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SWPBS Information & Video Lessons

Below you will find an overview of our SWPBS lessons as well as the SWPBS videos that we use to teach our SWPBS lessons each year. Please use this list as a resource to help your child review the school behavior expectations.– Playground Lesson– Hallway Lesson– Cafeteria Lesson 1– Cafeteria Lesson 2– Cafeteria Lesson 3– Bus Lesson 1– Bus Lesson 2– Bathroom Lesson – Hero Bench Lesson Techniques Video

Our universal Rule is: 

We Fly with pride when we: 

Take care of self

Take care of other

Take care of things

Fly with Pride produces the following outcomes:

  • A school-wide climate of taking care of self, others and things and celebration of success
  • Increased engaged learning time for students
  • Unity of purpose in our school community

Your child will be taught these rules and lessons that correspond with the rule matrix during the first weeks of school. 

Please also visit the SWPBS videos on our school website.

How will we acknowledge your child for following behavior expectations?

  • Golden Tickets

  • Each child has the opportunity to earn a Golden ticket. 10 tickets are handed out daily by random staff members for following Fly with Pride. 

  • Students can earn the ‘Mystery Prize’ when their name is pulled. There are weekly drawings.

  •  Morning announcements, morning meeting acknowledgement 

  • Verbal and nonverbal praise

  • Positive, immediate and frequent feedback 

  • Monthly grade level celebrations for every student who has not received an office discipline referral

How can you help support ‘Fly with Pride’?

  • Parents know the school’s behavioral expectations.

  • Read, understand and support Fly with Pride in order to help their child meet behavior expectations.

  • Parents model and reinforce taking care of self, others and things at home

  • Parents participate in celebrating the positive behavior success of their child.



Setting 🡪






Bus & Bus Stop



Take care of self

  • Walk into classroom

  • Follow directions first time

  • Be on time for class

  • Do my best work

  • Sit facing the table, feet on floor

  • Walk to line and stand quietly 

  • Only use your own money

  • Walk on center line in the hallways

  • Walk on right on the steps

  • With permission, walk directly to where I belong

  • Stay seated

  • Be on time

  • Keep private parts private

  • Obey rules of playground

  • Go to the adult on the playground when there is a problem 

  • Dress for the weather as the adult tells you

Take care of others 

  • Praise each others’ efforts

  • Only use positive interactions

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Only eat your own food

  • Use indoor voices and speak politely to everyone

  • Use good table manners

  • Walk silently 

  • Hold the door for others 

  • Help teachers and students in need

  • Use Zone 3 voices

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Use kind words 

  • Use given names of all 

  • Follow directions first time

  • Use Zone 2 voices 

  • Respect others privacy 

  • Use toilet appropriately and always flush the toilet

  • Leave a neat seat

  • Line up quietly (Zone 1)

  • Obey the 3 whistle rule

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Include others in activities

Take care of things

  • Use materials safely and properly

  • Turn in completed schoolwork and homework

  • Throw all trash in the appropriate containers

  • Pick up trash

  • Keep hands at side

  • Keep all food in book bags

  • Leave a neat seat

  • Keep water and soap in sinks

  • 1 soap up to 3 towels

  • Use playground equipment properly