• The Operations Department is responsible for 13 buildings and approximately (100) staff members, annual operating budgets totaling in excess of $10 million, the maintenance and operation of all district buildings, facilities, and/or grounds; this includes over 1 million square feet of space in excess of 230 acres and the cordination, scheduling, and evaluation of work performed by maintenance and grounds employees. This staff completed over 1,300 work requests last year. In addition, this department has the responsibility and oversight of the custodial services, district transportation, warehousing, printing services, and Capital improvements that involve engineering and contracted service providers.  Lastly, it should be noted that the scheduling and oversight of facility use by both internal and external organizations is all handled by this department.
    This department is responsible for the purchasing and usage of all utilities. Therefore, we continually monitor and manage how the energy is used. Below you will find a chart that indicates how our buildings compare to similar buildings nationwide.
    Facility Name 
               Current Rating
    Cole Manor Elem School 100
    East Norriton Middle School 93
    Eisenhower Middle School 97
    Gotwals Elem School 98
    Hancock Elem School 98
    Marshall Street Elem School 88
    Musselman Learning Center Pending
    Norristown Area High School 90
    Norristown Area School District Administration Bldg 49
    Paul Fly Elem School 100
    Roosevelt Alt School 99
    Stewart Middle School 66
    Whitehall Elem School 98
    The national energy performance rating is a type of external benchmark that helps energy managers assess how efficiently their buildings use energy, relative to similar buildings nationwide. The rating system’s 1–100 scale allows everyone to quickly understand how a building is performing — a rating of 50 indicates average energy performance, while a rating of 75 or better indicates top performance.
    Energy Star also has interactive teaching tools on how to become energy-efficient. If you would like click on their 
    Teach kids site to learn some tips to improve energy efficiency at school and home.