Marshall Street Elementary School Main Entrance
  • Marshall Street Elementary School was built in 1957 as 1 of 2 elementary schools in the West Norriton Township System. Shortly after that, the school was incorporated into the Norristown Area School District. It now houses a student population of over 700 students in grades K-4. To help our students be academically successful, we implement various programs to increase the quantity and quality of learning. Our school is a Title I school, which mandates a comprehensive literacy program based on scientific reading instruction.

    During the school year, community and parent volunteers assist students and teachers at Marshall Street. Their purpose is to aid in the overall development of the child in conjunction with the classroom teacher. We work with Family Services to provide a number of classrooms with Foster Grandparents allowing our students to get one to one attention from a very caring “grandma” or “grandpa”. This program has proven to be a ray of sunlight in the lives of children, as well as our grandparents. We have been fortunate enough to have received several grants allowing trips to Riverbend Environmental Center, the opportunity for our students to try fresh fruit/vegetables 3 times a week, a Food Trust Grant to provide nutritional information as well as assemblies and activities for both our students and families. We strive to celebrate each individual child while helping him or her to become a proud member of the Marshall Street family.

    Many of our school activities throughout the year focus on promoting good citizenship in the school and community. Each year our entire school participates in a Fall Festival and Field Day. Our students have also been fortunate enough to participate in the Reading Olympics and Jr. Achievement Economics program. The community is invited several times during the year to participate in Open House, Reading and Math Nights, Bingo Night, Dance-A-Thon, Ice Cream Social, Talent Show, Winter and Spring Concerts and Student Conferences. Marshall Street Elementary School is very proud of our well-rounded students and our parents that have partnered with us to make Marshall Street an amazing experience for all that walk through our doors.