• What is an Education Foundation? The purpose of all local education foundations (LEFs) is twofold: 1. Fundraiser: They provide funding for programs and projects 2. Advocate: They are change agents and advocates. As an advocate, they are responsible for ensuring that the general public knows, understands, and is moved by why they exist. Every child deserves an opportunity to succeed. This statement is as true today as it was more than twenty years ago when the local education foundation (LEF) movement was born in California. The founding mission was straightforward: communities would support their local school districts and generate necessary funds to save schools from significant financial shortfalls.
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    The Mission of the Norristown Area Education Foundation: The Norristown Area Education Foundation, a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization, provides independent financial funding to support challenging and enriching innovations that will maximize the learning potential of all students in the Norristown Area School District.

    NAEF Board of Directors 


    Two-year Term ends 2016

    Three-year Term ends 2017

    Three Year Term ends 2018


    Grace Fuentes (2015-2016 then 2016-2019)


    Chris Berkowitz (2014-2017)

    Renee Golden (2006, 2009, 2012, 2015-2018)

    Amy DiVirgilio (2015- 2016 then 2016-2019)




    Karen Shanoski (2009-12, 2012-15, 2016)



    Cindy Whitely (2014-2017)

    Lindsay Phillips (2015-2018)




    Cynthia Davenport (2014-2017)


    Meiko Scott Golden (2015-2018)



    Anne Rohricht (permanent)

    Janet Samuels (permanent)

    NASD School Board member appointed annually




    Permanent Representatives

    ·         Anne Rohricht, NASD Chief Financial Officer, NAEF Treasurer

    ·         Janet Samuels, NASD superintendent

    ·         NASD Board member (appointed annually)

    ·         Two NAHS students (non-voting members appointed annually)



    ·        President: Renee Golden

    ·         Vice-President: Chris Berkowitz and Cindy Whitely

    ·         Treasurer: Anne Rohricht

    ·         Secretary:


    Number of Directors: The number of directors shall not be less than nine (9) nor more than twenty (20); with 75% of the membership representing business and community interests. Additional directors of the board may include a faculty representative.

    SECTION 3 - Ex-Officio members:  shall permanently include the superintendent of schools, or designee, the school district business manager, and one (1) representative from the Norristown Area School Board of Directors to rotate on a yearly basis.

    NAEF raises money to fund innovative programs throughout the Norristown Area School District, like robotics, Smart Boards in every classroom, an iMac advanced graphic arts lab, and Project Lead the Way engineering labs in the middle and high schools.

    The Foundation also administers a mini grants program for teachers throughout the District and supports the Norristown Area High School Athletic Complex.
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    *In 2005, the Business/Industry/School Partnership Program (BISPP), a group of highly respected business persons who had supported education initiatives in the Norristown community for more than 20 years recognized the purpose and need for an Education Foundation in the Norristown Area School District. BISPP recruited volunteers from the greater Norristown area to join this cause, and in 2006, the Foundation was created. NAEF immediately began raising funds; and continues to hold several successful fundraisers each year.