• Dress Code 

    A student will always be neat, clean, and well groomed.  All parts of the uniform must be clean, pressed, and in good repair.  Uniforms must be worn to school and students must leave school in uniform – this includes shoes.  A student’s hair color should not be disruptive to the school environment.  ESTLA students must adhere to the uniform policy that requires the following standards:
    The only acceptable shirt is a light blue button down with collar or a light blue Polo shirt. 
    Shirts must be tucked into the pants, shorts &/or skort at all times.

    The only acceptable pants are navy blue slacks and navy blue walking (golf) shorts.  Navy blue skirts, skorts, and jumpers are also acceptable for the girls.  They should be no shorter than 3 " above the knee.  They must fit the student, not be undersized or oversized.  Pants will be worn at the waist with a brown leather belt.  Cuffs will not be bunched at the ankles.  Fad pants such as capri and cargo pants are not acceptable.  Leggings and jeans are also unacceptable unless worn under the skirt.  Jeans and other pants cannot be worn under the pants.

    Black/white shoes/sneakers are preferred. No Sandles, flip flops and/or open toe shoes.  Also no boots, however in inclement weather boots may be worn but must be changed and placed in locker.

    Earrings are permitted but should be of appropriate size – no larger than the size of a quarter.  Other visible piercings including, but not limited to, eyebrows, lips, or chin are not permitted. Students who report to school with piercing in places other than their ears, will be forced to remove them.  Also, key chains hanging from a pocket and heavy neck chains are not permitted.  The wearing of one watch and no more than one bracelet is considered acceptable.

    Students are not permitted to carry a purse during school hours.  If a child carries a purse, it must be placed in her locker. ESTLA will not be responsible for lost/stolen items from the lockers.