Estimated Financial Impact of Covid-19

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Norristown Area School District Chromebook Distribution begins August 10, 2020

  • NASD Chromebooks will be handed out starting Monday, August 10th! Please see the schedule below for your time slot. All hand-outs will occur in the student parking lot (closest to Burnside Ave.) of the Norristown Area High School. We will have a car line set-up, please do not leave your car, we will come to you.

    To be clear - ALL Chromebooks will be distributed from the student parking lot of the NAHS. 

    Students do NOT need to be present for Chromebook hand-outs.

    If you know their student ID number(s), please bring them along with you to speed up the hand-out process.

    NASD families will receive Chromebooks for each sibling in the house when they pick up for their oldest student. (For example: If you have a 9th grader at the HS, a 6th grader at ENMS and a 3rd grader at Cole Manor - you will leave the HS with 3 Chromebooks.) You will not need to come back multiple times. There are enough Chromebooks for every student, so no need to worry about supply.

    Date School Time
    Monday, August 10th NAHS / Roosevelt 10am-6pm
    Tuesday, August 11th East Norriton Middle School 10am-6pm
    Wednesday, August 12th Eisenhower Science and Technology Leadership Academy 9am-2pm
    Thursday, August 13th Stewart Middle School 10am-4pm
    Friday, August 14th Cole Manor Elementary 8am-12pm
    Monday, August 17th Marshall Street Elementary 10am-6pm
    Tuesday, August 18th Musselman Learning Center and Hancock Elementary 10am-6pm
    Wednesday, August 19th Paul Fly Elementary 10am-3pm
    Thursday, August 20th Whitehall Elementary 10am-3pm
    Friday, August 21st Gotwals Elementary 8am-2pm


    ¡Las computadoras portátiles (Chromebooks) de NASD serán entregadas a partir del lunes 10 de agosto! Por favor refiérase al horario a continuación. Todas las entregas se realizarán en el estacionamiento para estudiantes (cerca a Burnside Ave.) de la Escuela Preparatoria de Norristown (NAHS). Tendremos establecida una línea de automóviles, por favor no salga de su automóvil, nosotros vendremos a usted.

    Las familias de NASD recibirán computadoras portátiles (Chromebooks) por cada hermano en el hogar, cuando sea recogida la del estudiante mayor. (Por ejemplo: si usted tiene un estudiante de noveno grado en la Escuela Preparatoria, un estudiante de sexto grado en la Escuela Secundaria East Norriton y un estudiante de tercer grado en la Escuela Primaria Cole Manor, usted recibirá en la Escuela Preparatoria 3 computadoras portátiles). No necesitará regresar varias veces. Hay suficientes Chromebooks para cada estudiante, por lo que no debe preocuparse por el suministro.

    Date School Time
    Lunes, 10 de agosto Escuela Preparatoria / Roosevelt 10am-6pm
    Martes, 11 de agosto  Escuela Secundaria East Norriton 10am-6pm
    Miércoles, 12 de agosto Academia de Liderazgo de Ciencia y Tecnología Eisenhower 9am-2pm
    Jueves, 13 de agosto Escuela Secundaria Stewart 10am-4pm
    Viernes, 14 de agosto Escuela Primaria Cole Manor 8am-12pm
    Lunes, 17 de agosto Escuela Primaria Marshall Street  10am-6pm
    Martes, 18 de agosto Centro de Aprendizaje Musselman y
    Escuela Primaria Hancock
    MIércoles, 19 de agosto Escuela Primaria Paul Fly 10am-3pm
    Jueves, 20 de agosto  Escuela Primaria Whitehall 10am-3pm
    Viernes, 21 de agosto Escuela Primaria Gotwals 8am-2pm