• State law requires that all 500 Pennsylvania school districts prepare an annual budget in a specific timeline and process.  The budget has two equally important parts.  The first part is a plan for the programs and services designed to achieve the district's strategic educational goals and compliance with government mandates.  The second part is the financing plan to meet the district's expected costs for these programs and services.  The financing plan outlines the financial resources needed by the district, including the taxes that must be levied.

    School district budgeting is a dynamic and constant process that changes daily.  The Norristown Area School District has a team who monitors the budget on a daily basis and makes adjustments to posted revenue and expenditures.  Through the budget development process, the district determines whether or not to hire new employees, implement or scale back programs, add new or repair old facilities, purchase new books, technology, supplies and much more.

    The district budget serves a variety of purposes:

    • it is an estimate of district income to be received and a plan for strict spending
    • it is a policy document that reflects the vision and priorities of the district, state, and federal government
    • it is an operational plan for making district decisions

    Information posted on this section of our website will assist the NASD community in navigating through various aspects of the budget development process as new information becomes available, decision are determined, ideas are investigated, and adjustments are made.