• Marshall St. Parent Faculty Club

    About the PFC

    The Marshall St. PFC is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support our children's educational needs. We are a group of parents, teachers and the school principal dedicated to improving and enhancing our students’ learning environment here at Marshall St. We rely on the donation of time and resources from parents, teachers, staff, neighbors and our community partners to help us reach our goals.  Parents/guardians of Marshall St. students are automatically members of the PFC. No registration or payment of dues is required. Families are encouraged to explore the opportunities we have to make a difference here at Marshall St.!

    The Marshall St. PFC needs you!  Currently, we have no board members for 2019-2020.  All of the activities that the PFC supports will not happen without volunteers.  This would mean more money out of your pocket for field trips, no assemblies, no yearbook and no book fairs.  The current board consists of all full-time working parents of children involved in multiple activities.  If we can do it, so can you!  We are in this together and the more people that help, the less time we will have to commit.  Please consider reaching out to help your child's school!


    What does the PFC support?

    Below are a few examples of how the PFC supports the students at Marshall St.:

    • Field Trips
    • Assemblies
    • Book Fair
    • Yearbook
    • Movie night, dance, bingo night and danceathon
    • And much, much, more…….


    How can I help?

    Here at Marshall St., our parent volunteers are critical to ensuring that our children are provided with programs and resources that greatly enhance their daily learning environment.  There are many different ways to get involved - for both working and non-working parents. There are opportunities to volunteer at the various events as well as to volunteer from home. You can count box tops, create flyers, stuff envelopes, etc. Any small quantity of time either at school or from home, is helpful.  Please reach out to us at marshallstreetpfc@gmail.com to learn more ways to help.


    PFC Meetings for 2018-2019

    Meetings occur on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in the school library.  There will be no meeting in May.  The June meeting will be June 6, 2019.  


    PFC Executive Board 2018-2019

    President - Katrina Rivera

    1st Vice President -  Lori Logan

    2nd Vice President - OPEN

    Treasurers - Robiana Renna and OPEN

    Corresponding Secretary - OPEN

    Recording Secretary - Beth Stockton   

    We would love to hear from you.  Contact one of our Executive Board members today. 


    Want to help? Contact us at marshallstreetpfc@gmail.com to see how you can help!