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    Mission Statement for Gifted Program
     Two Gifted Students
    The Norristown Area School District is committed to recognizing, nurturing, challenging, and inspiring mentally gifted students from grades K through 12. Their unique individual needs will be met by providing learning  opportunities that foster risk-taking, creative thinking, problem solving, and the development of positive attitude toward self and others.

    Our mission is to have students view learning as a life-long
    process that enriches the individual and allows them to
    attain the fulfillment of their true potential.


    Program Goals

     To provide curricula that focuses on more elaborate, complex, and in-depth study of major ideas, key concepts and themes that integrate knowledge within and across disciplines and encourages the use of higher-level thinking skills.

     To provide curricula that sets high standards and that demands rigorous expectations for student work and performance demonstration.

     To provide instruction that allows for the development and application of productive thinking skills and enables students to re-conceptualize existing knowledge and/or generate new understandings that deal with real-life problems and issues.

     To provide instruction that is flexibly paced and matched to the student’s ability, pre-assessment data, learning style, interest, and motivation.

     To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership and group interaction skills that allow student-centered discussion andSocratic questioning.

     To provide students with the freedom to choose areas for independent, self-directed, and  in-depth study.

     To require that products of gifted students represent application, analysis, and synthesis of knowledge.

     To encourage an environment that fosters a positive attitude toward creative challenges, investigative activity, and knowledge creation.

    Gifted Identification
    For information on the Screening and Evaluation Process click on the Gifted Brochure below or consult your school counselor.

    Gifted Program Information

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