• Mr. Frank Panzullo
    Robotics Class 
    (610) 277 - 8720 

    This is the sixth year for the Robotics classes being offered at ESTLA.  This year the program is offered to 6th students.  For the entire school year, the students will spend a full class period learning how to build, program and drive robots. 
    In this class students will learn:
    • The design process (brainstorm, research solutions, build, program, test, rebuild, test again...) 
    • How to design and draw in CAD
    • How to work together to communicate ideas and solve problems
    • How to apply known concepts from physics and mathematics to reach a desired outcome                                                                                            
    • Students will learn about hardware, software, and mechanical/electrical engineering concepts. 
    Most of all - these students learn how to be a Team!