ClassLink - Account Not Connected Error

  • When logging into ClassLink using a personal computer and not a district issued device, you may encounter this error:

    ClassLink Account Error Image


    If you do, it means when you clicked Sign in with Google, it found a google account already saved in chrome and tried to log it in. 

    You will need to create a new profile in chrome so you can switch between them. 

    To start, select the profile image in the upper right, and then Select Add+

     Select Add new Profile option

     Name the Profile the student's name, and select an image. You can also add a desktop icon for fast access to this profile.

    Name Profiles Screen

    After you click add, you will be brought to the landing page, where you will click on: "Already a Chrome User? Sign in"

    Already a Chrome User Sign in button

    Enter the student email address, Click Next, and enter the password. 

    Username Field

    You will be asked if you want to link the account to chrome or not. This step is optional and it will work either way. Linking an account will sync bookmarks for the student across devices and district issued bookmarks will appear. 

    Link data message

    All done!

    You can now use this browser to access ClassLink and all the other learning software. 

    To switch browser profiles, click back in the upper right corner on the profile and click another name to swap.

    Account Swapping