• Biology

    This introductory course in life science begins with a detailed study of the characteristics of living things and the environment in which they live and progresses to a study of the cell, DNA, genetics, and Linnaean Classification. Appropriate laboratory work is included. The Biology course uses the Prentice Hall Biology textbook which includes the PA Core standards in biology as they are currently written. Major topics addressed in the course include comparing and contrasting cellular processes (i.e. photosynthesis) and conducting laboratory experiments to test and validate scientific theories. Upon successful completion of this course, students will take the Keystone Exam.

    Biology - Scope and Sequence



    This chemistry course is an introduction to chemical principles. A comprehensive examination of the fundamental chemical themes including stoichiometry, properties of gases, liquids, solids and solutions, nomenclature, and scientific measurement are presented. All laboratory exercises support these themes and demand proper written communication of scientific method, techniques, manipulation of data, analysis of scientific data, and the use of experimental data and critical thinking to support conclusions.

    Chemistry - Scope and Sequence



    This course focuses on the collection, identification and analysis of crime scene evidence to determine who committed the crime and how. Emphasis will be placed on the procedures that link suspect, victim, and crime scene. The methodology a forensic scientist uses will be studied through numerous lab experiments, guest speakers and a field trip to the Montgomery County Detective Bureau. Assessments in this course will be hands-on as well as text based. Students interested in a criminal justice career will find this course rewarding.

    Forensics - Scope and Sequence