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Keystone Award for Academic Excellence

Each year, the Pennsylvania Department of Federal Programs conducts an Improving Schools' Performance Conference in Pittsburgh. The goal of this conference is to identify successful schools that are willing to help other schools to improve student performance. Winter 2021, Whitehall was invited to this conference because of our tremendous academic success, which was formally recognized by the state in the 2019-2020 school year. Before COVID-19, we had planned to share our experiences and knowledge at the convention with schools that are looking for ways to improve their instructional programming and better meet the needs of their students. We here at Whitehall are extremely proud of the success we've had over the years with our students and to receive this state level award. However, we are raising the stakes, so we have more work to do!

Due to the effects of the pandemic, this coming year there is a strong urgency to work not only diligently, but also aggressively, in order to help our students academically soar. We thank all of our families and community members in advance for your partnership and the additional support that you will provide outside of school to help us accomplish our goals.  Any and all extra practice at home, on the computer with an educational program, at a daycare, an after-school program, and at a friend or relative's house will be a big WIN for our students. The more practice, the better their skills will be. It indeed takes a VILLAGE, and today it is more true than ever before!