• Technology Overview
    The Norristown Area School District Information Technology department is the nerve center for the entire district. The department consists of an “enterprise-level” network with close to 4000 computers, 1200 printers, 300 network switches, 200 wireless access points, and 50 physical and virtual servers. In addition to the fiber optic connections that link every school to the administration building, there is a comprehensive cabling solution that provides network connectivity to every classroom in the district. All of these resources are maintained and managed by NASD’s IT staff.
    From grading software to educational applications such as READ 180 and AutoCAD 2011, the NASD IT staff deploys and maintains some of the most current software available. Every teacher and staff member has e-mail and Internet access. Every middle and high school student has personal logons. This brings the total to 3800 user accounts, in addition to the general logons for the elementary schools.
    Over 265 classrooms have become equipped with SMART boards, integrated LCD Projectors, and Sound systems, thus enabling learning to become a truly technology-integrated experience.