Contact Information


    Student Services Department
    Director of Pupil Services and Special Education Casey Molitor
    Pupil Services
    Supevisor of Pupil Services Julie Knudsen
    Truancy Abatement Specialist Brandon Carter
    Home and School Visitor Meghann Radick
    Registrar Kelly Brodoski
    Special Education
    Elementary School Supervisor of Special Education Carol Giblin
    Elementary School Program Support Specialist Myra Kudosh
    Middle School Supervisor of Special Education Kate Jacovino
    Middle School Program Support Specialist Sarah Fabian
    High School Supervisor of Special Education Jeff Ennis
    High School Program Support Specialist Marne Dicamillo
    To Speak with someone in this Department, please dial 610-630-5000 and Select Option 5

    Normal Business Hours are between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

    To send someone an email, click on their name.