• Roosevelt After Renovation. New Entrance


    Roosevelt Campus of the Norristown Area High School

    In the Norristown Area School District, there is one high school, two campuses. Roosevelt Campus students may participate in extracurricular, athletic, and other activities held at NAHS. Additionally, students who attend the Roosevelt Campus participate in commencement and graduate with a Norristown Area High School diploma.  The mission of the Roosevelt Campus of the Norristown Area High School is credit recovery. Enrollment at the Roosevelt Campus is a privilege that allows students to get back on track and graduate on time with their class.

    Students in need of credit recovery must be referred to the Roosevelt Campus by an NAHS guidance counselor, case manager, or administrator.  Once a student’s referral is accepted, the student and his or her family schedule an orientation meeting to learn more about the supports the Roosevelt Campus provides.  At the orientation, the student will discuss and complete a Personal Success Plan. The plan allows students to utilize their strengths to meet their academic, attendance, behavioral, counseling, and future planning goals.  During the orientation, the student also engages in course selection.

    Because the Roosevelt Campus runs on semesters as well as block scheduling, it allows students to earn a year’s worth of credits during the fall and spring semesters. Each Roosevelt Campus student is assigned an advocate who they meet with daily during our thirty minute Advocacy period.  The advocate is a teacher who supports students as they strive to achieve their Personal Success Plan goals and recover credits toward graduation.

    Roosevelt Campus students receive individualized support in a small, welcoming environment.  Our “It Takes a Village” motto exemplifies the value we place in the relationships we form with families and our community partners to support students’ success.  We believe that our students are worthy and capable of reaching their goals. Our diligent team is dedicated to supporting our students throughout their journey to graduation.    

    Roosevelt is a historic landmark that has supported students’ since 1914. The school originally served elementary students before becoming a secondary program in the mid-1970s. Roosevelt celebrated its’ Centennial in 2014 and was renovated in 2015.