Mission, Vision, & Core Values


The mission of the Norristown Area School District is to educate and inspire all students to become life-long learners, to strive for continued growth and personal excellence, and to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed for success in a diverse, global society.


The Norristown Area School District is dedicated to maximizing the growth and academic achievement of every student with continuous, research-based, and data-driven improvements in teaching and learning to ensure that all students learn to think creatively and critically, communicate effectively, and acquire the skills needed to be productive citizens who contribute to our community and a diverse, global society.

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Core Values

CORE VALUE #1 - Student achievement is our number one priority and is the main purpose for our existence.

CORE VALUE #2 - Parent and family engagement is critical to the success of students.

CORE VALUE #3 - Our schools are a part of the larger community.

CORE VALUE #4 - Diversity is a valued strength to be affirmed and celebrated.

CORE VALUE #5 - Our actions will be characterized by trust, respect, fairness, truth, and transparency.

CORE VALUE #6 - We are committed to safe and supportive environments that are physically, intellectually, and emotionally conducive to teaching and learning.

CORE VALUE #7 - Our staff is a valued asset and critical to student learning.

CORE VALUE #8 - We are committed to maintaining financial stability and accountability.