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Marshall Street Golden Jaguars

Marshall Street held their second assembly on Friday, December 7th to honor the November Golden Jaguars! Teachers selected students that are always respectful, responsible, and safe along with being leaders in the school. These students go above and beyond to be a good example for everyone. Congratulations to the November Golden Jaguars!



Nestor Poblete, Room 2 Ms. Pellegrin

Devin Williams, Room 1 Mrs. Maltman

Kaden Colon, Room 29 Ms. Dukes

Belen Romero-Rojas Room 28 Ms. Whitney

Bobbie Berry, Room 27 Mrs. Browne

Noelia Trejo, Room 5 Mrs. Falco

First Grade

Charlie Moore, Room 7 Mrs. O'Donoghue

Eliezer Velez-Cordova Room 9 Mrs. Houseal

Emma Gates, Room 11 Mrs. Thomas

Julianna Armstrong, Room 8 Mrs. Harrington

Hamin Kelly, Room 3 Ms. Deitz

Second Grade

Addison Tiznado-Navarro Room 18 Mrs. Truskowski

Teagan Bullock Room 21 Mrs. Krause

Ernesto Tellez Soto Room 20 Mrs. P. White

Johanthony Torres Orea Room 24 Mrs. T. White

Cristian Cocone Room 22 Ms. Curson

Eric Wilson Room 23 Ms. Brier

Third Grade

Brooklyn Peay, Room 36 Mrs. Yost

Alexis Lara Rodriguez, Room 33 Mrs. Smith

Christopher Andrade Tellez, Room 34 Mrs. Quigley

Nicole Santos Flores, Room 31 Ms. Schroding

Keira De Los Santos, Room 30 Mrs. Polek

Fourth Grade

Roldan Rodriguez Banon, Room 25 Mrs. Green

Kayden Witter, Room 41 Ms. Freeman

Daylin Zeigler, Room 42 Mrs. Monteiro

Alexander Encarnoacion, Room 44 Mrs. Grate

Luis Zavala, Room 46 Mrs. Lentz

Layla Robinson, Room 43 Mr. Leddy

Ciani Britt, Room 16 Mrs. Riley

Special Areas

Health- Johanna Sanabria

Gym- Axel Reyes Dominguez

Music- Lazaro Santos Ascencion


Marshall Street Elementary celebrated their first ever Golden Jaguars on Friday, November 2nd. These students, chosen monthly by the teachers, are always following the Jaguar Way of being respectful, responsible, and safe, but also go above and beyond! They are good citizens of the school with their leadership and actions, such as completing all their assignments on time, being a good friend to their classmates, helping others, and keeping their school clean. The following students were chosen as Golden Jaguars for the month of October:



Averi Clark, Room 2 Ms. Pellegrin

Ashley Tiehuactle, Room 1 Mrs. Maltman

Rebecca Figueroa, Room 29 Mrs. Dukes

Ayva Knight, Room 28 Ms. Whitney

Alira Wright, Room 27 Mrs. Browne


First Grade

Ivan Flores Antonio, Room 7 Mrs. O'Donoghue

Rosymar Rodriguez-Flores, Room 9 Mrs. Houseal

Zoe Sanabia-Figueroa, Room 10 Mrs. Dickerson

Sheyla Torres Molina, Room 11 Mrs. Thomas

Judith Reyes Marciano, Room Room 12 Ms. Siar

Giuliana DeDominic, Room 8 Mrs. Harrington

Daniel Denis, Room 6, Mrs. Marsden


Second Grade

Madison Maniscalco, Room 18 Mrs Truskowski

David Colotl Bravo, Room 21 Mrs. Krause

Logan Forr, Room 20 Mrs. Patricia White (Mrs. Kotsch)

Emily Banuelos Alcaraz, Room 24 Mrs. Tazia White

Alexander Padilla-Munoz, Room 23 Ms. Brier

Hugo Barranco, Room 3 Ms. Deitz (Mrs. Krause's class)


Third Grade

Jacinta Yollong, Room 36 Mrs. Yost

Alizee Chen, Room 33 Mrs. Smith

Ian Oliver, Room 34 Mrs. Quigley

Jonathan Palmas-Alfonso, Room 31 Ms. Schroding

Kayden Jimenez-Flores, Room 30 Mrs. Polek

Oumou Barry, Room 32 Mrs. Conley (Mrs. Smith's Class)

Miley Gil Garcia, Room 5 Mrs. Falco (Mrs. Smith's Class)


Fourth Grade

Alexis Navarro Ascencion, Room 25 Mrs. Green

Kayla Johnson, Room 41 Ms. Freeman

Jenifer Rodriguez, Room 44 Mrs. Grate

Jorgia Ollarvia, Room 46 Mrs. Lentz

Axell Flores-Tellez, Room 43 Mr. Leddy

Angel Jefferson, Room 16 Mrs. Riley (Mrs. Lentz's class)


Special Areas

Ms. Brown chose Cynthia Ramos Mendez, Mrs. Lentz's class

Mr. Shrader chose Natali Palmas-Moran, Mrs. Truskowski's class

Mrs. Miller chose Christopher Monroy-Estrada, Mrs. Millers class

Mrs. Bulman chose Christopher Rios Flores, Ms. Brier's class

Mrs. Broadt chose Imani Epps, Mrs. Green's class


Congratulations to the first ever Golden Jaguars of Marshall Street Elementary School! We look forward to the next celebration in December for our November winners!