Contact Information


    Norristown Area High School
    Principal Dr. Detrick McGriff
    Assistant Principal Ms. Jodi Dunston
    Assistant Principal Mr. James Troutman
    Assistant Principal Ms. Nicole VanBuskirk
    Assistant Principal Mr. John Conte
    Athletic Director Mr. Anthony Palladino
    Dean of Students Dr. Kyle Boyer
    College & Career Director Ms. Nichole Mitchell 
    Guidance Counselor (Grades 10-12) Ms. Deanna Harbaugh 
    Guidance Counselor (Grades 10-12)  Mr. Jeffrey MacNamara
    Guidance Counselor (Grades 10-12)  Ms. Megan McGowan
    Guidance Counselor (Grades 10-12 & ELD)  Ms. Emily Shaw
    Guidance Counselor (Grade 9) Ms. Kristie Snaith
    Guidance Counselor (Grade 9) Ms. Jennie Wolfenson 
    Guidance Counselor (Grades 10-12) Mr. Timothy McBride
    Secretary Ms. Theresa Henning 
    Secretary  Ms. Debbie Reid
    To speak with someone at this school, please dial 610-630-5090 and Select Option 3 for Guidance, or Option 0 for the Secretary

    Normal Business Hours are between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.