The decisions not to open the schools or to delay their opening will be announced on TV channels KYW-3, ABC-6, NBC-10, and FOX-29.

     Non-public & charter students will be transported under the same guidelines as NASD students. When the District is closed due to inclement weather, the District will not transport students to any school. Also, when the District goes on a two- (2) hour delayed schedule, transportation to all schools will be delayed two- (2) hours.

     In the event that a non-public/ charter school is on a 2 hour delay and the Norristown Area School District is on a regular schedule, all non-public/charter schools will be bused in accordance with the Norristown Area School District schedule. The non-public/charter schools are aware that they must have someone at their facility to receive their students.

     A decision not to open District Schools constitutes a decision that all transportation of District public, non-public, and charter students has been suspended. Any non-public/ charter students whose schools are in session must provide their own transportation to and from their appropriate school.