School office hours and student hours

    Office Hours - 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Student School Day - 9:10 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.

    How do I register my student for Kindergarten?

    Please contact the Central Registration Office to make an appointment.  610-630-5016

    Who do I contact in the office?

    Paul Fly Elementary School - Main Number 610-630-0380

    If you are calling about...

    - bus problems or discipline, please ask for Mrs. Danielle Wechsler, Lead Teacher.

    - medical problems or issues, please ask for Ms. Bleakney, RN.

    - your child’s lunch account please, ask for Mrs. Enza Gambone.

    - guidance counselor, please ask for Mrs. Kristie Snaith.

    - early pickup or general school questions, please ask for Mrs. Terri Currera.

    - attendance, please ask for Mrs. Terri Currera or Mrs. Snaith.

    - your child’s teacher, please ask for the teacher by name.

    What do I do if my child will be late or absent?

    If your child is late: A parent or guardian must report to the main office with the student, if arriving after 9:10 a.m. If the lateness was due to a doctors’visit or dentist appointment, please obtain a note from the doctor’s office to present to the office. The student will get a late slip from the office to be admitted to the classroom.
    If your child is absent: Please fill out the Official Absence Excuse Card and send it in with your child.
    Click here to download the Absence Excuse Card

    Bus Information

    If you need bus information, please call Transportation @ 610-630-50

    What is the Schools Dress Code?

    GOAL:  To establish guidelines for appropriate student attire that will be conducive to a sound educational environment and consistent with the academic goals of the school.  That attire shall not be disruptive to the learning process or present a safety hazard to the wearer or other students.


    OUTSIDE JACKETS- No outside jackets.  Jackets determined by teachers to be worn to school by student as a "heavy" or jacket are not permitted to be worn in school during the school day.  No heavy winter vests either.


    LIGHT JACKETS- Due to the trouble identifying this item, room temperature, etc., discretion is left up to the individual teacher.  If a student is asked to remove his or her jacket, the jacket will be placed on the back of the chair, with no locker privilege extended.  Lightweight nylon jackets are acceptable.


    ACCESSORIES- Accessories found to be disruptive or harmful to the educational environment shall be removed at the discretion of the teacher.  Examples of accessories include: Sunglasses, Key Chains, Studded Clothing, Bracelets, or Gloves.



    • Shirts must be long enough to reach the belt line.
    • No mesh, fishnet, or see through tops unless worn over a top which meets other criteria.
    • Tops must have a machine finished armhole or sleeve.
    • Boys may not wear tank tops unless worn over a shirt that meets other criteria. 
    • Girls may wear tank tops that meet other criteria.
    • Girls’ tops may not show any cleavage, midriffs or any portion of undergarments, including sports bras.
    • Students may not wear tops that have inappropriate or offensive slogans or designs. 

    No gang colors or accessories of any description.


    BOTTOMS (Pants, tights, shorts, skirts, etc.)

    • Bottoms may not be worn in a manner exposing underwear, gym shorts, items worn as underclothing, or bare skin.
    • It is unacceptable for a student to wear pants so loose (or baggy) that they fall down when walking.  Students will be required to wear a belt.
    • Skirts and shorts must come below the student’s fingertips.
    •  Pajama pants are not acceptable

     SHOES- Shoes must be worn and tied at all times.

    • No Flip Flops.  The term flip-flop is a designated sandal type shoe with a thong portion in the front and no back that slaps against a person’s heel.
    • Heeley shoes are not permitted


    • No hats, caps, visors, doo rags (written exceptions for religious reasons will be reviewed).
    • No rollers, picks, combs, curlers.
    • No scarves, bandannas, sweatbands.
    • Hooded sweatshirts or sweaters may not be worn with the hoods up.
    • No headbands worn across the forehead.


    • Students are required to wear proper attire for physical education classes that allows for maximum physical participation and the safety of the child while engaging in vigorous activity. 
    • For our purposes sneakers (aka tennis shoes) are defined as a sport shoe made of canvas, nylon, leather or suede usually worn for athletic purposes, play or sports participation.  The sneakers may be any color, but must have either tie lace and/or Velcro straps.  Slip-ons or rubber soled shoes will not be allowed.  The sneakers should provide support for the ankle and sides of the foot.  The appropriateness and safety of all items worn in physical education classes will be determined by the instructor.

    What if I want to take my child on a vacation during the school year?

    We do not encourage extended vacations during the school year. If you choose to take a family vacation during the school year, a Special Request for Absence for Student form must be obtained from the school office, completed and sent to the principal prior to the absence
    . Completion of this form does not imply the vacation request will be approved. Any approved request will be in accordance with the NASD school board attendance policy.

    Click here to download the Special Request for Absence

    Is there daycare at Paul Fly?

    The Extended School-day Children’s Center, Inc. provides child supervision from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. every school day for our students. The program is licensed by the Department of Welfare. This is a private company and is not run by the Norristown Area School District. Please call the ESCC office at 610-584-5420 for information about tuitions, schedules and program content.

    What time is early dismissal and how often does it happen?

    Early dismissal typically happens the first Tuesday of the month and the dismissal time is 12:20 at the Elementary Schools.