NASD Employees should refer to the HR Dept, Employee Benefits section of the INTRANET for more detailed information.

     Telebehavioral Health:

    • Benefits are provided through SEPAST, Southeastern Pa Schools Trust, which is administered by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
    • Services are provided by Independence Blue Cross through their online program “On To Better Health”
      • To talk to a behavioral health provider by phone or video chat, call the Mental Health/Substance Abuse number on the back of your ID card
      • Online tools also available at  https://www.ibx.com/ or through the IBX mobile app
        • Select “Value Added Services” from the Health & Well-Being menu; then select “On To Better.”

     Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    • Benefits are provided through National Insurance Services
    • Program provides access to Masters-Degreed Counselors 24 hours a day
    • 1-866-451-5465

    Wellness Incentives

    Below is a sample of the wellness incentives offered to NASD employees:

    • Achieve Well-being
    • Achieve Well-being is a personalized set of tools that keep you motivated while you achieve your unique wellness goals. Whether you want to eat healthier, manage stress, be more active, or just get some more sleep, Achieve Well-being can help you bring healthy habits within reach.
    • We also offer reimbursements — up to $150 — on fitness center fees, weight management programs, and programs to help you stop smoking.
    • Achieve Better Health
    • Through IBC, we offer an added level of support and services when you’re managing more complex health challenges, such as a new diagnosis, a chronic health condition, or a pregnancy.
    • Discounts
    • Save money while getting healthy! As an Independence member, you can take advantage of savings and discount programs for local, regional, and national businesses and attractions.1

     Wellness Newsletters

    Resources below have been provided by various partners to help engage and promote employee wellness in our District:

    September 2019 - Healthy You Newsletter

    Well Connected Newsletter

    Dental Care Flyer

    Dental Care Oral Health Flyer

    Ocotber 2019 Well Connected Planner

    Managing your financial growth Flyer

    November 2019 Well Connected Newsletter

    November 2019 Well Connected Planner


    • Use the IBX app to:
      • Access benefit information
      • View, share, or order a new ID card
      • Find a doctor or hospital, and change your primary care physician*
      • See your most recent claims and any open referrals
      • Track deductibles and spending account balances*
      • Reach your health goals with Achieve Well-being tools
      • See important notification and health messages


    • Benefits are also provided through SEPAST, Southeastern Pa Schools Trust (through MCIU)
    • Telemedicine is a convenient and lost cost option available to our staff; you can see a Board certified doctor by secure video, phone, or mobile app – anytime, anywhere – who can treat non-emergency medical conditions such as:

       Colds and flu

     Sinus problems


     Respiratory infection


     Pink Eye

       Ear infection

     And more

    • Telemedicine services are provided by MDLIVE

     Prescription Drug Insurance:

    • Benefits are provided through SEPAST, Southeastern Pa Schools Trust (through MCIU)
    • Pharmacy benefit services are provided by Express Scripts
    • Prescription drug plans currently available include:
    • EANA, EANA Support & AAS - $10/$35 co-pays
    • MMAP - $15/$30
    • Mail-in program available for all staff
    • Staff are encouraged to download the free Express Scripts mobile app; features include:

     Express Scripts

    From up-to-the-minute order status to a handy “medicine cabinet” to keep track of prescriptions, the Express Scripts mobile app is an on-the-go pharmacy that’s always at your fingertips. Search for “Express Scripts” in your mobile device’s app store and download for free today.

    Healthcare Bluebook

    • NASD provides the Bluebook online transparency tool to all employees.
    • Healthcare Bluebook’s online healthcare shopping solution makes it simple to find high-quality, cost-effective facilities and physicians.

     Dental Insurance:

     Vision Insurance:

    Other Benefits:

    NASD offers a variety of other benefits, including flexible spending accounts, life insurance, disability, etc. Details are available on our intranet site or can be provided by our HR team as needed.