Before you start your application review this information:
    • Get a copy of your unofficial transcript to ensure accuracy of grades and courses, address and phone number and social security number is accurate and that your college testing scores are included. You do not want to send out an incorrect transcript.

    • ALL applications must go through your counselor whether you apply on-line or use the paper application. A Transcript Request Form must be completed for your counselor as an instruction worksheet so they know how to process your application and to let them know what materials to place in you application and what to send. Your counselor will tell you how they want to receive this form.


    • You can complete your application in the College Career Center with Mrs. Wiegand. Schedule time by completing the Appointment Request Form. You can send her your essay to review if you'd like or email her at twiegand@nasd.k12.pa.us to ask questions as you are completing your application.


    • If you are completing a paper application, it must be in ink and neatly. This is your application so, do not have someone else complete it for you.

    • Most applications require a fee: money order, check or credit card---never send cash. Some colleges may be free if you apply on line. Read the directions.

    • Application fee waivers are available for students who qualify if receiving free or reduced lunch--- see
    • Mrs. Wiegand.

    • Use The Common Application www.commonapp.org  or the Black Common Application www.educinconline.com to  stream-line completing applications to multiple schools that use these applications. If using the paper application all that you need to do is xerox as many copies that you need. Read the directions before getting started.

    • If your application is ready in early October but you plan to take the SAT in October, November or December, you should still mail it off. There is a place on your application that asks if you are taking the SAT again. Once you get your scores make sure that you give them to Mrs. Wiegand so that they can be placed on your transcript and be resent.


    • Read the directions of each application to make sure if the SAT must come directly from the College Board or if they can be sent on your transcript. You can send up to 4 free SAT results from College Board before you will have to pay for this service. The NCAA Eligibility Center does require official transcripts sent. The code to use is 9999.

    • Not all applications require recommendations.Read the directions. If you do require teacher or counselor recommendations, speak to them first. You do not have to give them any form; they know where to get it. The teacher should send it directly to your counselor who will keep a copy on file and will use it when you instruct them to send them. Give them at least 2-3 weeks notice before needing it! There is a place in Naviance to send both the teacher and counselor an email to remind them of this request.


    • Not all applications require an essay; some require a personal essay. An essay should be at least a page and a half long and a personal statement typically is about 5 to 7 sentences. Remember, both should reflect something that gives the counselor something different from what they see on your application, transcript or list of activities. Pick one experience and give the reader a picture of who you are.

    • Allow 10 working days for your application to be processed through the counseling office. Your application will be processed as they come into the office and to your counselor.


    • Know the deadline of each application. Know if it will be read according to a Rolling Admissions, Early Decsion, Regular Decision or Early Action.


    • Provide a stamped addressed envelope when you are submitting a paper application to your counselor. Feel free to use the envelope provided by the college if possible. Other-wise, provide a business size envelope  Always address an envelope in pen never pencil! Use the school address below as the returned address.

    • Schedule an appointment with your counselor to go over your applications and to give them any specific instructions needed for an application so that they can make a note. Your counselor will complete all School Report Forms/and or Counselor Recommendations; make sure that they are attached.

    • Organize your application for presentation to your counselor in the following way:
      • Attach the check or fee waiver to the front of the paper application.
      • Complete the Transcript Request Form.
      • Attach any forms that the counselor must complete.
      • Attach your essay “if” required.
      • Attach the envelope to all of these forms with a paperclip.

    • Make sure that you have added all of your colleges in your Naviance Thinking about List. Delete those schools that you are not going to apply to.


    • All of the 14 state school applications should be mailed before Thanksgiving. (ie. West Chester, Bloomsburg, Shippensburg, IUP, East Stroudsburg and etc.) It is also advised that if you are applying to Penn State and Temple that you apply by that time, also.


    • All of your applications are your responsibility from start to finish!--- Make sure that you check with teachers, counselors and the colleges to see if everything is completed so that your application receives a decision. If you don't hear from the college call them and check on the status of your application. Check your email regularly because colleges may send you a message of acceptance or that you are missing an item.
    1900 Eagle Drive
    Norristown, PA. 19403
    Counselor Phone Number: 610-630-5080
    Counselor Fax Number: 610-630-5082

    Your High School (CEEB) Code is 393020