• Parent Faculty Club (PFC)


    ESTLA PFC warmly welcomes you to the 2019-2020 school year.  We encourage all parents to join us, get a close up of our role and the things we do to connect with the students.  Our goal this year is to create a strong relationship with parents.  We invite you to come share ideas with us, so together, we can grow in our children's education! 

    PFC Meeting Dates

    9/12 at 7pm ESTLA Library
    10/14 at 5:30 ESTLA Library
    11/26 at 5:30 ESTLA Library
    School Dances: Cost $4.00 ESTLA Students ONLY
    10/18/19 6-8 pm 
    2/20/2020 6-9 pm (5th & 6th-6pm-8pm) (7th & 8th-7pm-9pm)
    5/15/2020 6-8 pm



    We would love to see you there!!


    For additional information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at eisenhowerpfc@gmail.com


    2019-2020 ESTLA PFC BOARD


    Gretchen Catlow Sidler 

    Vice President



    Regina Whitfield 


    Shawn Catlow Sidler 


    Marquita Bufkin

    Sabrina Conyon