• Science

  • Grade 5


    Our fifth grade "scientists" follow the 5E model.  Students start with an engaging probe to access prior knowledge and to introduce an essential question.  This probe is used to evoke classroom discussion and supports the scientific practice of argumentation.  Next, students explore the topic by making predictions and observations in a scientific inquiry or simulation.  Vocabulary and concepts are explained in the next part of the 5E model.  Students' understanding of vocabulary and concepts are enriched through nonfiction textbook readings and discussions.  Students then elaborate by working in pairs and small groups to share their interpretation of the newly acquired information.  Finally, students revisit the essential question and probe to evaluate understanding prior to a formal assessment.

  • Grade 7


    Seventh Grade Science incorporates real world science topics and issues that affect our world today.   Students gain hands on laboratory experiences that span topics in Earth and Space Science, biology, physics, and chemistry.  Students work with Aquaponics systems that facilitate learning about plant growth, sustainability, and food supplies for the modern world.

  • Grade 6


    Our 6th grade integrated science program helps to engage our students in their learning and allows them to develop skills that they will need for the 21st century . A balance of rigorous content, interactive practices, and STEM activities help our students make connections to build confidence and a deeper understanding of real-world Science applications. Our students will experience an abundance of exciting inquiry based opportunities through a variety of stimulating educational labs. This integrated approach involves all of our students in the utilization of  technological, mathematical, and ELA skills to enhance their success in today's world.

  • Grade 8


    This course provides a comprehensive understanding in the scientific disciplines of physics, chemistry, ecology, and earth science.  Throughout this course study concepts such as motion and energy, interactions of matter, ecology, the universe, and the geological changes of Earth were discovered and explored through interactive lab activities within the integrated science series.  This course is aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards, preparing NASD students for the 8th grade science PSSA.