participants are awarded ribbons. Since the teams generate much excitement about this event, the experience is rewarding for everyone involved.

    Norristown Area Virtual Academy - Programs that provide a different focus, delivery, including internet-based and distance learning technologies, methodology or skill training than is provided in a typical academic program of a public school) Norristown Area Virtual Academy offers one-on-one access to teachers, a flexible schedule, and quality instruction in custom-designed courses. We are flexible in our course sequencing and offerings, allowing us to consistently meet the needs of our students. Our courses are designed to align with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards and accommodate multiple learning styles, abilities and intelligences. Each course is infused with robust vocabulary, teaching and reinforcement practice, real world situations and various assessment strategies. Webcasts, Web Quests, audio files, videos, podcasts, online textbooks and online discussion boards are just several ways that technology is integrated in our curriculum. Courses are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days week.


    Gateway to College: offers instruction or programming that provides credits/advanced placement at a two-year or four year college or university authorized by the Department of Education. Gateway to College - Gateway to College in Norristown Area School District at Montgomery County Community College Goal: To provide an alternative pathway to high school and college graduation for students not on target to graduate high school in 4 years or at risk of dropping out. Strategy: Norristown Area High School students will attend the Gateway to College program on the campus of Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). MCCC classrooms will be centrally located on campus to fully immerse students in the college experience. Outcome: Norristown Area High School will see an increase in the number of disenfranchised students enrolling in colleges.


    Sea Perch - Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, Sea Perch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle.  Students in grades 5-8 will participate in an after-school program that teaches basic engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme.  The Sea Perch Program provides students with the opportunity to engage in STEM activities.  Through the problem-based learning model, students will learn engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork, and technical applications.  The culminating activity will be participation in a regional competition held on the campus of Drexel University with the potential to advance to additional levels of competition.


    You Be the Chemist - Sponsored by Chemical Educational Foundation with local support from the DOW Chemical Company Foundation, the National You Be the Chemist Challenge is an opportunity for students in grades 5-8 to demonstrate their knowledge of chemistry.  Students will participate in after-school study sessions as well as compete with other students across the county, state, and possibly the nation.  The competition experiences are open to the families of participants and non-participant students; during the event all individuals will have the opportunity to conduct experiments, extend their understanding of science and engineering, and interact with industry professionals.


    VEX Robotics Competition - Students in grades 5-12 will engage in an after-school club designed to prepare them for The VEX Robotics Competition, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation.  Students use the VEX Robotics Design System to build innovative robots designed to score the most points possible in qualification matches, elimination matches, and Skills Challenges.  Each year, an engineering challenge is presented in the form of a game. Through their active participation, students will strengthen their understanding of STEM, and problem-solving.


    Career Internship Program - Use of internships and other work-based learning opportunities for a student that supplements the curriculum or academic program:

    ·         Arts & Entertainment

    ·         Automotive

    ·         Business and Industry

    ·         Computers & Software

    ·         Construction

    ·         Education

    ·         Finance

    ·         Government & Social Services

    ·         Health Care

    ·         Hotels & Accommodations

    ·         Information & Media

    ·         Insurance

    ·         Real Estate

    ·         Repair & Maintenance

    ·         Restaurants

    ·         Transportation


    STEM Career-Exploration - Exposure to STEM education and the possible careers in the field can serve as a motivating factor for students to strive in school.  STEM jobs can be a means for these students to contribute serving the needs of society while fulfilling an economic short-coming in the United States.  Through targeted opportunities we will bring industry professionals into our schools to share their experiences and work with our students in grades 9-12.  We will also support opportunities for students to spend time with industry professionals in their work environment during school, after-school, and during the summer.  This will be accomplished through field trips, competitions, research opportunities, internships, co-op, and other related educational experiences.  By focusing on STEM related professions we will strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones in all STEM areas with a focus on engineering, health professions, and pharmaceuticals.



    STEM Scouts - Structured like the Boy Scouts, students in grades 4-8 could participate as an after-school club and engage in various STEM-based activities to earn badges that represent their accomplishments.  This structure would allow students to engage their higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills through a set of activities that are more fun and exciting than traditional instruction.  The badges are arranged into a hierarchy system similar to traditional scouts and students will be recognized for their advancement.


    STEM is Me - Girls and Minorities are hugely under-represented in STEM both in higher education and the workforce; this population also represents a significant portion of NASD’s student population.  Students in grades 5-12 can participate in an after-school and/or summer program to support under-represented students in their quest to explore STEM careers.  


    Science Club - Children in grades 5-12 will connect with like-minded individuals at their school to extend their understanding of basic scientific concepts as well as enrich their classroom learning experiences.  Students will explore science topics of interest in small groups.  Through scientific exploration, students will deepen their knowledge of the scientific process, problem-solving, lab safety, and the reporting of their findings.

     *Science activities may include:

    o   Astronomy

    o   Biology

    o   Chemistry

    o   Earth Sciences

    o   Energy

    o   Engineering Applications

    o   History of Science

    o   Inventions

    o   Math and Arithmetic

    o   Physics

    o   Science Experiments

    o   Scientists

    o   Social Sciences

    o   Space Travel and Exploration

    o   Units of Measure


    Computer Science Club – AP Computer Science is the fastest growing AP class in the nation. The world is moving to computer science, by 2020 a million jobs will go unfilled in computer science because of unqualified workers.  Code Academy has a multitude of structured lessons that teaches code. It takes students from HTML code to complex algorithms involved in JavaScript.


    After School Art Enrichment Program – We believe that all children have great potential. Through our arts education programs in partnership with ACPPA Community Arts Center, we help them set and achieve their personal and educational goals. They gain confidence as they recognize our classes as a place where they belong and can feel comfortable exploring new interests and passions. By mirroring positive role models and growing confidence in their communication and problem solving skills, our students achieve leadership traits to help them envision a positive future and take an active role in strengthening the community.


    THEATRE BUFFS - Welcome to the stage – This outside the school day program will serve as a fun and fast paced introduction to the art of acting.  Students will learn to tell a story and create a character on stage, use their imaginations, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the concept that acting is behaving believably in pretend circumstances.


    After-school and/or summer music classes: The program aims not only to teach children music, but to teach them concentration, discipline and passion for learning, the benefits of which extend to the classroom and their everyday lives.


    AFTER SCHOOL -  Renzulli Learning makes it easier to infuse creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students are afforded an unrivaled opportunity to apply, deepen, and extend learning, based on their interests, learning and expression styles.


    Giraffe Heroes - citizenship programs give schools and youth groups a powerful approach to kids, one that fosters courageous compassion, active citizenship and academic success.