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    1161 Markley St.
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    Roosevelt Campus of the Norristown Area High School

    The Roosevelt Campus of the Norristown Area High School was built in 1914 and is a historic landmark. We look forward to celebrating our school’s 100th anniversary in 2014!  Although our building was originally an elementary school, it became a secondary program during the mid-1970s.  The mission of the Roosevelt Campus is credit recovery.  It is a privilege for students to attend the program and recover necessary credits so that they can get back on track and graduate on time.  The Roosevelt Campus is a part of the Norristown Area High School.  Roosevelt Campus students may participate in commencement, extracurricular, athletic and other activities held at NAHS. 

    Credit recovery is the mission of the Roosevelt Campus ofthe Norristown Area High School.  This need for credit recovery can result from a variety of causal factors which includebut are not limited to: academic issues, truancy issues, teen parenting issues, etc.  Enrollment at the Roosevelt Campus is a privilege that allows students to recover credits and graduate on time with their class or as soon as possible.  The Roosevelt Campus faculty believes that all students can be competent, successful members of society and further their education after graduation.  Through support, individualized attention and a safe, welcoming climate, the faculty and staff strive to make this belief a reality.

    Early identification is key.  Ideally, students should be identified and referred to attend theRoosevelt Campus at the end of the previous school year.  Otherwise, students should be enrolled at the Roosevelt Campus at the beginning of the fall semester in September or at the beginning of the spring semester in January to ensure adequate time for students to recover credits.  If this is not possible, students may only be referred at beginning of the current marking period.

    Specific transition plans must be followed to allow each student to maximize his/her full potential.  Thestudent’s sending school must complete a comprehensive referral form.   Once the referral is reviewed, if the student meets the criteria and it is determined that the Roosevelt Campus is the program that will allow the student to maximize his/her full potential, an Intake meeting is scheduled.  The student, parent/guardian, Roosevelt Campus principal and/or lead teacher, and guidance counselor will attend the Intake meeting and create an Individualized Success Plan that will include the student’s goals for credit recovery as well as future plans.  Additionally, the Intake team will meet periodically to monitor and ensure the student’s progress.  A transition plan which allows the student to return to the sending school once his or her goals have been met is another component of the Plan.  The Individualized Success Plan includes an individualized schedule designed to meet the student’s academic needs as well as an attendance contract.  Also, students will meet regularly with their advocate and guidance counselor as another resource to ensure the student’s success.  Outside agencies and other resources will be utilized as needed.