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    CADE Program

    CADE Program is facilitated by Tony Smith.  Mr. Smith presents lessons in all the classrooms regarding problems, issues and concerns that the students are dealing with in each grade.  Mr. Smith also provides  small group counseling for students to improve their social skills, control their anger and learn refusal techniques.  Mr. Smith has been at ESTLA for 8 years.


    Girls Inc.

    Girls’ Inc. is a nationally renowned program for girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  Girls’ Inc. Program has been at ESTLA for 3 consecutive years.  The program is designed to motivate girls to assert themselves, respect each other and value their dreams and goals.  The girls learn leadership skills, effective communication and how to work with fellow students to create a positive school environment.


    No Place For Hate

    No Place For Hate is facilitated by the Anti-Defamation League.  The purpose of the program is to promote a respectful, inclusive and safe learning environment and community; to build understanding of the value and benefits of diversity;  to improve intergroup relations;  to encourage personal responsibility in the promotion of justice and equity.  The counselors provide classroom lessons and opportunities for students to learn social skills, techniques for de-escalation, empathy for others.  We have participated in this program for 6 years.


    Montgomery County Community College

    Montgomery County Community College has offered ESTLA  opportunities to have cultural programs performed for the entire ESTLA community.  Ms. Helen Haynes, the cultural director, allowed Doc Gibbs to perform for the school and then present a master class for Ms. Weikert’s class.  The arts is a wonderful venue to experience cultural diversity.


    Guiding Good Choices

    Guiding Good Choices with Norristown Area Communities that Care for Youth provides ESTLA students and their families with dinner, childcare, and prevention programs for parents.  Guiding Good Choices has participated at ESTLA for 9 years.