• Elementary Curriculum Overview

  • The NASD elementary curriculum supports student academic achievement and provides teachers with professional development and learning opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. We review and revise our curriculum on a 5-year cycle to ensure that each student receives a solid foundation in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and related arts that is rigorous and aligned to Pennsylvania State Standards. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive foundation to ensure that our students are college and career ready upon graduation.

  • English Language Arts

    Our elementary ELA curriculum is designed around the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards with a strong emphasis on early literacy. To support our program, we use the Wonders series by McGraw Hill to provide students with a variety of reading and writing experiences, along with phonics, word recognition, and fluency. As students progress through the elementary level, they transition from oral to written fluency, develop comprehension strategies, build their reading stamina, and expand on the complexity of texts. By Grade 4, students are able to use appropriate comprehension and vocabulary strategies and examine multiple points of view in a variety of texts.

  • Mathematics

    Our elementary math curriculum is designed around the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards. Emphasis is placed on basic math facts, number patterns, computational skills, geometry, measurement, and fractions. Students will apply problem solving strategies during in-class investigation of mathematical concepts. Students participate in collaborative activities in order to develop a solid foundation for further mathematics education and use in everyday life.

  • Science

    Our newly updated science curriculum is designed around student-centered, hands on investigations. Each grade level has three, 30-day units, covering Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Students have the opportunity for collaborative work, discovery, and problem-based inquiry. Topics are revisited throughout the entire K-4 program to ensure that students have a solid understanding of content, as well as the scientific process, before entering middle school.

  • Social Studies

    The NASD Social Studies curriculum was adopted in 2019 and encompasses a hollistic approach to the subject area while rigorously following the PA state standards. Our newly designed program includes three broad units in Government and Community, Geography and Culture, and Economics and Global Community. Each unit incorporates SEL (social-emotional learning) skills, a college a career readiness focus, and a cultural proficiency topic or project. In grade 4, all students across the state of Pennsylvania receive thorough instruction on the history of our state and Pennsylvania's role in the founding of our country.