• 2019-2020 PFC Executive Board

    President: Ms. Sonya Reed-Bell

    Please partner with us in your child's success by joining our Parent Faculty Club. As a member, you will learn about all of the opportunities, resources and supports our program provides students. We welcome your ideas and suggestions!

    Parent Faculty Club Meetings

    Parent Faculty Club meetings are held each month from 6pm-7pm.  (see below schedule)

    09/09/2019 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    10/07/2019 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    11/04/2019 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    12/02/2019 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    01/06/2020 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    02/03/2020 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    03/02/2020 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    04/13/2020 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    05/04/2020 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus

    06/01/2020 6pm-7pm, Roosevelt Campus


    Please contact Dr. Carla Queenan at cqueenan@nasd.k12.pa.us for more information regarding the Roosevelt High School PFC.