LERTA - Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance

  • LERTA, Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance, is a tax abatement program that was created to incentivize property investment and redevelopment of difficult and undesirable properties- such as brownfield sites.

    • LERTA creates a graduated increase in tax payments on new construction and property rehabilitation for owners of commercial, industrial, and business properties located within designated zones.
    • LERTA does require that property owners pay full land taxes, while taxes on improvements to the land grow incrementally over 10 years.  
    • The LERTA abatement applies to the tax increment from any substantial renovation or new construction, but does not make a property tax-free.
    • Application to be completed and submitted as follows:
      • On the same day that the property owner submits a LERTA application to one of our municipalities (Norristown, East Norriton, or West Norriton)
      • OR on the same day that the property owner obtains a building permitOR on the same day that construction begins if no building permit is required.

    Please contact the Business Office with additional questions.