• Principal:
    Dr. Nicole Poncheri
    2350 Springview Rd.
    Norristown, PA 19401
    Phone: 610-275-5525

    Cole Manor Elementary School was built in 1956 in East Norriton Township. Cole Manor is a K-4 school serving over 400 students. Cole Manor School is unique in that it is built around an atrium which is seen from the center of the building. As one enters the building, the trees, flowers and sunshine are there to greet you. We currently have two box turtles which inhabit this area. 

    We are very proud of our rigorous academic program at Cole Manor. Cole Manor has consistently met its Annual Yearly Progress targets each year since 2004. In 2004, Cole Manor’s PSSA scores exceeded the state guidelines in regards to test scores. Due to this achievement, Cole Manor was recognized in the Philadelphia Inquirer as one of the schools in the region having made the largest gains in reading in one year. Cole Manor continues to make strides in both reading and math each year. In 2008 and 2009, Cole Manor received additional Academic Achievement awards for again making progress in specific targeted areas. The school focuses on a rigorous academic program for all students. All classrooms in grades 1-4 and two kindergarten classrooms are equipped with a Smart board system. Additional Smart rooms will be added each year until every classroom is a SMART room.
    Cole Manor’s mascot is a comet. We have a school wide behavior program entitled “Comet Choices”. All teachers and faculty members encourage students to make positive Comet Choices each day. Cole Manor also has a bus-safety incentive program and formal anti- bullying program (OLEWUS). We added a new “Comet Choice” in 2010, “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully”. Students who consistently follow proper conduct guidelines are recognized throughout the school year.
    Cole Manor’s central focus is a commitment to children and ensuring that each child receives the customized attention that he or she needs. During the school year, our students and teachers are assisted by parent volunteers, community organizations, local business partnerships and the Foster Grandparent Program in which local senior citizens volunteer their time to help our youngsters.
    Additionally, a Parental Involvement Committee was established in 2005. The goal of the committee is to ensure that the staff and families of our students stay in close contact and work as a team. The staff at Cole Manor prides themselves in a strong and ongoing commitment to education and the community that we serve. We work closely with the PA PIRC to continuously improve parental involvement. Our mission statement clearly outlines the common goal we focus upon at Cole Manor.

    Cole Manor Elementary School’s shared vision is based on the premise that that all students will achieve a high levels, think deeply and profoundly, learn to accurately and effectively weigh words and articulate ideas, and learn the skills and strategies needed to live and work in the 21st century (Paths to Excellence). We believe that all students will achieve to their highest potential with a rigorous, child centered approach to teaching and learning. Indicators such as test data and proficiency in specific skills during each checkpoint are used as a guide to determine each student’s progress.
    Students will be supported through various systems and data will drive the academic program. We work on the premise that we are the first step in preparing students for college and a career path.
    The staff at Cole Manor Elementary School is involved in ongoing collaboration and professional development as we believe we are all life long learners. A high standard of instruction and student engagement is theexpectation.This is assured by consistent and constant conversations regarding instruction, data and resources. High expectations are a key component in Cole Manor’s plan for ongoing improvement and success. The staff puts a great deal of effort into learning together, growing together and supporting one another though feedback and collaboration. Various committees and teams meet on a regular basis to ensure that all students’ needs are addressed, both socially and academically.
    Another area that we feel is imperative for success is a positive and working relationship with the community and parents. Staff participates in various activities and events which are focused upon how to involve parents as much as possible in their child’s education. Several committees are in place to ensure parental involvement, education and collaboration. Our parents are our strongest resource.
    We will continue to work toward our goal which is to prepare every child to be college or career ready as they leave the Norristown Area School District.

    Dr. Nicole Poncheri, Principal