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Online Resources For the Entire Family

The extensive list of Online Resources provided are not all used in your child's classroom. It is to be used as a resource, not in its entirety.  
Online Resources for the Entire Family:  
Company Category/Subject Grade/Age Group Link Description Free Service Offered
12 Museum Virtual Tours Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 500 museums/galleries around the world to bring everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world. Free virtual tours of 12 famous museums
12-Story Library, an imprint of Bookstaves Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, STEM 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th 12-Story Library has opened up access to our full library of ebooks, each of which are paired with a unique resource web page with content updates, live news feeds, videos, image galleries, and lesson plans. Free ebooks and digital resources
123 Homeschool for ME Free printable worksheets and educational activities to help making learning fun. Resources arranged by grade or subject. Free worksheets and activities
2Simple Purple Mash is a website designed for children aged 3-11. It contains many creative tools ie: coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for maths, spelling and grammar. Teachers can ‘set work’ for children easily then view / comment on completed files. It also contains thousands of topic based activities. Serial Mash gives you a whole library of e-books and corresponding activities. Both can be used on any tablet or computer with a web browser.  
3DBear Easy-to-use AR learning app and lesson plans provide you and your students with the opportunity to design and create in Augmented Reality. Free app and lesson plans
3P Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Early Childhood, STEM, Spelling Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Education software that inspires a love of learning 4 weeks access to any or all of our products, as well as ongoing training and support
3rd Space Learning Math, Intervention Resources 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Third Space Learning are specialists in teaching maths to young children, providing interventions and resources for 5 to 11 year olds (KS1 and KS2, 1st Grade to 6th Grade). Follow the link for hundreds of free maths resources for parents and guidance on supporting with maths at home. Hundreds of free maths resources and parent guides on supporting with maths at home
8x8 Free 8x8 Video Meetings Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling, All of the above could be taught virtually using 8x8 Video Meetings at no charge Free Video Meetings 8x8 Video Meetings is free and web-based. It's available to anyone, globally, at no cost. It's a helpful tool in the event of school closures, event cancellations or for quickly implementing virtual learning environments. Visit, name your meeting and click start. It’s that easy. No need to share an email address or download software.
ABDO/ ABDO's entire eBook collection is now available to students to access at home FREE. Entire ABDO eBook Collection
Absolute Absolute is the first and only company to offer uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation of security breaches at the source. Absolute is offering free access to Application Persistence for VPN for all of its Visibility and Control tier customers through August 31, 2020.
Academons Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL 3rd - 5th The Nº1 Homeschooling App in Spanish for Primary students 30 days of free access to PRO version: +10.000 learning games for all subjects: Maths, Español, English, Science, Geography and History
Academy4SC Social Studies, Psychology, ELA, Sociology 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Academy4SC is a video series on various psychology, rhetoric, logic, reasoning, and economic topics. Each video comes with an explanation of the topic as well as a lesson plan. New videos are added frequently Educational videos and lesson plans
Accurate Learning Systems Corporation Math K-9 Individuals that sign up for free home version accounts can master their math facts for free. This is an important area of focus often neglected by schools. Teachers that want free full access to all of the topics for the remainder of this school year can inquire here:  
Acessibyte Accessibyte Online is offering free access to its entire cloud platform of apps for blind, low vision, deaf and reading impaired students. Highly visual and fully audible typing tutor, games, flash cards and study apps. Free Access
Achieve3000 Reading, Science, Social Studies, Special Education K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Achieve3000 partners with educators to deliver a comprehensive suite of digital solutions that significantly accelerate literacy and deepen learning across the content areas. Our personalized and differentiated solutions provide equity in the classroom, enabling teachers to help all students achieve up to 3x expected growth. For more than four million students in grades PreK-12, Achieve3000 improves high-stakes test performance and drives college and career readiness. Achieve3000 Literacy at Home Digital provides access to engaging non-fiction articles at 3 reading levels. Topics range from science and social studies to current events. Each article is part of a lesson designed to nurture students’ critical thinking skills and check their understanding of the articles. Setting up an account is easy with self-rostering capabilities.
Active History Amazing resources for history teachers by the British educator Russell Tarr including interactive simulations, quizzes, games that can easily be used for online learning. 1 month free trial because of school closures upon request (contact form)
ActivEd, Inc. ActivEd, Inc. offers Walkabouts, web-based lessons for pre-K to second-grade students that integrate movement with language arts, math, and reading content and correlate to your state’s standards. To support your efforts to keep your students moving and learning outside of school due to closures related to COVID-19, we have decided to make the Walkabouts platform temporarily available at no cost to any classrooms impacted by school closures and remote learning needs.
Actively Learn Reading, Science, Social Studies, ESL 6th - 8th, High School Actively Learn is a digital curriculum platform for grades 6-12 ELA, SS, and Science. Our catalog includes over 3,000 texts, videos, and simulations that include embedded questions, scaffolding notes, and multimedia to support all learners. We also seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom. All teachers using Actively Learn will be upgraded to our Prime plan through the end of the summer. Activity Village provides thousands of colouring pages, crafts, puzzles, worksheets and more, for parents and teachers. Specially for these difficulit times, free themed bundles of fun printable activities for children - including puzzles, colouring pages, fun worksheets and more.
Adaptive Technology Resources - VizZle program Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, ADL, Transition lessons, Social/Emotional lessons - 15,000+ total ALL Developed by Monarch Autism Center in Ohio, VizZle is a 15,000+ item library with interactive lessons/resources for all ability levels - but especially those in the Autism Spectrum. Teacher tools allow each teacher to search, preview, and adapt each lesson and put into each student folder to be used in school or remotely on most Apple/Chrome/Microsoft devices, while automatically collecting IEP data as students complete each lesson. FREE 30 day license for EACH teacher or parent who registers. $75/year per student cost if they wish to purchase and use after the trial term.
AdmitHub AdmitHub developed the first student communication platform powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed for higher education. To support the higher education community during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering free access to the AdmitHub platform so you can provide clear, immediate answers about the outbreak.
Adobe Connect Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that enables collaborative experiences that include video, audio, screen-sharing, polls, chat, Q&A, document sharing and much more. There's nothing for participants to install or configure, Adobe Connect works in any modern browser. Starting this week, we are providing free 90-day access for Adobe Connect, until July 1st, 2020. Individuals and business who aren’t customers can now use Adobe Connect rooms with up-to 25 participants for free for up to 90 days if they sign-up for a trial license between now and July 1st.
Adventure 2 Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM Preschool - 8th Adventure 2 Learning is a video-centered education platform that's used in >25,000 elementary schools, providing core curriculum and emerging subjects (e.g., MIndfulness, online behavior) in a way that's fun & exciting for today’s learners. 2 Months free for all families affected with code LEARN60
Adventures in Family: 20 Virtual Field Trips Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Early Childhood ALL Virtual field trips are a fun and educational way to visit places virtually and keep “travel” going. There are also lesson ideas, activities and book suggestions to extend the learning for each type of destination. Virtual tours of museums, zoos, aquariums, and more.
AFSA Education Foundation AFSA Education Foundation Personal Finance The AFSA Education Foundation is a nonprofit focused on educating consumers of all ages on personal finance concepts and responsible money management. We offer a free personal finance course, MoneySKILL, that is accessible entirely online for students in middle school and above. The course is fully customizable and includes 37 modules available in English and Spanish that address topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and more. Educators (including parents) can visit our website to view a demo and complete a brief registration form to access the full course content. The entire MoneySKILL course is available for teachers, parents, and other educators for free at all times.
Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)     Narrated Presentation Platform   Online platform that allows you to create narrated presentations. AirDeck is giving educators a free Pro license ($400 value), using coupon code: FRIENDS. Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, STEM, Intervention Resources 6th - 8th, High School Albert is an online learning platform that supplements all 5-12 general content subjects including AP, SAT, ACT, ELA, math, and NGSS. Many of our partners come to us to increase student academic confidence and teacher capacity given we complement daily instruction with: -Over 90,000 practice questions with corresponding explanations -Instant feedback for students and automatic grading for teachers -Virtual assignment creation -Easily accessible data reporting A free pilot with unlimited student access
Alchemie The Mechanisms app allows students to learn and practice reaction mechanisms by moving and manipulating individual bonds and electrons. Instructors can assign specific puzzle problems through the Epiphany Dashboard. Students will be able to access those puzzles through the App on their phone or tablet. Demos of the Mechanisms and Epiphany Dashboard are available for free. Alchemie is offering the Mechanism App for free from now until the end of the spring semester. June 30th
Alephbeta Bring the Torah to life with Aleph Beta's videos. Be excited by learning Torah, and find relevant meaning for modern-day life. Aleph Beta is temporarily offering free subscriptions with access to hundreds of educational videos, audios, and podcasts. Math 6th - 8th, High School 30 brief (2.5 min average), informative videos covering the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents! The entire video series is only 80 minutes in length! Free, 30 day access from the date of enrollment to "30 Ways to Pass the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents!" (normal access is 330 days). This offer expires on 3/31/2020.
All Kids Network Math, Reading, Writing, ESL, Early Childhood, Special Education K - 2nd We offer FREE educational resources, worksheets, writing prompts, themed coloring pages, craft and snack ideas for parents, teachers & caregivers. FREE educational resources
AMAZE AMAZE is a free online resource that envisions a world that recognizes child and adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy, a world in which young people everywhere are supported and affirmed and the adults in their lives communicate openly and honestly with them about puberty, reproduction, relationships, sex and sexuality. In such a world, young people across the globe would have access to the information and support they need to develop into sexually healthy adults. Always Free.
American Archive of Public Broadcasting Social Studies, Primary Sources 6-8th, High School, and Higher Education The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) is a collaboration between the Library of Congress and the WGBH Educational Foundation to coordinate a national effort to preserve at-risk public media before its content is lost to posterity and provide a central web portal for access to the unique programming that public stations have aired over the past 70 years. To date, over 110,000 digital files of television and radio programming contributed by more than 130 public media organizations and archives across the United States have been preserved and made accessible for long-term preservation and access. The entire collection is available on location at the Library of Congress and WGBH, and more than 52,000 files are available online at Access to thousands of historic public television and radio programs.
American Association of Chemistry Teachers The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) is a professional community by and for K–12 teachers of chemistry. Take advantage of AACT's benefits to connect with peers, discover quality classroom resources, and achieve your professional goals. Membership is open to educators and anyone in the United States and around the world with an interest in K–12 chemistry education. Through March 31 (updated as of 3/13)
American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society has ChemMatters magazines, targeted for high schoolers, available online. In addition to chemistry, there are article that are biographies of chemists, and historical articles. Free All The Time
American Panorama Digital Atlas of America uses online GIS to explore and visualize data with maps. Free
American Reading Company ARC Bookshelf is a mobile application available on iOS, Android and viewable on the web, providing American Reading at Home titles specially designed for successful reading practice. 12 Free eBooks (6 in English; 6 in Spanish)
Angel Island Immigrant Journeys (Curriculum) Social Studies 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Angel Island Immigration Station's curriculum guides, called "Immigrant Journeys," provide strategies and background material designed for teachers of Grades 3-12. These free guides contain lessons, student worksheets, primary source documents from the National Archives, historical photographs, and list of resources to introduce students to the experience of immigrants on Angel Island.
Anyone Can Learn - Choose Your Paths Students have step-by-step guidance to explore their passions, talents and life goals, interview people in the field in forums and by email and phone, and create a learning experience for others about their interest field. With a vision for life goals, kids care more about the tasks in front of them today. Free 60-day subscription to Choose Your Path e-learning course (4th-12th grades)
Anywhere Teacher by School Zone Publishing Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Foreign Language, Early Childhood K - 2nd Online Education Learning App (Ages 2-8) - 2,000 Activities, Preschool Learning Path, Playzone One-Month Free subscription with code ATHOME
AprenderGratis Math, Reading, Science, Foreign Language, Special Education, Intervention Resources ALL More than 2000 free resources and courses for teachers in Spanish overall Courses and resources for classes
Arcademics Boost student engagement & fact fluency with our free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games, and more! Always Free.
Ardor Math Math practice system. Web, iOS, Android. Teacher dashboard and student practice app. We are giving 7th and 8th grade teachers who work in school affected by the coronavirus free Unlimited subscriptions. Just email us and we will set you up.
Artrageous with Nate Fine Arts, STEM 4th-12th   Interactive videos meant to stimulate creativity and a hands-on activity at home.
Artusi Artusi is a suite of digital workbooks to help students learn the fundamental skills of music theory faster, better, and more accurately than before so they can spend more time pursuing the creative mission of music making and music study. All Artusi online services are free to affected schools, universities, and other institutions until June 30. Email to be added.
Asecend Math Ascend Math is a K to 12 math instructional resource Ascend Math offers award winning math instruction that provides an individual study plan for each student. Ascend Math's study plans are unique to each student, prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned. Teachers also have the ability to assign standards to an entire class or grade to meet pacing guidelines. Free Service Offered: Now until the end of April for schools new to Ascend Math.
ASSISTments Math 6th - 8th Free tool for math teachers to assign classwork and homework. Compatible with Google Classroom and many common curricula like Illustrative Mathematics. Students receive immediate feedback and teachers receive reports with student- and class-level data to inform instruction. The platform is entirely free
Astrostem Science, STEM, Astronomy and Space Sciences, Astrophysics, Earth Sciences ALL is an online education platform that includes astronomy lessons, astronomy applications, astronomy workshops, space games, current astronomy and space science news and allows users to produce their own content. All resources free with creation of online account
ASU Virtual Field Trips Science, Social Studies, STEM 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education VFT's are topic based interactive and educationally rich experiences captured during real expeditions with scientists doing current research. Some are built with adaptive feedback and adaptive pathways. (Look for the designated icons). This adaptivity allows for non-linear experiences with varying pathways, as well as individual feedback, that is tailored to the users input and responses. These VFTs are being used in high school and college classrooms to supplement a wide variety of topics. Always Free
Audible Reading, ESL, Foreign Language ALL The world's largest collection of audiobooks. Now, kids of all ages can stream hundreds of free audiobooks across 6 different languages. Totally free. No sign-ups. No personal information required. No strings attached.
Auditory Sciences Auditory Sciences is partnering with academic institutions who are preparing for prolonged absences and/or campus closures due to COVID-19. They are creating for your school a free captioning, note-taking and translation website that you can use to facilitate off-campus communications with students and faculty. A private and secure Streamer captioning, translation and note-taking website configured specifically for your school. Students and faculty can use the website to caption and/or translate all conversations and lectures and do this anytime and as often as desired.
Australian Computing Academy Coding Challenges STEM 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Free online coding courses for Australian School students aligned to the Australian Curriculum Our courses always have been, and continue to be free for Australian Students in years 3-8 (DT Challenges) and 7-12 (Cyber Security Challenges)
Avaya Spaces Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL Our free Avaya Spaces offer provides a cloud meeting and team collaboration solution that enables people and organizations to connect and collaborate remotely – and goes beyond integrating chat, voice, video, online meetings and content sharing. It gives users all the meeting and team collaboration features needed, including voice and video conferencing for up to 200 participants. Free
Avochato Text message platform and CRM Free use of text message platform for the next 2 months.
Awesome Stories Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts ALL 5,390+ robust, original stories based on primary sources and presented in various media formats: written, dramatized narrations, videos, images, maps, and more! Free stories each day are available for access - see the home page and the What Matters Now tabs
Backpack Sciences This is a free video series on how to teach science without the overwhelm. Free Video Series
Bamboo Learning Math, Reading, Social Studies, ESL, Early Childhood ALL Bamboo Learning offers FREE voice-based applications (Alexa skills) that cover a range of academic subjects, including math, ELA/listening comprehension, and social studies. Bamboo Learning Alexa skills focus on fun, home-based, family-friendly learning, and ensure children's engagement utilizing the unique nature of voice technology that promotes active conversational learning.

-- Bamboo Books: helps practice active listening and improve listening comprehension, offers stories for three age groups (Level 1: ages 5-7, Level 2: ages 7-10, Level 3: ages 10-12) - "Alexa, open Bamboo Books"
-- Bamboo Luminaries: an engaging social studies trivia game that showcases prominent and lesser-known influential historical figures from diverse fields including art, literature, science, social justice, and sports - "Alexa, open Bamboo Luminaries"
-- Bamboo Math: helps practice mental math, offers number problems and over 500,000 fun and engaging word problems in four areas of arithmetic (+ - x ÷) across 5 difficulty levels - "Alexa, open Bamboo Math"
-- Bamboo Music: introduces basic music theory, offers fun and engaging music games such as “Recognize the Instrument” and music exercises across 3 levels, incorporates children's nursery rhymes and selections from folk and classical music - "Alexa, open Bamboo Music"
-- Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo: co-developed with literacy experts at Highlights magazine, offers engaging stories and exercises to practice active listening and improve listening comprehension leveled for learners in Kindergarten through 3rd grade - "Alexa, open Highlights Storybooks"
-- Bamboo Grove: a web-based application that enables parents to follow their children's progress and review their work in Bamboo Learning Alexa skills - to register, please go to
Banzai! Math, Special Education, STEM, Financial Literacy 3rd- 12th Banzai is an award-winning financial education program that helps your students learn the value of a dollar. We’ll show you how Banzai simulates real-life scenarios in three interactive courses. Banzai meets all state curriculum standards, and completely free to use, thanks to the sponsorship of local banks and credit unions! Free Financial Literacy Online Program!
Bark Everything you need to help educate families about online safety — for free Online safety materials
Bark for Schools Student and school safety product that detects potential problems across G Suite, Office 365, and Chrome to help protect students — at no cost. Bark looks for potentially harmful activities that may indicate online predators, adult content, sexting, cyberbullying, drug use, depression, suicidal ideation, and more, so that communities can help keep kids safe online and in real life. Free G Suite and Office 365 account monitoring and web filtering for all K-12 schools in the U.S.
BASHO & FRIENDS All-Access Spanish Library BASHO & FRIENDS makes music-based foreign language learning resources with a focus on Spanish. Free access for the next three months to our music-based Spanish lessons covering topics ranging from days of the week and the seasons, to colors and classroom objects. This includes music videos, worksheets, and song files.
Beanstalk Beanstalk Interactive, a Denver-based interactive educational pre-school children's content company, announced today that it will be offering free membership during the Coronavirus outbreak. Free membership!
Bedtime Math Math K-5 Bedtime Math is a national nonprofit that ignites kids' curiosity and learning by unleashing the fun in math. It offers playful online math problems for parents to do with their kids every day, as well as lively hands-on games. Research has shown that both offerings reduce kids’ math anxiety, increase their love of math, and lay the groundwork for greater math achievement. In response to sudden demand for learning at home, we’ve taken our engaging and research-proven after-school math club activities and presenting them for families to use for free: Families can also download our free Bedtime Math app on iOS and Android, which delivers a fun new math problem every day for families to do together and is proven to boost kids’ math skills.
Beed BeED is a Finnish certified pedagogically-focused platform designed to meet your school’s curricular and teaching needs. Some of the BeED features include a mobile experiential learning app, multi-blocking Curriculum Builder and interactive mapping for an engaging and flexible learning experience. A mobile platform enables educators to move beyond the closed walls of schools to conduct lessons remotely, giving students the support they need, through continual learning. Through their own mobile devices, students and teachers can carry on with their lessons, grading and personalized interaction, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. In light of more schools being closed throughout the region, BeED would like to extend its' support and services to schools affected by Covid-19 with a complimentary free 6 months' subscription to the mobile learning platform. During this process, the BeED team will provide on-going support from the on-boarding training to the uploading of content materials and more.
BeeLine Reader BeeLine Reader helps students read on screen more effectively. It is used both by skilled readers (including high school and college students) and readers with dyslexia, ADHD and autism. The technology is backed by educational research and has won social impact awards from the United Nations and Stanford University. Free access to the BeeLine Reader Browser Plugin for Chrome through September 2020. Email and we’ll send you a free account for you and your students!
Belouga Belouga is a digital platform providing K-12 teachers and students with a personalized learning journey through connection, communication and collaboration with peers around the world. Always Free.
Better Chinese Better Chinese is a leading publisher of Mandarin curricula for students from pre-kindergarten to college. Better Chinese materials have been officially adopted by nine states in the United States and are used in 1400+ schools worldwide. BetterChinese is offering free online access for schools and individual learners, K through College. Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Early Childhood, STEM, SEL Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School We help you(th) love learning about self, others, and our world. Through captivating videos. A Learning Unit about Coronavirus -- evolving weekly and even daily
BFW - Bedford, Freeman & Worth HS Publishers Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, STEM High School BFW is the premier Advanced Placement publisher. 90 days free ebook to any BFW title - online and offline access (no internet required after download)
Bible Quest: Classical Bible Curriculum Religious Instruction: Bible ALL Classical-model resources for teaching God's Word Four free weeks of materials
BiblioBoard (RAILS for Schools) Thousands of simultaneous access e-books and resources, available to everyone in Illinois all the time. This service is provided at no cost via RAILS. It is always free, always available.
Big Deal Media Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Big Deal Media saves educators hours of research and thousands of dollars while identifying top-quality resources and OERs for schools and classrooms. It is a content-rich collection of trusted print and electronic publications that offer the information and tools K-12 educators need-all vetted through the prism of the curriculum. It consistently delivers wish lists of resources and funding opportunities, and has done so since 1995. Free biweekly, enewsletter K-12 Technology showcases trusted digital and mobile learning experiences, funding, professional growth, social media, STEM resources, and OERs to help successfully integrate technology in today's classrooms and schools. Also join our free community Amazing Resources for Educators on
Big History Project   Always Free.
Big Life Journal Counseling, Growth Mindset; Resilience; Social Emotional Development Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Big Life Journal provides engaging resources that help kids develop a growth and resilient mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence. There is a free podcast as well as free printables to go with the podcasts, weekly free printables to enhance learning, and a free "Parent's Guide to a Growth Mindset". (These free services have always been free, not free just due to school closings. There are also a multitude of services that are not free.)
Bigger Brains Online training courses, especially Microsoft Teams Free courses posted to YouTube for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Forms, discounts on general subscriptions, free subscriptions for school teachers (email to confirm credentials).
Bio-Rad Laboratories Science, STEM High School, Higher Education Bio-Rad Explorer's YouTube channel is a hub of educational and instructional videos for students and educators from Bio-Rad and the life science education community. Videos
Biology Simulations Science High School Simulations and virtual labs for biology topics including evolution, ecology, and cellular energetics. All materials are free Science 6th - 8th, High School 50 brief (90 sec avg), informative videos covering the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on the Living Environment Regents! The entire course is only 90 minutes in length! Free, 30 day access from the date of enrollment to "50 Ways to Pass the Living Environment Regents!"; normal access is for 330 days. This offer expires on 3/31/2020
Bites Media Social Studies, Civics & Media Literacy High School Free resource for middle and high school teachers & students! Bites Media connects credible, high standard media reporting on current events with "why it matters" to democracy and citizenship, supporting students with developing critical media literacy skills and helping tomorrow’s leaders be more informed citizens today. Free, up-to-date and reader-friendly content on nearly 200 relevant and timely topics and world events, including: Law and Politics, Science and Technology, Life and Arts, plus Sports and Health. Also access to Bites Media newsletter.
BiteScis Science, STEM High School BiteScis integrates current scientific research into NGSS-aligned lessons aimed at introductory high school level courses. Most lesson are easily modified for remote learning. Lesson plans and all corresponding materials are always free.
Black Box Education Digital and interactive resources for drama, dance and theatre. 6 free resource packs for digital, online schooling.
Blackboard Inc Blackboard offers virtual classroom and district communication resources Communication guides, virtual classrooms, webinars, training.
BlockCAD BlocksCAD builds math and computer science skills by using a specialized 3D CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. A block-based coding platform allows students to create and manipulate 3D objects while using geometry and computational thinking skills. We'd like to support teachers by offering anyone in a closed school the chance to have access to BlocksCAD for Education Premium for free until the end of the school year.
Blocksmith, Inc Science, STEM, Computer/Design/Programming 3rd, 6th, High School and Higher Ed. A highly accessible software for students age 8 and up to learn about 3D video game making, incl modeling, animations and programming. Virtual Reality friendly. Hourly lesson plans guide students step by step to making their first games. Free Software to use. Free trial for advanced features and a free 2h curriculum sample making their first 3D games.
Blutick Math, STEM 6th - 8th, High School Blutick is an online learning platform for the GCSE/IGCSE 11-16 Mathematics curriculum, and can be accessed on computers, tablets and phones, on all operating systems, and can even be used offline (after first use). All topics on Blutick have explanatory videos, worked examples, and intelligent line-by-line feedback on every question. Full access to our services across the 11-16 GCSE/IGCSE Maths curriculum will be available free of charge to any school affected by the virus, at least until 1 September 2020.
Boardmaker Boardmaker is a collection of standardized picture symbols used for communication with students who are strong visual learners. This includes those with autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, speech and language disorders, and behavioral disorders. We have a thematic series of units called Boardmaker Activities to Go- all free, and ready to download, print, copy etc.
Boclips for Teachers Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM ALL With over 1 million high-quality videos and an array of standards-aligned resources, Boclips for Teachers helps educators to safely enrich their lessons with video. Access to videos, webinars, strategy sheets, and more—all specifically curated to help teachers transition to online learning.
Boddle Learning Math 1st - 6th Boddle is a math platform for 1-6th grade that makes learning fun and personalized. Teachers are able to track student progress remotely and quickly identify learning gaps. Boddle is currently being offered at no cost to educators that are dealing with school closures. Add #remote next to school name on sign-up page.
BombBomb Video messaging tool that can be used in gmail, Outlook, or any messaging app that teachers may use to communicate with students or parents. The full platform is now free for all teachers ($588 value)
Book Like A Boss Class Booking Software ALL We are one of Zoom's top 10 Apps. We make it simple to book appointments and sell services Free account for as long as needed to help schools run their virtual classes
BookCreater App    
Boom Learning Boom Cards teaching resources are cloud resident and served, instructional mini-apps. Teachers create the resources for personal use, use with colleagues, and/or for distribution. Boom Cards can (but need not) process and report student performance data. The Boom Learning platform includes creation tools and data processing and reporting of student performance data. Boom Learning is privacy aware, is a signatory to several Student Privacy Data Consortium agreements, and in compliance with New York Section 2d. We offer a DPA for EEA customers. Contact us at if you need a document signed before you can begin. New customers from schools that are closing can get free Ultimate subscriptions (allows authoring Boom Cards with sound and the ability to share with colleagues) good through June 30 to affected schools. Existing customer schools who do not have Ultimate subscriptions can get an Ultimate account per grade or subject team to share for authoring materials to share out school colleagues to keep learning on course. Send an email to
BoomWriter Reading, Writing K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th BoomWriter is a complete classroom literacy solution. It is a writing platform that helps teachers inspire students to write on any subject ( fiction, non-fiction and vocabulary-focused activities). Try it for ELA, Social Studies/History, Science and even Math. Plus, it can be used on any device. -Uploading of relevant activity resources;
- Easily create a variety of assignments in all subjects;
-Real-time student writing progress monitoring;
-Provide Personalized feedback ;
-Engage students in online interactive peer review and assessment;
-Assess using standards-based rubrics;
Boromi Early Childhood Early Childhood We're a multi award-winning network of play libraries empowering families to connect, talk and play together at home Free #dailyplay emails - an offline, home play activity using every day materials sent daily. Completely free and for any EYFS teachers or parents who will find it helpful
BrainPop 21st Century Skills Arts Assessment Coding/Computer Science/Engineering Communication English Language Arts Language Learning Math Science Social Studies Social-emotional Learning Special Education K-12 BrainPOP's animated movies, creative thinking tools, interactive quizzes, and playful assessments have made a difference for millions of students. Free, unlimited use of the full BrainPOP suite during the period of closure. We are also providing additional on- and offline activities and ideas to support distance learning via this link:
Brave Writer Writing ALL Free writing resources Free resources, ready-made lesson plans, master classes
Breakout Edu Math, Science, STEM, Computer Science, Programming 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education, Professionals Build problem solving skills in math, science, and computer science with fun and challenging interactive explorations. Daily problem solving challenges across math, science, and computer science, along with lessons and practice problems.
Britannica Britannica has made available COVID-19 emergency resources to every school in the U.S. Get free access to Britannica LaunchPacks, for social studies and science, being leveraged by schools across the world who are grappling with shutdowns, conducting virtual lessons, and working to minimize the impact on students, families, and staff. Britannica LaunchPacks, for social studies and science.
BSCS Science Learning Online Resources During COVID-19 Shutdown Science 6th - 8th, High School BSCS Science Learning is here to help teachers during these unsure times. We have consolidated our online resources below to help you easily find programs, units, and more! Free resources that offer interactive, online learning experiences for students, and materials designed for the classroom that are available for free download.
Bulb Digital Portfolios Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources ALL  bulb is a digital portfolio used by students to build skills for the future, by teachers to measure competencies and by districts to meet learning goals. bulb is ad-free, meets data privacy policies and integrates with most LMS and SIS systems.  bulbEd, our flagship product for schools will be free to schools and districts closing through the rest of the school year and into summer, (July 31). A digital portfolio account has always been free to all educators, sign up here to get your account up and running: If you would like to know more how to get your classroom and/or school up and running in a matter of days with bulb please email: and mention in the subject this resource - Amazing Educational Resources bulbEd Offer
Bunk History Digital archive of a variety of media produced about current events, public history and government. Bunk shows connection both spatially and across historic eras. Free
Busy Kids Do Piano Fine Arts ALL   Free month of lessons with coupon code PIANOATHOME
BWS Education Consulting   Students and parents are welcome to download and use any of these to help with test prep and college admissions.
C-SPAN Classroom Social Studies 6th - 8th, High School C-SPAN Classroom works with C-SPAN Television Network's programs on public affairs, coverage of Congress, non-fiction books and American history to create free resources for teachers and students to use in classroom activities. C-SPAN Classroom’s website provides social studies teachers with access to thousands of free digital resources, including short current events videos, Lesson Plans and Bell Ringers, Deliberations lessons, plus Constitution Clips and On This Day in History events.Educators and students can access and share these video based materials online.
Calico Spanish Foreign Language K - 2nd Calico Spanish creates curriculum anyone can use to teach young children real Spanish for a real future. 10 days of elementary Spanish lessons any family can do at home (Also, 7-day trial always includes 8 full units free and we'll offer free extensions to anyone affected by school closures.)
Camp Corona all of the above ALL Crowdsourced collection of sites and activities for parents and caregivers, especially those trying to navigate being in quarantine. Just another list with links grouped by type.
Camp Kindness Counts SEL and Character Development - social emotional learning PreK -- Grade 7 Camp Kindness Count is a non-profit organization that supports social emotional learning and character development in elementary school aged kids. Free, research-informed activity curriculum for elementary aged kids focused on developing character strengths such as gratitude and generosity. Activities are designed to need minimal supplies and to be easy for parents to facilitate.
Campus Difusion I'm sharing our website with free resources for Spanish teachers and resources With a free account, students and teachers can access 100% of videos, online activities, proyectable materials for the classroom, and sample units and audios of all books
Canadian Olympic School Program Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education High School The Canadian Olympic School Program offers over 100 free online education resources that promote safer and more inclusive environments, inspires the application of the Olympic values, and engages youth in adopting and maintaining healthy active lifestyles. FREE resources from Grade 2 -12 (lesson plans, worksheets, project-based activities)
CanFigureIt Geometry Created by teachers, this highly interactive tool provides an easy-to-use workspace where students can practice proofs while exercising their deductive reasoning muscles. Always Free.
Canopy LAB Social Studies, STEM Higher Education A research-based social elearning platform for developing competencies through individualized and adaptive learning experiences. It is designed with an integrated social network structure to enhance collaborative learning and built on strong Nordic learning principles. Completely free for 6 months, including onboarding and customer service. Details here:
Cantonese for families Helping families teach Cantonese and Chinese to their children. Access to Hundreds of pages of free printables.
Canva for Education Canva are offering a super-charged version of Canva to classrooms for free. Jam-packed with value and time-saving features (plus millions of free images), every user of Canva for Education gets hundreds of dollars of value for free. Register your class to unlock the best teaching tools Canva has to offer – from classroom collaboration to folders that help you stay organized. The Canva Pro subscription for FREE to all teachers.
Canvas Always free for teachers to sign up and run an online course. Also has a great community of k12 and higher edu teachers who share course templates and resources in a common repository. Always Free.
Capstone Classroom Reading 3rd - 5th f you find your school or district in a situation where you will need to rely on remote technology to continue teaching and learning, we’re here to support you. Complete this form to request free access to both PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive eBooks while your school is closed. Free access to e-books
Carnegie Learning Math 6th - 8th, High School lessons, videos, adaptive software Free access to lessons, teaching videos and MATHia - AI-based, adaptive software
CaroneLearning K-12 Health and Physical Education courses Health and PE courses online for a variety of grade levels.
Cengage Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, STEM Higher Education Cengage Unlimited is an unlimited-use subscription for ebooks, online homework access codes and study guides. Students get access to more than 22,000 products, college success and career support. For U.S. colleges impacted by COVID-19, Cengage is offering students free access to all our digital platforms and ebooks through Cengage Unlimited, for the remainder of the spring semester.
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th CILC and our wonderful content providers have come together to provide core curriculum every day of the week for homebound students in grades K-6th. Webinars for all content areas
Centervention We offer game-based interventions that focus on improving social and emotional skills in K-8 students. ducators can get a free 30-day trial and have as many students as they'd like to play the programs at school or at home. We offer free lessons/activities and printables on our website that focus on SEL:
Central Technologies, Inc Central Technologies is a leading technology solutions provider dedicated to delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions to our customers. We combine cutting edge technology and a drive for excellent service to provide the best possible portfolio of solutions for State and Local Government, Education, and Corporate Enterprise customers. Training for education pros in Tennessee including, (but not limited to) Boxlight, Hovercam, Chromebooks, etc. These products have a wide scope of abilities that, when combined with other free services such as Google, can be invaluable when planning an engaging remote curriculum.
CERT ACT/SAT Common Core Focused Individual Remediation Onboarding / Account Management
Certiport - Learning Products Trial: STEM, Software: Adobe, MS Office, Autodesk, Apple Swift Coding, Quickbooks, Coding (Python, HTML, JAVA), Cyber Security, Entrepreneurship, Unity High School, Higher Education Certiport Learning Products Trial Online Courses, Test Prep
CHALK Academy I have a lot of Chinese learning activities, including printable Always Free.
CharacterStrong SEL and Character Development ALL 30 Day Kindness Activities and Lessons for Educators. Virtual Assemblies for secondary students with amazing speakers, Professional Development for Staff Free SEL Lessons, Videos and Activities. A Free Virtual Summit for Educators.
Charlotte Mason Institute Emergency Curriculum Packet: 11 weeks of lessons for all ages in selected subjects (requires little to no prep to implement) Free Curriculum Packet (includes proprietary curriculum, lesson plans, and links to resources)
ChessKid chess ALL learn and play chess with other kids always free
Children's University Children's University is a charity that encourages participation in learning beyond the classroom. In these uncertain times, we're collating and sharing as many online / home-based opportunities as possible. Downloadable resources and links to other activities for children
Choices Program's Teaching with the News   Many two or three-day free lessons on breaking news stories.
Chrome Music Lab Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. Free
CICI English Online class and resource provider Free daily reading comprehension fiction and nonfiction worksheet for students in G2-7
Cignition Math, STEM, Intervention Resources, Online Math Tutoring 3rd through 6th grade (FogStone Isle); 3rd through 12th grade online tutoring Cignition is providing all families free access to our game-based math program, FogStone Isle, a free 1-on-1 online tutoring session with a certified math teacher, and a deeply discounted month of at-home online math tutoring and support. FogStone Isle Game-Based Math Program, Free 1-on-1 Online Tutoring Session
CILC Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Come one, come all…K-6th grade students at home can participate in live, interactive lessons delivered by CILC’s content providers! Starting Monday, March 23rd you can register your student for programs in every subject area. For schedule and to register visit These are FREE to all K-6th graders!! Live, interactive programs from professional content providers such as museums and cultural centers.
CircleTime Fun Learn and bond with your 0 - 6 year old. Follow and interact with an expert instructor. code: homefun1
CiscoWebex   The Webex platform is now free in the majority of countries for both educational and personal use. Anyone can sign up for an account.
Civics 101 Social Studies High School A podcast refresher course on the basics of how our democracy works. We create 15-25 minute episodes on a single subject about the U.S. government and pair it with a graphic organizer and additional resources for easy lesson building. Everything is free!
CK-12 Foundation Each lesson has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions, and self-graded practice questions. The lessons can be assigned to Google Classroom and it puts the grade in that students got on the practice questions (students must get 10 practice questions correct to get 100%). Always Free
Clark Creative Education Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, STEM ALL Engaging K-12 curriculum for math, science, social studies, and language arts 1,000 free pages of teaching resources and digital instructional materials.
Classboom Math, Reading K-8 Supplemental Reading and Math instruction designed to help teachers teach grade-level standards. Classbloom includes close reading passages, math problems differentiated at three levels of difficulty, real-time communication between teacher and students, easy grading, standards search and tracking, and more. Available for use on any device. Classbloom is free to teachers through the end of this school year.
Classcraft Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources ALL Classcraft helps teachers engage students through collaborative learning tools, while also helping students stay on track, reach their goals, and motivate them in a remote-learning environment. Classcraft is supporting educators who are creating plans around school closures in response to the coronavirus outbreak. From now until the end of the school year, we’re offering:
- district administrators FREE schoolwide access to Classcraft.
-free PD to educators who are using Classcraft to keep students motivated as schools are responding to COVID-19.
- a free How-to guide on remote learning
- ALL teachers have free access to Quests, our popular tool for turning curriculum into a personalized learning adventure.
ClassDojo ClassDojo is an excellent tool for parent communication, sharing information, and portfolios provide a platform for teachers to assign and students to complete and submit work online. Always Free
ClassHook   Is your school closed or planning to close due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)? We’d like to support your school during this challenging time with access to ClassHook Premium.
Classic Learning Test CLT is a computer based suite of assessments for grades 7-12. The CLT10, designed for 9th and 10th graders, is offered for free on April 29. It's a two hour assessment that comes with next day results and analytics. It offers free score sharing to colleges, and a $2,500 scholarship opportunity for top performers. The test can be taken from home and is norm-referenced and can thus be used as students' end-of-year assessment. Our online practice test can be used by educators or families as an at-home assessment/lesson plan for grades 7-12. Link for practice test can be found here: Norm-referenced CLT10 test for 9th-10th grade. Practice tests.
Classify Learning We offer the ability to build and deliver assessments quickly and easily. Also, we have been talking about releasing all premium features for free during this awful outbreak.
ClassKick The best virtual learning platform for students and teachers. See students' thinking and support where they need it most! FREE Classkick Pro School, for any school in need due to covid-19 related closings.
ClassMaster ClassMaster takes your existing paper or computer-based teaching resources and makes them digital. These resources can be assigned to pupils, groups or classes and completed on any device, in school or at home. Marking and scoring are automatic and pupils performance can be tracked over time. *ONLY FOR TEACHERS IN THE UK & IRELAND Free access to all ClassMaster features for the rest of the 19/20 academic year for any teachers affected by COVID-19. *ONLY FOR TEACHERS IN THE UK & IRELAND
Classroom Cereal Grammar practice in free, printable short stories. Always free
Classroom Champions social and emotional learning (SEL) K-8 The social and emotional learning lessons within Classroom Champions’ SEL Foundations Curriculum underscore the value of dreams, grit, and perseverance, especially during hard times. For ten years, Classroom Champions has been focused on students’ social and emotional learning by connecting world-class athletes with K-8 schools in every state and province across North America, achieving measurable improvements in student mental health, social and emotional development, and academic outcomes. Founder Steve Mesler (an Olympic Gold Medalist) and Board Member Christian Taylor (2-time Olympic Gold Medalist) have opened up the platform to share the entire K-8 SEL Foundations Curriculum, plus the Parent Toolkit, the video library, and access to the teacher community for free to help support educators and families. Access to Classroom Champions’ digital platform containing the entire K-8 SEL Foundations Curriculum, plus their Parent Toolkit, video library, and the teacher community.
Classroom Secrets    
ClassTag Communication / Remote Learning ALL ClassTag is a free communication platform for schools, customized to fuel and inspire parent involvement. Engineered to provide the simplest and easiest way to communicate, ClassTag provides school leaders, parents and teachers a streamlined communication channel acrossSMS, email, apps or the web, and automatically translated into 55+ languages and support for remote learning with file sharing, calendaring and videos. Free classroom and schoolwide platform for parent communication and onboarding
Classtime Classtime supports teachers to make home-based learning engaging and effective for students of all ages with their interactive and simple assessment solution. No student accounts required, no installations required, 9 tech-enhanced question types - and plenty of free content (e.g. Khan Academy). Classtime offers free access to Premium features for individual teachers and schools during the period of school closures due to Coronavirus / COVID-19. Classtime also offers a comprehensive free account that does not require any application.
Classwize by Linewize - classroom management k-12 Cloud filtering & classroom management for K-12 supports distance learning with screen visibility and content control for all devices. Classwize is free for those schools that need to shut down and move to distance learning options.
Classwork Zoom Can be used for any subject where teachers assign work to students to be completed in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. ALL Classwork Zoom visualizes student work in Google Classroom assignments and puts it into a timeline so you can see everything at a glance for a whole class at a time. Full use of all features is available to closed schools. To request access, visit Foreign Language High School World Languages High School Books ( VVHS Spanish I & II Text Books) Animated Grammar Lessons, Games, Vocabulary Flash Cards, and Tasks.
CLEAN (The Climate and Energy Awareness Network) Science, STEM Not all, but multiple. Grades ~3rd-higher education The CLEAN collection contains 700+ free, online, peer-reviewed, NGSS aligned, and ready-to-use educational resources for teaching about climate and energy including activities, lab demonstrations, visualizations, and videos which are easily searchable through various search features and tags. These resources are reviewed by scientists and educators and the collection is syndicated to the NOAA Teaching Climate Portal, making it the official federal government collection of climate & energy teaching resources. CLEAN also provides pedagogical support for teaching climate and energy topics, including background pages on climate & energy topics, resources for building climate units, a bimonthly newsletter connecting resources to current events, professional development webinars, and a toolkit to help educators with many aspects of bringing climate into the (online) classroom. CLEAN is always free - all resources that are found through our collection are online and free to use. You can search the collection and access all of our pedagogical support through the CLEAN website.
ClioVis: Interactive Digital Timeline Writing, Science, Social Studies Higher Education Interactive, real time digital timeline and mind mapping software. Great of student collaboration and data visualization. platform is free
Cloud Stop Motion Cloud Based Stop Motion Animation Software designed for children and schools Free Organisation account with unlimited student accounts. (Usually 2GB of storage is free for schools, but we have upped this to 50GB for schools that are shut) Any individual can also sign up for a free 500MB account.
Club OASIS An free online STE(A)M club for kids! We always free. We offer free STE(A)M classes, projects, and teaching resources for families and educators.
Club SciKidz MD Science, STEM K-5th Daily free science or cooking experiment to do at home. Each day we will be posting a daily activity for parents and kids to do at home, mostly using things the already have at home. We’ll also include videos and other resources to extend the experiment.
CMU CS Academy We provide a free, online, interactive textbook for high school and middle school teachers to use to teach computer science in their classrooms  
Code Camp STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Code Camp teaches children to code through holiday camps and after school classes. We are waiving our subscription fees for our online coding platform Code Camp World and are giving access to two awesome online coding tutorials. Free subscription to our online platform Code Camp World and two online tutorials Computer Science ALL is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented youth. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra. We have a dedicated page with resources for parents, students, and teachers to use while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak:
CodeCombat STEM 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School CodeCombat Inc. CodeCombat is a game-based computer science program where students learn typed Python and JavaScript and see their characters react in real time to their code. CodeCombat combines standards-aligned curriculum materials with automatic differentiation, teaching tools, and project-based courses to promote grit, problem solving, and self-confidence. CodeCombat is offering free, full access to our game-based computer
science curricula (CodeCombat & Ozaria) during school closures for affected schools and districts.
Codecraft Works     Https:// Are you looking for online activities for self-paced learning? Codecraftworks is perfect for home-school CS learning and provides a great way to integrate CS into your #coronavirus planning. Explore a community of projects, create something you love with code, gain experience in professional programming languages, and share your portfolio of digital projects
Codelicious STEM, Computer Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Computer science curriculum for k-12 We are offering free computer science lessons from our curriculum for teachers, and are working to add additional lessons.
codeSpark Academy - At Home Coding for Kids Special Education, STEM, coding, computer science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th codeSpark Academy is a self-paced K-5 coding platform Use the code "schoolclosed" to get 3 months FREE.
Codesters With many schools temporarily closing due to the coronavirus outbreak we recognize the enormity of issues currently facing school communities. Codesters is offering free, 30 day unlimited use of our Python learn-to-code platform to any school that is planning for a temporary closure. Codesters Python Part I Curriculum
Cognetic Technologies Vortals, the world's only creation platform that allows students to design, create and publish immersive education projects while developing vital future skills. Free Access Through to 30 June 2020.
Cohesion Education Math, Reading, Writing K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Cohesion Education is a comprehensive, K-5 video library of every reading, writing or math concept in 10 minutes or less. Designed by teachers, for parents. We are offering free access to our video library.
Collective Play Ground Early Childhood Early Childhood Collective Play Ground provides classes for young children and their adults with a focus on nature-based and anti-bias education through play with open-ended materials and adult discussion. Daily instagram posts of simple way to support play with open-ended materials you have around home
Collisons Chemistry Collisions is a system of digital games, grounded in the rules of chemistry, that can be used to introduce, teach, and review key concepts in chemistry. Always free.
Coloring Nature Science, Fine Arts, Early Childhood ALL Coloring Nature is for children and adults. We have more than 675 FREE printable coloring pages . Our coloring categories include serious science: biomes, anatomy, animals, plants and more, plus some pure whimsy – just for fun. Always FREE
Colosky’s Math Academy Colosky’s math academy offers pre-recorded and live math classes from 5th grade math through trigonometry and college algebra. Until April 3, you can sign up and receive free access to any pre-recorded course for 3 weeks.
Command Education Command Education is offering a complimentary two-part webinar series for students who are home from school due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, led by our Senior Mentors, all of whom are graduates of Ivy League and other top-tier universities. Two-part webinar series for 9th and 10th graders on March 17th and 18th, 1-2 pm EST. We will discuss emotional regulation in times of distress and using time off from school to pursue your passions and build a college-bound roadmap. Two part webinar series for 11th graders on March 17th and 18th, 3-4 pm EST. We will provide students with tools to process their emotions and explain the college application process in detail.
CommonLit CommonLit is a nonprofit edtech company with an online library of over 1,500 authentic reading passages, text sets, units, and digital learning tools. Teachers can create classes (easy rostering with Google Classroom and Clever) and assign texts digitally. Students can annotate text, respond to comprehension questions, take assessments, and more. Read aloud and translation tools are also included. Teachers also have access to free data reports. As a nonprofit, is always 100% free to all teachers, parents, and students.
CompuScholar CompuScholar publishes online computer science and digital literacy courses aligned to state standards. Students can learn Java, C#, Python, HTML and more through a comprehensive online learning platform. Free access to our courses for public, private and charter schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 SY.
Conjugemos "Use without account" option has vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin. "Use without account" option has vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin.
Connected Camps Connected Camps Kid Club is more than just a free, safe, kid-friendly Minecraft server for kids ages 8-13. It’s also an online community where kids can explore their own creativity through unstructured play, collaborate with peers, and deepen their knowledge of Minecraft. It's a safe space for kids to strengthen their social emotional learning and explore STEM concepts. Always free server from Friday - Sunday 1pm PST to 5pm PST for social emotional and STEM learning through collaboration with other kids.
COOL Cloudwise Educational Online Platform K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education COOL is a Google for Education based learning Platform and it's build for teachers by teachers. COOL offers an automate user provisioning and group synchronisation. An integration wit Google Classroom, Picture Login for young students, classroom management, exam mode for teachers and a plagairism checker. The COOL basic platform is always free to use (Platform with applications + Classroom integration). Till the end of the school year student monitoring, plagiarism and exam mode are also free to use.
Coolmath Games Coolmath Games is a fun brain-training site for everyone, where logic, thinking and math meet fun and games. Full access to the website, including all games, is free offers "math for ages 13-100" -- explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, pre-calculus and more. Cool Math has free online math lessons, math games and fun math activities. This site is used widely in classrooms.
Coolmath4Kids For our 12 and under users, Coolmath4Kids is an amusement park of games, lessons and more, designed to teach math and make it FUN. Full access to the website is free.
CountryReports Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood ALL CountryReports, online database on culture, countries and travel. Access to entire online database on culture, countries and travel.
Coursera for Campus   Available at no cost to any university impacted globally
CR SCORE Counseling, College Readiness High School Expert college readiness counselor in your pocket Use promo code CVFREE1

CRSCORE is on a mission to democratize and demystify college readiness for all. Starting as early as 9th grade, the CR SCORE APP tells students and parents what types of colleges they are on track to get into and gives them a personalized plan on how to improve their college readiness.

For Counselors, CR SCORE provides a seamless platform, that starting in 9th grade, lets counselors engage their students by following all their progress, ensuring they don’t miss deadlines and provides a best in class college fit tool to understand what colleges they are interested in and are tracking towards and recommend colleges that fit.
Crayola Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Early Childhood, STEM, Resources also available in Spanish Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th At Crayola, we believe in creativity in learning. That's why we've put together free resources to help educators and families create-to-learn at-home. Families can use free video learning activities (also available in Spanish!) to create colorful memories while exploring new skills in art, math, reading and science, while teachers can access parent hand-outs and thousands of art-infused lesson plans that can be easily adapted for virtual environments! Creative Lesson Plans, Animated Video Lessons (Parent and Student-friendly), Parent Hand-outs, Free Weekly At-Home Learning Webinars (for Parents AND Teachers)!
Crazy Adventures in Parenting Free printables, activity sheets, coloring pages, and more! Always free!
Create & Learn Science, STEM 3rd - 5th Create & Learn is a Silicon Valley based company focusing on online computer science education. Our professionally trained instructors teach live classes using video conferencing on a wide range of topics such as coding (Scratch, Minecraft modding, Python), robotics, and AI. All curriculum was created by Stanford, Harvard graduates, and former tech leaders from Google, with collaborations with experts in top tech companies. We offer free introductory classes on 5 different subjects (Scratch, Minecraft Modding, AI, Data Science, and Python) with multiple options a day. Starting from March 16th, more free sessions will be added to serve more families during school closure.
Creating a Masterpiece Fine Arts ALL We are an award winning fine art training program for students 5 and up. First month of access to our award winning Drawing Program is free with the code: Corona2020
Creative Learning Systems Creative Learning Systems provides project-based, student-directed learning resources for schools across the country. Our Learning Launcher curriculum is typically supported by in-school learning environments called SmartLabs, but many of our resources can be used at home or in other classes. Free access to our Learning Launchers curriculum that guides students through hands-on, minds-on learning engagements following our five-phase process: explore, plan, do, reflect, and share.
CreositySpace Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, STEM K-5 mainly, some middle school CreositySpace is a unique inquiry-based, learner-directed science curriculum that connects ALL K-5 students to science and capitalizes on their creativity and curiosity at a time when they ask, "What do I want to do when I grow up?" CreositySpace is providing lessons from our Contagion Crushers, Water Watchers and Conscientious Chemists units at no cost to help support teachers—parents and guardians, too—to keep all kids engaged in science.
Crick Software- Clicker and DocsPlus products How will our software help your learners at home? Child-friendly word processing support that will enable students of all abilities to work independently. Engaging resources on a wide range of curriculum topics to kick-start writing. Can be used on and offline with easy sharing and saving options. Crick Software is offering any school that is affected by coronavirus closures free access for every student and teacher on their home devices. Choose either:

Clicker for elementary schools – works on iPad, Chromebook, Windows & Mac.

DocsPlus for middle/high schools – works on Chromebook, Windows & Mac.
Crimson Education Crimson Education is an Education Tech Consulting company that specializes in helping students with all aspects of the application process including extracurricular mentorship and essay writing. Our YouTube channel has a wide range of free information that is available to students! Free information on testing and the application process.
Cube for Teachers Cube For Teachers is a free global sharing community for educators. Educators from around the world are sharing OERs to support students and each other globally. Always free (CBC/Radio-Canada) Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Physical Education, Early Childhood, STEM, Counseling ALL is the educational platform of CBC and Radio-Canada, offering content for all grade levels from primary through post-secondary. Video, audio, carefully curated collections and classroom support materials in English and French. is currently available for free to all across Canada. Access thousands of programs, documentaries, audio content and archival material in English and French.
Curiscope Science, STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Augmented Reality Lessons & Products with specific focus on human body and space. Free lessons on the human body including quizzes, diagrams and worksheets. Free Augmented Reality lesson on the digestive system.
Curriculum Associates   Free printable K-8 Reading and Math activity packs (available in English and Spanish) and guidance for teachers and families to support learning at home
Curriki Curriki is a Free library of teaching and leanring resources for educators. Great source for adaptable lessons, student-facing resources, and offline activities for parents with students home for the school closures. Free teaching and learning resources: Video, simulations, printables, and more. Always free.

Also: The rapid change in our learning environment is creating new opportunities and challenges for educators, so Curriki is inviting Content developers/providers to join our mission to develop new active learning experiences for remotelearning.
CyberReef Free Children's Information Protection Act Filtering for Mobile Devices CyberReef is offering to provide free CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) filtering to impacted school districts for 6 months. To accommodate legally required child internet safety standards, CIPA filtering is required for all school devices, such as MiFi routers, that are sent home.
Data Classroom DataClassroom is a web app that allows students in grades 6-12 to make pro-quality graphs (line, bar, box plots, dot plots, etc.) in seconds and do basic statistical analysis where all the math is explained with visuals. They have a few datasets available on coronavirus including this activity that uses data from the 1918 influenza pandemic to illustrate why schools are closing in an attempt to flatten the curve: Register a free password anytime. Start a free 90-day trial to create classes with student accounts. Company CEO Aaron Reedy says that teachers can email him directly to extend a trial longer than 90-days and he will be happy to personally take care of it.
Data Nuggets Data Nuggets are free educational resources, co-designed by scientists and educators. The goals of Data Nuggets are to (i) help scientists increase the broader impacts of their research by sharing their science story and data with the public, and (ii) to engage students in the practices of science through an innovative approach that combines scientific content from authentic research with key concepts in data literacy. When using Data Nuggets, students learn about authentic science research projects, and work through an activity featuring real data from a real scientist, providing practice developing explanations about natural phenomena using data from the study. Always Free
Deafverse Intervention Resources, American Sign Language, self-advocacy building, and deaf culture 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Deafverse is a choose-your-own-adventure game created just for deaf teenagers. In Duel of the Bots, you get to make own choices, stand up for yourself, and build confidence and skills you can use in real life—even when you don’t have a robot by your side!  
Deck.Toys   We are running a FREE 3-month access to our domain-wide Pro Plan to all schools and institutions in view of COVID-19.
DeeperDive Learning, Inc. Resource for Parents Parents DeeperDive Learning is the creator of FamilyU, a library of short interactive online modules for parents. To support parents working with their children at home during this time, especially in the area of reading literacy, DeeperDive Learning is making a few of its FamilyU courses available to parents of PK and elementary students. How to Read with Your Child and Building Reading Fluency at Home are both available for free for 2 months to the first 1,000 families that enroll at:
Defined Learning Our hands-on projects are based on situations in STEM careers to help learners discover their passions and choose a pathway to a promising future. A free real-world project at every grade-band.
DeltaMath Delta Math is a free website for teachers and students covering a wide range of math content from middle school through AP Calculus. Always Free
DemCast We’re a site for left-leaning activism, but we do publish resources like this as well when we come across them. Always Free. Nonprofit
Designing Differentiated Digital Activity Lists for Students   Free website to help teachers craft quality digital learning plans
Desmos Great online program for math. It provides teachers with a dashboard where you can see student work in real time. always free
Devie A digital coach that supports parents to help their children grow in the early years. Devie understands parent hopes and challenges, explains relevant concepts in early childhood development, and recommends daily research-based activities parents can do at home with their little ones to keep them occupied, and support their learning. Because we are in beta, Devie is completely free
Diamond Piano Music ALL Online piano/music theory lessons Free online piano/music theory lessons's apps are free for iPhone and Android with more than 2 million definitions and synonyms, spelling and grammar tips, and more. Writing, spelling, grammar, and more.
Did You Know That?! ASL ESL, Foreign Language, Special Education, American Sign Language/Deaf Ed ALL Always educational videos in American Sign Language. During the closings, more ASL videos will be added with the addition of comprehension questions and other resources will be added to help ASL teachers.
Digital Media Academy An online learning platform with 32 STE(A)M courses that come with lesson plans, instructions, online materials, quizzes, worksheets, and more. Educators will receive full access to all of these courses at no cost during this global health crisis. Please visit the link below, and shoot an email to so that I can manually provide the content.
Digital Theatre Plus Three million students, at over 2,000 academic institutions, in 80+ countries have unlimited access to some of the world's finest productions, unique backstage insights, practitioner interviews and written analysis. Free during this time
Discover the World Education Geography videos and activities Range of free videos and teaching resources, particularly focused around Iceland, tectonics and sustainability
Discovery Education Discovery Education Experience is an online K-12 service combining curated curriculum resources with on-demand teaching strategies. Its standards-aligned content is assignable and meets the varying needs of diverse student populations in a safe and secure environment. Discovery Education Experience
Discovery K12 Discovery K12 provides a complete online curriculum for pre-k to 12th grade. All main subjects are covered, plus extra curriculum courses. All of the curriculum if free to use and it is available worldwide.
Discovery Mindblown Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th The Discovery Channel offers a website for childern to explore different science subjects Discovery Mindblown is a source of educational video content to help kids learn about different science topics. The site also provides interactive games and links to mobile science apps for kids.
Ditch That Textbook    
DOG ON A LOG Books Reading, Writing, ESL, Early Childhood, Special Education, Intervention Resources, Dyslexia, Struggling Readers, New Readers ALL   FREE Printable board games, activities and more for phonics and reading all using evidence-based methods. Can be customized to any student's needs including creating flashcards for other subjects.
Doodles Academy Fine Arts 1st-5th Doodles Academy is a free art curriculum that is available virtually. It provides art projects that offer authentic art experiences for students -- every student makes their own artistic decisions and walks away from the project with an artwork unique to them. Each project includes video tutorials and thorough lesson plans so that anyone can feel comfortable teaching art, regardless of their background or experience level. More, the art projects are aligned to topics and themes found in literacy, math, social studies, and science, so while students work through an art project they are building knowledge and context around other subjects. art curriculum, virtually available, with lesson plans and video demos
Dr Nic's Maths and Stats YouTube channel Math 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education YouTube channel providing sound, engaging videos on statistical concepts YouTube videos are free to the viewer. The advertisers pay.
Dr. Roger's Math Neighborhood This is a free online video series with detailed solutions to more than a thousand publicly-released College Board SAT Math, Subject Test Math Level 1, and Subject Test Math Level 2 problems. Free all the time. No ads, now or ever. No paid product endorsements.
Dream See Do Interactive Virtual Learning environment + Wellbeing trainings for school staff High School, Teachers and School Leaders and Dream See Do is an interactive virtual learning and training environment. Offering platform usage, and learning design support as well as free trainings for teachers in areas like mindfulness and communities of practice
DreamBox Learning Math Math K-8 Award winning K-8 online math program that looks at how a student is solving problems to adjust accordingly and build a unique learning path for them. 90 day free trial of DreamBox. Sign up by April 30th.
Dreamscape Dreamscape is a free literacy game that can support you and your students during this time with curriculum-aligned, ELA passages and skill-based questions that prepare students for state assessments and end of year exams, while inside or outside of the classroom. The educator dashboards allow you to assign practice questions and track student progress at anytime, from anywhere. All educational content and dashboards are free forever. Free Educational Tools
DreamWakers Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Special Education, STEM 4th-12th grades DreamWakers is a national nonprofit that connects students to real-world professionals via free video conferencing services. Each virtual session, called a “flashchat,” lasts 45 minutes and is designed to shed light on the real-world applicability of learning, while at the same time empowering students to prepare for personal and professional opportunities. DreamWakers links entire classrooms directly to exceptional role models working across a variety of industries in the public and private sectors. DreamWakers’ flashchats are free and we do our best to match speakers with the demographic of the students who will be talking with the professional. During this uncertain time, DreamWakers is also offering a number of pre-recorded chats with classrooms and career professionals for educators to share with their students, for free, upon request.
Duolingo Foreign languages Always free (paid options, but base content always free)
Dylexia Academy   I have set all the best resources section to free to help as many schools as possible with new and updated resources being added all the time.
Dyslexia Gold Reading, Writing, Special Education K-8th Dyslexia Gold teaches children to read. Spelling Tutor teaches all children to spell. Free school license for Dyslexia Gold / Spelling Tutor
EarlyLearn Early Childhood, Special Education K - 2nd EarlyYears Software We create independent, objective focused educational games specifically for use by children aged 3-5 in Primary School/Nursery settings. We have a wide range of educational games available which help all kinds of pupils to discover, nurture, train, shape and sharpen their young imaginative minds. 1 month free premium access
Easy Peasy Homeschool Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Special Education ALL Reputable free homeschool website ranked as top 100 by Cathy Duffy Pre School through K -12 free 365 days a year.
EasyCorrect Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language All ages that are handing in written assignments digitally. FEEDBACK and ASSESSMENT solutions for WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS in Word or Google Docs. Help teachers save time and standardise feedback comments. Free licenses until May 2020 - Sign up through the link to get started right away. - Edword add-in
EBA Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Teacher Training EBA is an online personalized content and distance learning platform managed by the Turkish Ministry of National Education’s Directorate General of Innovation and Education Technologies. The purpose of this platform is to ensure the integration of the technology into education by using information technology tools in schools, houses and basically wherever needed, and supporting the effective use of materials. EBA has been re-developed in order to offer suitable, reliable and accurate e-content for all grades supported by smart technologies such as artificial intelligence. The platform is state-sponsored. It's free and publicly open to all students, teachers, parents enrolled in Turkish K-12 system.
EBLI Non-Fiction Read Alouds for PreK-12th Graders Read Alouds w/Reading Tips
Econ Ed at the St Louis Fed Social Studies, economics, personal finance ALL Find hundreds of resources that can be used to teach economics and personal finance to K-12 and college students. All of our resources are free, including an online learning management system stocked with over 400 resources for teachers to use in an online or blended classroom setting to teach economics and personal finance.
Econ Lowdown Social Studies, economics, personal finance ALL Econ Lowdown is a FREE platform with online courses and videos for K-12 and college classrooms. FREE online learning management system stocked with over 400 resources in economics and personal finance.
Ecree Ecree provides unlimited, real-time, human quality feedback on the elements of foundational academy writing: argumentation, organization and analysis. Ecree provides the equivalent impact of an expert writing tutor. Free access to software
EdConnect Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources ALL Easy to filter your search to find digital resources by content area and grade level Two-sided marketplace, making it easy to filter a search and find just what you are needing. you can dialogue with vendors directly through the site. Set up a dashboard to collect notes and favorites. This will save you time.
Edhabit Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL Edhabit is an educational resource discovery & sharing site. Think Pinterest for Learning! Discover, Share, Curate great learning resources (e.g. articles, books, videos, online courses ) Always FREE!
edHelper Math K-6 Workbooks Free Math Workbooks
Edified ( Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL Edified is a cloud based LMS teacher training platform with courses on classroom technology and many courses on recording lessons to be delivered remotely We are offering free full access to the Edified teacher training LMS through June 30th, 2020 to help train teachers not only on the technology in their classrooms but also on how to record their lessons in multiple formats/platforms so they can be delivered remotely to students. Admins can also track and run reports on teacher progress.
Edify21 A free app that enables teachers and learners to create and share educational content to create, package creatively and share content in document,pdf,you tube and video formats. Edify21 is a easy to use platform for creating and sharing creative content with groups and individuals.
Edji Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Counseling ALL is a collaborative reading platform allowing students and teachers to read independently or together through audio, text, emoji and other comments. It works on any internet connected device (tablets, Macs, Chromebooks, and even hand-me-down smartphones) and students do not need an email address or account. Six months, free. Simply complete 20 minute training
Edmentum Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Early Childhood, STEM, Intervention Resources ALL Schools: 2 month free trial Study Island/EdOptions Parents: 1 year free Study Island Home Online educational technology platform
Edmodo Learning management system ALL Teachers, students, and parents can use Edmodo to communicate and continue education—always for free—even when in-person learning isn’t possible. Edmodo is a global education network that helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. The Edmodo service allows teachers to create a virtual classroom, add lessons, create and give quizzes, assign homework - all in an online environment. Teachers, students, and parents can use Edmodo to communicate and continue education—always for free—even when in-person learning isn’t possible. Edmodo is a global education network that helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. The Edmodo service allows teachers to create a virtual classroom, add lessons, create and give quizzes, assign homework - all in an online environment.
EdPuzzle Edpuzzle is an online platform for remote learning that allows you to make any video your lesson. Connect with students virtually by using YouTube safely and explore our popular channels like TED Talks, National Geographic, Crash Course and Khan Academy, or upload your very own video. Edpuzzle's basic plan is always free (get storage space up to 20 videos). We're also offering help for any school that's been closed due to the coronavirus. Just fill out this form:
EdReady EdReady offers a low-stakes knowledge inventory to personalize a learner’s path to math and English mastery within the context of a specific goal, from algebra review, to college readiness and more. Always free.
EdTechTeam Free On Demand Course Bundle Tools that can be used across content areas ALL EdTechTeam wants to support teachers and school administrators by offering a curated collection of our On Demand Courses to help educators develop the skills and strategies required to implement learning at a distance. Online On Demand Courses
EDUardo Business Simulation Business Education Higher Education Online business simulation - suitable for individual e-learning and facilitated courses. Ready-to-use business contents. Customization options. Starting this week we offer free access to our ready-to-use contents for educators (schools) for 90 days. Contact us with requests!
Education Associates, Inc. Special Education 6th - 8th, High School Lesson plans for student with special needs-two levels of learning included-for basic hygiene & passive recreation Ability to download free lesson plans for remainder of school year
Education Galaxy Education Galaxy provides award-winning online assessment for students to help prepare them for state testing. Education Galaxy is built 100% to your state standards and provides a highly-engaging and amazingly effective way for students to master all their state standards. Education Galaxy is a great tier 1 solution for practice, instruction, and assessment. We are offering free services to any school who doesn’t have our program and is experiencing a closure. It will be valid for the remainder of the school year and into the summer.
Education Modified   We will be offering free subscriptions of our online teacher dashboard to collaborate & support students with special needs.
Education Perfect Education Perfect (EP) is a progressive teaching and learning toolkit for the modern classroom. EP provides a rich library of curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments across the wide range of subject areas. Content is carefully scaffolded to allow all students to independently experience success, while providing rich opportunities for higher order thinking. EP is actively supporting schools from over 30 countries around the world disrupted by COVID-19. Due to the on-going changing landscape, EP is providing free and unlimited access to all schools until 1st May. Once you have completed the registration form (within link), we will provide you with simple next steps to support you in getting your classes enrolled.
Education Walkthrough Education Walkthrough is an all in one tool for administrators to quickly and efficiently observe, evaluate, and document teacher effectiveness. From a beautiful and easy-to-use app, Education Walkthrough has been developed to streamline the observation process and provide immediate and actionable feedback to teachers. Free version for users with basic functionality to perform a walkthrough. Premium version with shared features for collaboration across a school or district Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Intervention Resources PreK-5th Our digital resources, tools, and learning materials are developed by educational experts to incorporate leading pedagogical practices. They are useful in any type of teaching moment and many can be used to support national education standards. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" in education; each educator and child has unique challenges and goals. We celebrate the diversity of our users by offering differentiated resources that can meet a wide range of educational needs - and raise kids' confidence in learning. Independent Study Packets: A week’s worth of offline activities tailored to grade levels covering English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies for K-5. Ready to print or for teachers to email as a PDF to their families. Weeks 2 and 3 are on their way.

Weekly Boost:Grade specific, educator-curated bundles of resources matched to the school year. The week can be downloaded all at once to make a learning packet.

Guided Lessons: Sets of digital games, songs, and stories grouped by key skills.
Educational Insights Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Early Childhood, STEM Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Educational Insights is the creator of award-winning toys and games backed by a playful promise to provide new experiences that ignite passion and fuel kid creativity and imagination. For more than 50 years, our award-winning toys and games have helped kids around the world embrace their originality, celebrate their differences, and pursue their very best selves. Our team of parents, teachers, and play experts have compiled all of our favorite at-home activities that kids can enjoy on their own or with their parents, from puzzles and coloring pages, to math and reading worksheets.
Educators 4SC A website with compilations on how to teach using digital resources and how to teach about various difficult topics are all compiled for teachers to quickly peruse.  
EduCode Academy Coding Lessons / Computer Science High School EduCode™ makes coding and computer science education accessible for kids of all learning styles and backgrounds, on a large scale, without the need for guidance from a teacher. Self-directed courses empower kids to learn coding independently. EduCode's key difference resides in our video micro-lessons, which break down complex computer science concepts into fun and engaging exercises. Rich storylines provide context and motivation throughout the learning journey. 2 months free for all families for their children and teachers for their students.
Eduflow Eduflow allows you to run online courses with things such as peer review and other learning activities. Additionally, we have also made our other product Eduflow free for the same duration of time. (Next 4 Months)
Edulastic Edulastic is an online k-12 assessment tool. It allows teachers to make their own assessments and assignments or choose from over 35,000 pre-made assessments. Teachers get immediate feedback, can provide feedback to students, and can tie questions to learning standards. Edulastic continues to offer free-forever teacher accounts. In response to COVID-19, we want to make distance learning easier and more accessible to everyone. We are providing the following Premium and Enterprise features for free until July 1, 2020. Thousands of free printables, games, quizzes and fun stuff Free resources for pre-k and elementary school students
Eduscape Eduscape is a STEM based professional development company dedicated to designing and implementing effective solutions for all educators. The team of educators at Eduscape have developed a series of webinars to support an effective transition to remote, online teaching that will preserve as much quality and rigor as possible. Whether you have a school-issued learning management system, GSuite, Office 365 or other tool; this webinar can help you plan effective remote instruction.
Elementari Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School All-subject, K-12, Curriculum companion site that allows teachers to assign students lessons to complete. Lessons are designed to be completed at home. Free School Subscription
Emergent Expressions Emergent Expressions offers family-centered educational services through virtual parent coaching for families with children ages 3-10. Support services are specialized and ideal for families with children with special needs. Pay-what-you-can (or nothing) services for all families affected by school closures and other COVID-19 related hardships
Empatico Empatico is a free tool for educators of students ages 6-11 to connect their classrooms with others around the world. It is an all-in-one platform that has everything you need to virtually connect: live video, file sharing, a partner classroom, and activities. Great for schools that may still be in session or ones that might have had to cancel planned field trips - it is a way to connect with other classrooms around the world without having to leave the four walls of the building! It is also 100% free and always has been.
Enable My Child Enable My Child is a HIPAA compliant tetetherapy platform made for schools. In these challenging times, we're providing free access to our platform. Enable My Child is a HIPAA compliant tetetherapy platform made for schools. In these challenging times, we're providing free access to our platform.
Encantos Learning Reading, Social Studies, ESL, Early Childhood, Bilingual Early Childhood Free educational resources to enrich children's early childhood bilingual learning from Canticos and geography, language, cultural and history from Tiny Travelers Bilingual learning video lessons plus related downloadable activities
Enchanted Learning The Enchanted Learning website has over 35,000 K-12 pages (with a focus on elementary school) covering a wide range of topics -- information pages, printable worksheets, crafts, coloring pages, etc. We are providing temporary free subscriptions to teachers whose school is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Energy: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Teachers Science High School EMAT, an online course, helps teachers frame complex energy concepts in a way that will resonate with high school students and prepare them to participate in important societal conversations. Professional learning for high school science teachers.
English52   Free English course
Enilda Clinic Child behavior and development information related to education and psychology is available in learning video format. Specific strategies to help with school closings is being posted. Specific strategies to help families cope with school closures related to COVID-19 as it relates to behavior, child and parent stress, anxiety, keeping up education routines, etc. All brief videos are hosted by a child psychologist.
Epraise   Epraise will be offering 30 days free access to our platform including our Homework and Messenger optional features to ensure schools can stay connected in the event that they have to close.
ESL Library   We are offering Plus subscriptions to all Standard users, and our printable lessons on Pandemics and The Coronavirus are also currently free for non-members.
eSpark Math, Reading K-5 eSpark differentiates instruction in reading and math with activities kids love. Teachers can sign up for a free account of eSpark to use through the end of this year at eSpark can be used at home and is a great way for students to continue to independently learn math and reading standards at a level that’s right for them, even if they’re not in the classroom.
EssayJack Writing 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Students can practice essay writing through our smart templates. Templates guide writing using tips, prompts, interrogative q's. Can be used by students independently. If educators are interested to use it teaching writing remotely for their classes they can get in touch with us here We can set up access for them and their students. ( Free access to EssayJack, all our writing templates, and additional writing activities and modules we are putting together. All developed by our founder/CEO Dr. Lindy (former English Professor at UofT).
Eureka Math Math K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Knowledge-building resources, written materials for math (Grades K–12) and daily instructional videos. We are providing knowledge-building resources and written materials for math (Grades K–12) and daily instructional videos for English language arts (Grades K–8), math (Grades K-12), and science (Grades 3–5). We will post new video lessons and update our content daily. All can be found here:
EverFi EVERFI’s no-cost digital resources cover topics such as social emotional laerning, STEM, financial literacy, career readiness, and health & wellness. Our student-driven, standards-aligned resources have assessments embedded into them, enabling teachers to see measurable outcomes from student work in real-time. Teachers can create an account and set up their classes in less than 5 minutes. EVERFI resources are and always will be free for teachers to use.
Everydae SAT Prep Everydae is the online SAT math prep program that teenagers actually want to use. 10-minute micro lessons match busy schedules. Built by industry experts. 17+ years industry experience. 100% free while schools are closed! (normally $19/mo). Tell your students to use the code HOMEPREP and sign up through this link
Everyday Earth Everyday Earth is an interactive video earth science based curriculum supplement. It is completely free. Digital exam platform ALL Digital exams online. No installations. Blocks computer access, copypaste etc. With or without webcam surveillance. ( Full premium service for free during 2020.
ExerciseBuddy Autism and Special Needs Exercise App. Supported in research and used by universities, parents and professionals around the world. The Free trial period has been extended to both schools and parents during these difficult times.
ExloreLearning Reflex Adaptive and individualized for grades 2-6, Reflex is the most effective system for mastering basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Free 30-day trial. Schools impacted by COVID-19 may receive extended pilots for support during this time.
Explain Everything    
ExploreLearning Gizmos Gizmos are online simulations that excite curiosity and invite interaction. We’ve got over 400 Gizmos in our library covering topics and concepts in math and science for grades 3-12. Gizmos help students dig deeper into subjects and really understand challenging concepts. Gizmos free accounts feature 30+ free Gizmos after your full-access trial is completed. Schools impacted by COVID-19 may receive extended pilots for support during this time.
ExploreLearning Science4Us Science4Us covers Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science and Earth & Space Science with lessons specifically designed for K-2 students. The sessions have 1000’s of online and offline activities that can be completed in as little as ten minutes, and teach students using videos, interaction, poems, songs, and digital notebooks. Free 30-day trial. Schools impacted by COVID-19 may receive extended pilots for support during this time.
Exploring Nature Educational Resource Science, STEM ALL ¬¬ is a science education website with more than 6,000 pages of illustrated Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Anatomy, Ecology resources for K-12. Subscribers can access science content, activities, investigations, posters, diagrams, worksheets, testing and Next Generation Science Standard integration. Our science store also sells picture books, posters, flip charts, science kits, and downloadable bundles. Most resources can be accessed without a subscription, but email for a FREE 30-day trial any time as well.
Exponent STEM Higher Education We're partnering with career services departments at universities to offer our tech interview prep courses free for all students - just connect us to the career services department! Free online interview prep course and community for tech roles
FabuLingua Reading, ESL, Foreign Language, Special Education Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th FabuLingua teaches Spanish through magical interactive stories on mobile phones and tablets. Its unique method is designed to introduce the new language in a way that subconsciously develops the child’s ear, comprehension and reading skills. This approach leads to a more natural wiring of the brain to the new language in a way that is effective but feels effortless (and fun!). FabuLingua adds a new charming interactive story from Latin America or Spain every month, along with associated games and a Magic Sticker Book where kids get to create their own compositions! FabuLingua is suspending their subscription services and providing their entire platform for free to all families and schools while schools are closed. Simply download it from the App Store or Google play.
Facing History Collection of educator resources includes a wide range of flexible, multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. There are resources that will support students' learning, whether you are teaching a complex moment in history or addressing today's breaking news. All resources free with creation of online account
Facts4Me A safe research site for elementary-level readers. Social Studies and Science, especially Grades 1-5 They are offering -- free 24/7 access to our site to ANYONE who may find it helpful.
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Expiration date: 04/04/2020 Writing, Social Studies, Foreign Language 6th - 8th, High School Students interview family to collect oral life stories into books. Free signup to create a Collaborative Class book; includes template, 2 hrs speech-to-text, contributions from up to 300 students, collates all content into a printable digital book.
Farm 123 - Learn to count from StoryToys Math, Early Childhood Early Childhood Professionally designed with toddlers and pre-schoolers in mind, Farm 123 pays special attention to learning reinforcement through the introduction of gently progressive games that help your child cement their grasp of the numbers 1 to 10 and the core concept of sorting. App was made completely Free for anyone
FeedbackFruits All category/subject Higher Education 8 free pedagogical tools to make online courses engaging. Instructor can add practice questions or start discussions on any study material whether it is a video, a presentation or a document. All tools are integrated into LMS and support automatic grading. Students are able to interact with each other as well to drive peer learning. All FeedbackFruits' tools are available for free to every higher education institution in need.
Felt With Love Designs Fine Arts ALL Lots of free sewing patterns and tips to learn to sew! Free sewing patterns to download
Figure Math, Science, STEM High School You didn’t learn how to ride a bike by reading textbooks and listening to lectures. With Figure, learning math is like learning how to ride a bike. It’s math for the right side of your brain. With Figure, equations become alive. Students drag-and-drop their way to a solution to any equation, learning the rules of mathematics along the way. With an engaging and interactive interface, Figure reduces the barrier to entry into complex aubjects and reduces math anxiety. It allows teachers to lead a collaborative approach to all concepts ranging from Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Physics, and beyond. From the abacus, to the slide rule, to the pocket calculator…Figure is the next step in the evolution of mathematics tools for education. GO FIGURE! Many of the core interactive math features of Figure Classroom can be accessed without a class code. Simply create an account at and click "Try Figure for Free" in the class code window. We are also offering Figure for free to select schools who participate in our pilot program. Contact for more info.
Find Your Grind Intervention Resources, Counseling, Career Exploration 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Find Your Grind is a standards-aligned, online self discovery and career exploration curriculum focused on "power skills" and SEL resources. Increase student engagement by aligning students’ strengths and passions with their professional callings using the over 80 activities within the Find Your Grind Curriculum. Free digital activities
Firefly Education Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Literacy, Mental Maths K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Teacher and student access to any of our flagship digital resources: Sound Waves Online (spelling), iMaths Online, English Stars and Think Mentals Digital Classroom. To help schools under the current circumstances, we’re offering complimentary access to our digital resources until the end of the upcoming term.
Firefly Learning All K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Our LMS will enable schools and teachers to deliver engaging lessons remotely, (from setting tasks to sharing resources) as well as manage parent communication efficiently. In light of the impact of COVID-19 with school closures and substantial disruption to learning, we will be granting free access to our Firefly platform for affected schools until the end of the upcoming term.
First Time Parent Magazine Early Childhood, Parenting, Newborn, Infant, Toddler, Preschooler ALL Free App for parents of children aged 0-6yrs. All ages Issue of Free Education resources + free monthly digital magazine app.
Fiveable We have free resources for AP students including live reviews, live trivia, and study guides! Always free.
FlashAcademy Free home learning packs to support pupils with EAL. Hundreds of free resources also available for EAL, MFL & Literacy. Free worksheets and activities
Flat Flat for Education is a cloud-based and easy-to-use music notation software. Free access to our full product until the end of school year
Flinn Scientific Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School To help support teachers, students, and parents during school closures, Flinn Scientific is making available a robust collection of resources for science education. The resources include:
• Access to Flinn’s unique digital learning solutions—including WhiteBox Learning, FlinnPREP, and Digital Dissection—to facilitate seamless science and engineering learning at home.
• Video labs, along with accompanying teacher and student guides, covering key science topics.
• More than 40 easy-to-implement activities that use commonly available materials.
• Video-based lab experiments conducted by Flinn’s scientific staff and broadcast online. During the broadcasts, Flinn’s full team of scientists will be available to answer questions from teachers and students viewing online.
Flipgrid Create a video to show mastery of a math problem, act out your favorite book character or discuss a current event. Families create a private space, ask a question and learners respond with a short video. Videos can be created with ink, whiteboards, filters, images, emojis and more. Once the video is created others in the space can view videos or respond. For more instructions: Always free web site, iOS and Android apps
Floop Floop is a web-based tools for providing fast, effective teacher and peer feedback on digital and paper-based work. It's an English language based app designed for 5-12th grade students. Always free.
Fluency & Fitness Fluency & Fitness® provides educational brain breaks to help students review essential literacy and math skills, while getting in some exercise. Find over 900 videos to help your child keep learning at home and burn off some extra energy. Our site is best used for ages 4-8. We are offering our subscription website FREE for parents to use at home during the school closures.
Fluency Matters   Free Access to the E-Learning options for 21 days
Fluent Key FluentKey helps language teachers make listening fun and meaningful by turning real-life videos into an interactive game. They have hundreds of authentic videos in Chinese, English, French, and Spanish. You can play FluentKey Live with your students in real time or create assignments for them to complete on their own time. Made by language teachers for language teachers FluentKey Pro for one month using the code StaySafe on
Follett n the event you need to close your school or district, the Follett Destiny® solution you already have could help you provide continuation of learning to your students. You’ll find helpful Destiny video tutorials, forums and instructions for accessing Destiny Discover® from home in Follett Community. Additionally, we've waive the cost for Follett Classroom Ready Collections through June 30, 2020, to help ensure teachers and students have access to standards-based content from any location. Please email us for details and let us know how we can help.
Food Bank For New York City - CookShop Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Physical Education, Nutrition K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Free nutirtion-ed worksheets for K-5 and well as food budgeting/meal planning worksheet for families Worksheets are resources we offer to partner schools are being offered to the public
Formative Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Special Education, STEM ALL Formative enables teachers to build their own assessments and assignments, or pull and customize “formatives” from our Library of thousands of pre-made materials. Educators can act on live student responses to intervene as needed; give feedback and auto-grade students’ work; track student growth over time; visualize student performance across assignments/assessments; and easily integrate supportive tools, like Google Classroom, Flipgrid, Desmos, Padlet and other resources. Educators can always sign up for free accounts. In addition, we’re donating FREE School Premium to teams that may need to teach virtually. If your team, school, or district may be in need, please fill out our Request Form here → Read the letter from our CEO (and former teacher) for more details:
Fortune Cookie Mom Reading, Writing, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Chinese Langauge K - 2nd This is a FREE Chinese Resource Library that contains different Chinese Theme Packs, crafts, and printable for anyone to use. FREE Chinese & English Printable
Freckle has a free level access where students in K-8 can access Freckle for free.
Free Math Math, Science 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Free Math allows collecting digital assignments from students and enables quick grading by grouping similar student work on each question. It isn't limited to a specific bank of questions and all of the work done by students is completely freeform, so it can work for a broad range of classes. Always free.
Free Rice Build vocabulary knowledge through synonym awareness. Kids and adults can match words and synonyms. For each correct answer 10 grains of rice are added to your “bowl.” This represents financial support for the World Food Programme. As you play, free rice adjusts to your level. through free online activities Always free
Fun Based Learning Math, Science, STEM 6th - 8th Former math & science teacher makes story tutorials and fun games to teach the hard concepts. Can you pick the right (x,y) coordinate for Whack-A-Mole? Fly a dragon to get gems with y=mx+b? Or balance chemical equations? Used by teachers since 1995, 60 million pageviews. Algebra coordinate plane graphing (x,y) y=mx+b, balancing chemical equations, chemical elements and symbols. Math, science, chemistry. Math, Reading, Social Studies K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Funbrain offers educational games and books for kids K-6. Funbrain is free (ad-supported). We offer full texts of popular books including the Harry Moon Series(in English and Spanish) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We're also well known for simple edu games.
FutureLearn Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM Higher Education Free online short courses from top higher education providers and leading global organisations Free short online courses in a whole range of topics from business, digital, healthcare and teaching. Plus more.
Gabbart Communications WISDOM LMS (Learning Management System) promotes learning outside the classroom by creating and connecting curriculum content. Take full advantage of our resource-rich digital environment and watch the impact on students' success. Offering Free & Unlimited Student & Faculty License for the remainder of the 2019/2020 year.
Gale Cengage Learning Miss Humblebee's Academy is an interactive kindergarten-readiness program that introduces children ages three to six to key concepts in math, science, social studies, language and literacy, art, and music. It’s as challenging as it is fun! Kids InfoBits introduces elementary schoolers to database searching with easy-to-use resources featuring age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics. Gale In Context: Middle School combines reference content with age-appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources, and more. Gale In Context: High School supports student papers, projects, and presentations while empowering the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills with content aligned to national and state curriculum standards. Access to 4 Resources by Age Group K-12 for student exploration and research with standard aligned Content (Encyclopedias, articles, images, multimedia, etc.) These are used by 78% of Schools in US and similar higher level resources from our company are used by 98% of U.S. Universities.
Gale COVID-19 Resource Center If you're looking for trusted digital content and resources to enhance instruction, Gale is proud to provide free access to: 1). interdisciplinary, curriculum-aligned resources to support online learning from pre-K through undergraduate; 2). Live and on-demand training materials to help you optimize your existing resources; 3). Professional development eBooks to help transition to and strengthen virtual learning; and 4). Authoritative Gale resources on health-related topics and global issues. To support librarians and educators as they navigate a rapid shift to virtual learning, we have launched a COVID-19 resource center that provides free access to trusted digital content and resources to enhance instruction.
Galileo xp Self-directed online community for homeschoolers and worldschoolers. Try it today! Free trial classes
GameSalad, Inc. STEM 6th-8th and High School GameSalad teaches STEM and STEAM with a game design focus. Students learn programming concepts and computer science through project-based lessons, building their own video games on a syntax-free visual programming interface. Detailed instructions for students and full lesson plans for teachers make a great introduction to coding for 5th grade through post-secondary. Web-based interface is set up for either self-paced or teacher-led instruction. GameSalad’s education platform, with TEKS and CSTA aligned curriculum, is available free until the end of May 2020 to schools affected by closings.
Gamilab It is a platform where anyone can find or create their own simple learning games and the version we have now are always free for schools. Always free.
Generation Genius Science, STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Generation Genius is a science teaching resource that brings school science standards to life through fun and educational videos paired with lesson plans, activities, quizzes, reading material, discussion questions and more. Our videos are filmed in Hollywood, produced in partnership with the National Science Teaching Association, and have been aligned to standards in all 50 states. We cover 100% of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for grades K-5 and will be adding grades 6-8 in Fall 2020 as well as math in the coming years. Generation Genius is a public benefit corporation. A number of free experiments and videos
Genially Create stunning presentations, infographics, and more in just seconds PREMIUM TEMPLATES NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE. FOR EVERYONE.
Geopolaris We've got a Human Geography textbook and assignments ready to go that we're offering up for teachers to help get them through the next couple weeks. Teachers will have to contact us through this email to identify which units they need. We've got a Human Geography textbook and assignments ready to go that we're offering up for teachers to help get them through the next couple weeks. Teachers will have to contact us through this email to identify which units they need.
Get Brainy Box Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Early Childhood, STEM Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Montessori style educational kits complete with lesson plans and printable materials. All PDF kits are free - use coupon code 2020homeschool at checkout.
Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy Science 6th - 8th, High School 3-4 Weeks of life science/biology student-led lessons with parents guide and answer key $20 lesson is free with coupon NERDHELP at checkout
Gimkit Gimkit is a quiz learning game for students and teachers, created and maintained by students. ... As they complete quizzes, students earn money to reinvest in Gimkit upgrades that align with their strengths. Use your Gimkit dashboard to view student progress and earnings and additional formative data. Students can interact with other players in an attempt to be at the top of the leader board. They are offering to extend the limit of free kits you can make during this time. They will also allow you to keep all additional kits made.
GiveThx SEL 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education GiveThx is a digital tool and curriculum that builds school culture and belonging using gratitude. Students and staff use digital thank you notes to recognize and reinforce positive behaviors and relationships. Students develop self-esteem from seeing the impact of their actions by reflecting on their thank you collection data. GiveThx is a powerful social-emotional learning (SEL) system that schools can use on a daily basis, leveraging technology to create safe and inclusive communities. Free web app usage through 20-21 school year. Curriculum and staff web app usage is always open and free - i.e.
Global Math Stories Free narratives that build math into fascinating places around the world This is a resource for teachers and parents to create fun, engaging math activities.
Glose for Education Reading Middle and High School (6-12) Social reading app to help students read more and learn better. Students and teachers stay connected and engaged in a virtual classroom where reading comes to life. Access to Glose for Education. Every student and teacher gets free classic titles preloaded into their account with access to a bookstore with over v1 million titles to read and learn together. Features include the ability to annotate in the margins, add reactions, spark discussions with peers, and access your book collection from any device, wherever you are.
GoNoodle GoNoodle® engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are! Always Free
Good2Learn   14 Day Free Trial
Goodnight Mo by StoryToys Reading, Comfort Early Childhood, K - 2nd Goodnight Mo is a magically sleepy and comforting bedtime book. As night falls and the moon rises, a cute little monster gets ready for bed. Beautiful imagery, gently rhyming narration, and soothing music make Mo’s bedtime routine the perfect way to wind down before going to sleep. Interactive book was made completely Free for all users.
Google for Edu    
Gooru Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM ALL Gooru is an educational technology nonprofit dedicated to honoring the human right to education. Navigator is a GPS for learners that navigates students to their learning destination with assure success and provides evidence of learning to all learning stakeholders. Not only does this site provide lesson plans, it offers full courses that can be downloaded and used – and they’re always free!
GooseChase Online Scavenger hunt - can be used with any subject ALL Online Scavenger hunt - can be used with any subject GooseChase for Education is always free
GoPeer GoPeer ( approved college students to give 10,000 free hours of tutoring to K-12 students. Beginning today, college students are approved to give 10,000 free hours of tutoring (two hours per family so many students can benefit), online (avoiding virus entirely), to students between the ages of 5–18. Instruction will be live 1-on-1 sessions with vetted college students in an online classroom using tools like real-time face-to-face video conferencing, photo/document sharing, and a virtual whiteboard/notepad to collaborate or edit essays. With everything going on right now, college students want to contribute something positive to the community. Here’s an article with the information: GoPeer approved college students to give 10,000 free hours of tutoring to students between the ages of 5–18.
GoReact Easy online video feedback for teaching skills crazy fast (Awesome, right?) Departments can onboard and use GoReact at no extra charge through June 30th. Your institution can use GoReact for as many departments, courses, instructors, and students as you need, for free.

Our customer success team stands ready to offer free training resources and quick-start webinars to get your faculty up and running fast.

We can help you with demos and supportive information about GoReact, what others have done with it and how GoReact works.
GoToMeeting   Multiple Products for free
GPB Education Offers free digital content to support PreK-12 teachers in all areas of learning Free access to our teacher toolkits (Physics in Motion and Chemistry Matters) for non-Georgia educators.
Gradescope Place to upload and easily grade assignments in a number of formats. Also able to run exams through the platform. Making all classes created premium for free so that they all have access to all the features that the platform has.
Great Minds We are providing knowledge-building resources and written materials for math (Grades K–12) and daily instructional videos for English language arts (Grades K–8), math (Grades K-12), and science (Grades 3–5). We will post new video lessons and update our content daily. #KnowledgeOnTheGo All can be found here:  
Guest Hollow Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies K-6 A free PDF pack of printables/activities for kids. A free PDF pack of printables/activities for kids.
Gynzy Gynzy is the all-in-one educational software that combines standards-aligned lessons, bite-sized games & activities, and class management tools to unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard. Teacher Subscription is free
Hack / Endless and The Hack laptop /software provides an immersive experience that allows kids to learn to code in a practical and safe environment. - this links to all our product. The first section is a free downloadable version of our OS/software (below is the product we sell don't want to be confused with the free download). It has almost everything anything you'll need. Separately, our network also have free educational games - Let me know if you have any questions. (we are also looking to donate laptops/lend laptops for those who need, if you know anyone interested feel free to contact me as well)
hand2mind Math, Reading, Writing, Science, STEM K-8 For over 50 years, teachers and administrators have relied on hand2mind’s high-quality, hands-on materials to expand their core curriculum in math, science, STEM, and literacy. Free downloadable lessons and activities for K-8 students in Math & Literacy, with new materials continuing to be added.
Handwriting Heroes Handwriting Heroes is a multisensory handwriting curriculum that teaches children how to form their letters through animations, stories and song. iPad app is being offered free of charge. Letter formation videos – always free
Hapara Hapara helps schools make the shift to digital learning by making it easier to view and manage learner work in the cloud. With Hapara Dashboard, teachers can easily view all learner work from one central hub (even when it wasn’t shared with them), organize learners into differentiated groups and quickly share out documents and resources. Hapara Workspace provides teachers with a space to build assignments and projects that can easily be differentiated for groups or individuals. It gives learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in learning and teaching. Free until end of June 2020
Happy Numbers During a school closing, Happy Numbers is here to work with you to ensure the uninterrupted education of PK-5 students. We’ll help you deliver quality math instruction and monitor progress and math growth - all remotely. Fee access to Happy Numbers for any PK-5 Teacher
Happy Numbers Math K-5th Happy Numbers is offering our solution for free to all teachers through the end of the school year. Happy Numbers helps PK-8 grade teachers differentiate instruction and deepen students’ conceptual understanding of math. We teach students to think math with elements such as visual modeling, virtual manipulatives and multiple representations of math concepts to give students the opportunity to explore the meaning behind the math, creating connections, and developing deep conceptual understanding.
Hawkes Learning Hawkes offers adaptive online learning modules with instructional content and videos, interactive practice with tutoring and Explain-Error feedback, and mastery-based homework assessments. We also offer a test bank for online tests and quizzes. Our materials are most commonly used by college students, and we offer courses in Developmental English, English Composition, Psychology, Economics, Developmental Math through Calculus and Statistics. Free online homework and testing system for college students through 5/31. Always free access for instructors. Always free 24/7 support for students and instructors.
Healthy & Fun Choices A creative community to connect with others from all over the world, while getting to learn about topics that are important to our wellness (social, emotional, physical) through interactive experiences.  
Heartfullness Project Physical Education, Early Childhood, Music, Dance, Social Emotional, Arts Early childhood thru middle school Take some of the struggle out of disagreements, melt downs & fights with the “Problem Solving (made easy) Kit”. Teach children how to regulate their emotions, love themselves & yes, solve their own problems! The “Problem Solving (made easy) Kit” includes: • Kids music that doesn’t suck • Dance videos • Intuitive games & tools Teaching them the life skills you wish you were taught as a child! A free printable from our “Problem Solving Kit”: the Problem Solving Game Board, PLUS music to help bring some peace in these times and more!
Heifer International Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies ALL FREE resources (downloadable books, mazes, word searches, and more) from Heifer International's school programs -- with topics in social studies (geography, economics), science, language arts. Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Free online lessons for grades K-12 in math, science, ELA, and social studies has made all online lessons free to teachers and students.
HERE Meditation The HERE mobile app is designed to help rapidly relieve stress & anxiety. It works by pairing interactive exercises (staring/swiping), with breathing, music and/or guided meditation to stimulate the relaxation response and promote executive functioning. This game-like approach can be used by the whole family, and may help calm cabin fever, or provide a mental break in between homeschool activities. The mobile app is entirely free and accessible for iOS and Android users
HeyKiddo™ Social-Emotional Learning 2nd Grade through 6th Grade HeyKiddo™ is a text-based subscription that provides curated conversation starters, coaching tips and activities texted right to your phone that help support your child’s social-emotional development. We also offer real-time resources and tips when breaking events happen. One month free with HIKIDDO3 promo code. Also receive weekly social emotional learning lesson plans if you sign up with this promo code.
Hindu American Foundation (HAF) HAF offers several reading resources centered around Hinduism for K-12 students. Topics include, Holi, Dharma, Hinduism Basics, Yoga, social issues, Gandhi, and many more! Reading primers. Toolkits, Lesson Plans
HippoCampus Explore over 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas.You can create a free account and create customized playlists too. Always free
Historians 4SC A critical thinking activity that incorporates primary sources, argumentation, and history topics together. Lesson plan, suggest topics and primary sources, and publishing students' work on the website are all free.  
HiveIO HiveIO is all-in-one virtualization for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that you can deploy in less than an hour. Enable your employees to work from their desktops anywhere with secure, uninterrupted access to their data and applications, without the cost and complexities of traditional VDI platforms. HiveIO is offering unlimited end user licenses free of charge to K-12 and higher education facilities for the remainder of the school year, whichever is longer.
HOMER Reading Reading Early Childhood, K - 2nd HOMER Reading is an early learning program for ages 2-8 that is personalized to your child’s interests to help them fall in love with reading. It has been proven to increase early reading scores by 74% with just 15 minutes a day. And with stories and activities customized to each child’s interests, they’ll learn while having fun. 30-day Free Trial
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt HMH is a global leader in Pre K-12 educational content and services, combining digital innovation and research to make learning more engaging and effective. To show our commitment to the education ecosystem during this unprecedented time of interrupted instruction, we are temporarily offering free access to our supplemental Waggle program. Waggle supports virtual learning, instruction, practice, and assessment for Mathematics and Reading for 2nd through 8th grade. It is adaptive and Common Core-aligned. Please visit to begin the redemption process.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Carmen Sandiego Carmen Sandiago: Fearless Kids around the world activities Carmen Sandiego videos, stories, and lessons for all subject areas Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Educational Toys 1.5-8 yrs Our mission is to help kids love to learn. For over 30 years our toys have helped children build educational skills and be ready to take on the world. Our blog is full of free printables, DIY activities, and tips for moms!
I Know It Math K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Interactive math learning website for Grades K-5 90 days free
i-Ready free printable K-8 Math and Reading packets for students  
i-Ready Practice Packs Printable at-home packs for grades K-8, Reading and Mathematics. Guidance for using our i-Ready, Ready, and Ready Classroom during extended absences from school is available at At-home packs are free for anyone to use given the extraordinary circumstances.
IBM Skills STEM 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education, Teachers We believe that everyone should have the chance to succeed. IBM Skills helps students, professionals, and organizations build critical technology skills for today and stay competitive tomorrow through thousands of online courses, free training programs, and custom enterprise offerings created in partnership with universities from all over the world. Free digital learning events and resources for students and teachers on a variety of topics including: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, CyberSecurity, Design Thinking, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing, and Professional Development.
ICivics Writing, Social Studies, ESL, Civic Education High School We provide teachers well-written, inventive, and free games, infographics, lesson plans, and other resources to engage students in meaningful civics learning. Always free
iCompute STEM, Computing or Computer Science (National Curriculum Subject) K12 Free online access to iCompute's Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources. Designed for independent work, pupils can work through activities and exercises online at home. Free Access to All Services
IDE Corp. Graphic organizers and activities you can print or post digitally for students to support higher-order thinking and executive function. Resources to print or post to use with students.
IDEA Free and can be self driven and they get a certificate from buckingham palace! Free Always
Ideas Roadshow's IBDP Portal TOK, TOK integration across the DP curriculum, EE, 21 DP subjects IB Diplome Program   1 Month Free for all Resources
Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.® Video-based SEL lessons with hands-on activities to help students focus on the positivity of their own social-emotional learning and wellness. SEL support lessons Purdue University Center for Global Soundscape Website for online science activities with printable teacher guide and worksheets; online science fair poster Website for e-learning
Imagine Children's Museum Math, Reading, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Early Childhood, STEM Early Childhood, K - 2nd Today I am passing along our YouTube channel if interested, we are adding educational and FUN videos daily! Amazing videos of Science, Art, Health and More! FREE educational videos
Infiniscope Science, STEM ALL Infiniscope offers high-quality adaptive digital learning experiences. Each experience comes with a full 5E lesson plan and NGSS alignment documents.Create an account and enroll your students to save and track progress, view responses to embedded assessments, and identify learning gaps. Online Science Explorations
INFINIT-I Workforce for Schools INFINIT-I is a cloud based resource used to assign training videos (with assessment questions to follow) to your school bus drivers / employees remotely, and you’ll have access to time stamped completion reports. The content distributed can be customized for your school or administrators can choose from topics listed in our course catalog.. One month free subscription
Infinite Maths Math ALL Bottomless pit of maths problems with help on problems you skip Free maths questions
InnerOrbit Science, STEM 6th - 8th, High School A Database of NGSS Assessments, free until August. Free access for all students and teachers.
Inq-ITS Inq-ITS research-based, virtual labs engage students in science inquiry and give them real time support as they work; they provide teachers real-time progress monitoring, and use AI to automatically score students' work, including their written responses. Our goal is to help support best instructional practices while engaging students in their learning. We hope you’ll join us! We’re pleased to offer access to our complete collection of virtual, interactive labs for physical, life, and earth science. To access remote training and professional development at no charge, sign up by April 1, 2020.
inquirED Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th inquirED has created Together When Apart- a free inquiry-based distance learning curriculum. Together When Apart includes weekly interdisciplinary inquiries that explore the question: How can we stay together when we’re apart? With accessible, engaging daily activities that can be shared directly with students, and a structure to build toward the creation of weekly project- Together when Apart connects student learning to this moment in time. Inquiry-Based Distance Learning Curriculum around the question "How can we be together when apart?"
InScribe Community Support Higher Education InScribe is a virtual community that helps colleges build an on-demand support system to connect students to the answers, resources, and individuals they need to succeed. Our Q&A communities create a space for your students to engage with the experts on campus – advisors, instructors, even alumni. Students can search for answers and post questions when they need help. Expert answers are tagged and stored, so everyone benefits from the conversations that came before. Ultimately, students find the help they need more quickly, and experts spend less answering the same questions over and over again. To help institutions
streamline communication and support, InScribe is offering free access through spring term to all colleges, universities, or programs facing campus closure due to COVID-19.
InScribe Continuity Planning and Support Community Institutional Resources Higher Education This community is freely available to all education professionals and is a space to ask questions, share ideas, and find solutions during this time of change and uncertainty. Please join us as we work to support each other during this time of uncertainty. Support Community
Inspark Science, STEM High School, Higher Education Online science courses that promote active learning. Instructors are provided with tools to track student outcomes and customize the content. Our mission is to enable a virtuous cycle of curiosity, exploration, and discovery, preparing students for the 21st century. Free access to online science courses through the end of the school year. Pick and choose lessons or implement entire courses.
Institute for Curriculum Services Institute for Curriculum Services offers free curriculum and resources on topics for middle and high school history and social studies teachers. ICS has free, downloadable curriculum that can be imbedded or added to any virtual learning platforms, as well as a free online PD opportunity for teachers.
Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Reading, Writing, Special Education, Vocabulary 3–12; Grammar 3–12; Poetry K–12 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Using the 4 language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods have been proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability, including those who are gifted, have special needs, or are English language learners. Free, completely digital, 3-week program of English language arts instruction from IEW
InThinking   One Month Free Access to Any InThinking DP Subject Site
Inventing Heron Career Exploration High School An online career resource that takes a radically personal and empathetic approach to career discovery. We are a team of journalists and filmmakers who interview people about their work, and educators who turn these stories into curriculum. Jumpstart your kid's career! Subscribe to our free Parent Newsletter to spark conversations about careers with teens or tweens. Each newsletter will provide a snapshot of one interesting career, and activities that can be done at home.
IPEVO INC Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Fine Arts, ESL, Special Education, STEM K-12 Free and registered-free apps for annotation, screen recording, video recording, scanning etc. Free annotation app with screen recording, disappearing ink, shading, magnifier etc functions.
Free Visualizer app to use with a webcam or document camera. Both free apps don't require registry, all file will be stored on users' devices.
Istation Math, Reading, Writing, ESL, Early Childhood Istation is for students in Pk-8th grade Online Intervention and Instruction for Reading, Math, and Spanish Pk-8th grade with scripted resources for parent Free Pilots of Istation Reading, Math and Spanish.
IXL Learning IXL gives teachers everything they need to personalize learning, with a comprehensive K-12 curriculum (covering math, language arts, science, and social studies), the Real-Time Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and actionable Analytics. Free full access to IXL for the rest of the school year. Additional resources can be found at We offer FREE, high-quality educational materials to educators: teachers, homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, scout troop leaders – to anyone interested in learning/teaching! Free Always
JASON Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Special Education, STEM ALL Extensive digital library featuring hundreds of award-winning online and hands-on STEM activities for K-12 students. Multidisciplinary approach integrates reading and writing skills into every lesson as well. Videos, articles, games, simulations, and projects can keep students actively engaged. Many hands-on activities are designed to require only basic, easily accessible materials that can be adapted for home. Seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom. JASON is offering any school district facing closures due to the effects of COVID-19 coronavirus free, unrestricted online access to our digital platform and STEM curricula. We will also be offering a free series of online webinars to provide additional support to educators using JASON resources to help them conduct STEM learning activities and effectively manage their students remotely.
Jazz Everyone Jazz Education ALL Learn how to improvise and play Jazz online, for schools and private learning. Over 600 instructional videos and thousands of downloadable PDFs and tracks with one of the leading jazz educators, Willie Thomas. We offer for an unlimited time a wide selection of free lessons as well.
Jen Henson ACT Prep Test prep from a professional, certified teacher with 22 years of classroom experience ACT/SAT punctuation guide and ACT practice tests
Johnnie's Math Page Math games and activiites by grade and math strand. Free access to this curated resource in mathematics.
JoVE JoVE publishes peer-reviewed scientific video protocols to accelerate biological, medical, chemical and physical research. Watch our scientific video articles. JoVE is happy to provide all of our Education video content free to use in STEM teaching efforts through June 15th.
Joy Sun Bear Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Global Education, Geography, Social-Emotional Learning K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Joy Sun Bear promotes learning about the world's diverse cultures through free stories, crafts, recipes, coloring and activity sheets, games and more! Our goal is to empower, encourage and educate children to be positive global citizens. Free stories, crafts, recipes, color and activity sheets, games, videos, reading comprehension and creative activities.
Just Right Reader Just Right Reader sends PreK - 2nd graders books only found in schools and at children’s Just Right reading level every month. Families read and reread, send them back, and get more. Our boxes make reading fun and personalized. We are giving families a free month to keep kids reading during the school closures. Use the code LOVE2READ
K-12 Social Studies Lesson Plans, Activities, & Resources Social Studies ALL Free of charge and open to the general public, the publication and distribution of K-12 lesson plans, activities, and tools by the Ohio Council for the Social Studies. These materials have been vetted by teachers, professors, and leaders in the field. Free access to a collection of social studies lesson plans and resources for online instruction.
K-5 Math Teaching Resources Math K- 5th Grade K-5 math resources clearly sorted by grade and standard that are easy to download and print at home. Click on the Number, Geometry or Measurement & Data page for your grade level. All activities focus on engaging, hands-on learning. Free printable resources for all K-5 Math standards.
K12MovieGuides Writing, Language Arts/Movie Guide/Study Guide ALL K12MovieGuides: Turn any movie into a learning opportunity A list of free movie guides for students of varying ages and abilities
K5Technology Curriculum Digital and Print technology lessons for grades k-5 3 weeks of free access to 18 technology lessons and activities plus a PDF download for printable tech activities.
Kadenze Fine Arts, Creativity: The Arts (Music, Design, Fine Art, Film/Video, etc) but also coding/computer science, machine learning, and technical subjects taught through creativity. 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education, Many courses offered from top-tier university and industrial partners, some even offered for college credit. Creative courses in Art, Design, Music, Computer Programming Machine Learning and more from he world's leading colleges, universities, and industry partners. Thousands of hours of free, high quality lessons, and 1-week free Premium membership for those that want to unlock more content, submit assignments, and receive a Certificate of Accomplishment in unlimited courses.
Kahoot   Kahoot! Premium for the rest of the year and that an admin need to email ( with the number of educators at your school, and they’ll get you set up.
Kaizena Provide authentic feedback to students with text, voice, micro-learning units, and skills. We have a free version (works with Google Docs and provides 30 seconds of voice commenting). Our premium version (works with Google Docs & Slides and provides 10 minutes of voice commenting) will be offered for free for 6 months.
Kamkalima Reading, Writing, Foreign Language 4-12 Online Arabic platform for teachers and students from grades 4 to 12. Includes resources for all skills, ready-materials to edit and assign, automatic grading, and reporting and feedback. Until the end of the current academic year
Kaplan Test Prep SAT Test Prep High School Free SAT Prep for 1 month. Instructional videos on test content, strategy, and more. Practice questions and explanations. No credit card needed. Free SAT Prep for one month.
Kapwing Fine Arts, ESL, Special Education 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Online Image and Video Editor with Shared Workspace Free Kapwing Pro for educators until April 17
Kast Kast is a virtual living room for friends Kast is free fullstop.
Kendall Hunt Publishing Company Math, Science, Social Studies, Gifted and Talented K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Kendall Hunt is a family-owned and operated publishing company celebrating a 75-year history that includes providing customized curriculum to meet the specific needs of students and teachers. Our math, science, social studies, and gifted programs are available to grades K-12. Kendall Hunt is giving educators free access to our K-12 digital curriculum via our online platform, Flourish, for 60 days! Both teacher and student editions are accessible digitally.
Kesler Science 3 Weeks of Lessons including Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences Lessons
Keyset at by Key Understanding LLC Google Chrome extension for fast, effective and guilt free online grading. Free Google Chrome extension and free access to website to create keyboards until August 1st, 2020.
Khan Academy Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, STEM 6th - 8th    
Khan Academy Kids Khan Academy Kids is a free, award-winning online education program for children ages 2 - 7. Our mobile app was designed by child development experts at Stanford University and engages kids in core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math, while encouraging creativity and building social-emotional skills. It is age-appropriate, personalized based on where your child is at, and engaging. Always free, no ads, no subscriptions, with an offline version available for when internet access is difficult.
Kialo Edu It is a debate platform optimized to teach critical thinking and facilitate group discussions online. Teachers can create a Team page and individual discussion pages easily and can invite students using a link. There are several features which can help with grading and giving feedback which are fairly intuitive. They also provide multiple instructions documents and videos. It doesn't cost anything to make an account, host a discussion, or create a team to host multiple discussions.
Kids Discover Online Access Kids Discover's award-winning library of science and social studies material on any device, at any time, for one low price. To help alleviate the burden schools face when closing, we have decided to offer schools and school districts special access to Kids Discover Online through the end of June, 2020.
Kinteract Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL We can help schools provide a virtual classroom so that learning can continue whatever the location; use us to communicate homework, next steps, or parent messages securely both to students and parents, keeping everyone involved in a student’s learning both motivated and, importantly, up-to-date. Upload video content, photos, files - tag the curriculum and groups, classes or individual students. And all from your home to theirs. Access to the full Kinteract platform for new school customers for free between now and the end of July 2020.
Kinteract Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL We can help schools provide a virtual classroom so that learning can continue whatever the location; use us to communicate homework, next steps, or parent messages securely both to students and parents, keeping everyone involved in a student’s learning both motivated and, importantly, up-to-date. Upload video content, photos, files - tag the curriculum and groups, classes or individual students. And all from your home to theirs. Access to the full Kinteract platform for new school customers for free between now and the end of July 2020.
Knowledge Unlimited Weekly online news magazine published by team behind NewsCurrents Online Read to Know
Knowledgehook Math Grade 3-10 (Canada) Grade 3-Algebra I (USA) Online Formative Assessment tool for Math Free Premium services include teacher gap closing resources , advanced reporting , Knowledgehook's Teacher led PLC Community .
Knowre Math An online core supplement for Grades 1-12 helping teachers personalize learning for all students. Free service for the rest of the year to anyone that needs support.
KOBI - Helps Children Read Reading, Special Education, Intervention Resources, Dyslexia K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th KOBI is new child-friendly app that supports decoding with the use of colored letters and other tools. Made to boost a child’s self-confidence and motivation. Free monthly license
Kognity We have adapted the traditional textbook to digitally consumable text with video examples, 3D models and practice tests to make the content more interactive and engaging. The best part is that all our textbooks are curriculum-aligned and are designed to enhance deeper learning. We want to offer any school in lock-down territory, that’s not yet a Kognity user, access for free during the lockdown period.
Kokomo Solutions, Inc. COVID19Tracker™ powered by the Kokomo24/7® Safety Cloud™ that provides tracking, management and reporting of the coronavirus for communities, schools, healthcare systems, manufacturing, etc. Free access to our COVID19Tracker™ powered by the Kokomo24/7® Safety Cloud™ that provides incident management, mobile reporting and situational awareness mapping software to track and report the coronavirus during the outbreak.
KQED Learn Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, STEM 6-12 A platform for middle and high schools students to discuss big issues and build media analysis and media creation skills in a safe, supportive environment. Teachers sign up for a KQED Learn account, create classes, then give students a join code. Once joined, students enter a student-only site where they can discuss current issues, build arguments based on evidence and create media responses to share. Also hosted on KQED Learn is KQED's Youth Media Challenge: Let's Talk About Election 2020, a site where students can submit audio or video commentaries about issues that matter most to them. All aspects of KQED Learn are always free.
KQED Teach Educator professional learning Educators, librarians, administrators, informal educators, etc. KQED Teach offers a collection of free, hands-on professional learning courses for educators to build media analysis and production skills to serve students of all ages across the curriculum. Online courses are self-paced and include instructional resources, sample lesson plans and preparation for earning PBS Media Literacy Certification. KQED Teach is always free.
Krisipii Krispii is a learning and teaching platform that provides resources from our krispii library as well as the opportunity for teachers to create their own projects using videos, documents, podcasts or whatever else might work for their style of teaching. Normally we have a 7-day trial period but we are lifting that.
LabsLand   To make sure that everyone in need gets our help, we at LabsLand are providing free access to all of our laboratories (Arduino, Electronics, Physics for high schools and higher education) until summer 2020.
Labster - Online Science Courses Science, STEM High School Online Science Courses for High School and HigherEd in Biology, Chemistry and Physics Free Quick Access to all Labster principles courses and simulations
LabXchange Science High School and Higher Education LabXchange is a free resource for remote and hybrid learning from Harvard University. We offer high-quality digital content in the sciences, including lab simulations, that you can remix into customized learning narratives. Our social features, like classes, discussion forums, and mentorship, empower and connect learners, educators, and researchers worldwide.
Lakeshore Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Early Childhood, STEM ALL Lakeshore Learning Materials is a leading developer and retailer of top-quality materials for early childhood education programs, elementary schools and homes nationwide. • Lakeshore is dedicated to creating innovative products that spark young imaginations and foster a lifelong love of learning! Lakeshore Learning offers TONS of free craft and activity ideas, worksheets, lesson plans and more. Visit the Free Resources section on!
Lalilo Reading, Intervention Resources K - 2nd Entirely free phonics and comprehension program for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students Everything is absolutely free: all the content for students, all the data for teachers
LanSchool LanSchool Air allows teachers to monitor student screens and manage website access in school or at home on Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS devices Complimentary LanSchool Air licenses through July 1, 2020
LanSchool Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education LanSchool is designed for educators to guide classroom learning, promote collaboration, and make the most of class time. Classroom Management Software Careers exploration and advice ALL Launchyourcareer is a career exploration and recruitment platform used to support careers advisors in the UK in their delivery of career guidance. Students can start their journey of career exploration and find out about their personality, unlock their spirit animal and learn more about themselves. Careers advisors can also register to receive analytics of their students journey and set to dos and tasks in school or at home. Career Exploration, leaning about themselves and their personality and skill set.
Leader in Me Leadership ALL Access free Leader in Me lessons, enrichment activities, and professional development without a membership through the end of the academic year From now until the end of the academic year, we will be curating a special collection of family, teacher, and administrator resources and making it available without a Leader in Me membership. The collection will include Leader in Me Weekly resources, blog posts, corporate offerings, and videos. We will also be creating new content to address the areas of greatest need.
Learn Essay Writing the FAST Way Free Service: Learn how to write 3 paragraph essays the FAST Way in just 5 lessons.
Description of company (couldn't add it to the question above): Ms. Valerie teaches Essay Writing the FAST Way to help students quickly write essays with confidence even when under pressure.
Learn21 - One2One Manager FREE use of the One2One Manager during the COVID-19 outbreak as long as needed. We are seeing schools dismantle their carts and handout devices to students. Our tool helps manage this task. We are in over 6 states and 100+ schools. We realize that some schools will be challenged to manage the handout, tracking, and collection of these track devices. We've even created a special tag inside One2One Manager for COVID-19 tracking of devices. One2One Manager
LearnAwesome   A repository of links to learning resources organized by topics and formats.
Learning A-Z / Headsprout Reading PreK-6 Headsprout is an adaptive, online reading program that is easy to implement, fun to use, and proven to help children become capable and confident readers. Using a unique scaffolded teaching approach, the program instantly responds and personalizes the learning experience to ensure that each student can master essential reading skills. Plus, kids love the cast of friendly characters, engaging activities, and built-in incentives that make learning to read fun. Free access to Headsprout for the rest of this school year
Learning A-Z / Raz-Kids Reading K - 2nd Raz-Kids is an award-winning digital library of leveled eBooks and eQuizzes that students use to practice reading in school, at home, or on the go. Raz-Kids makes it easy for teachers to differentiate reading practice and monitor student progress online. In addition, the engaging student portal features interactive tools and incentives that keep kids motivated to practice and improve their reading skills. Free access to Raz-Kids through the end of this school year.
Learning Apps    
Learning Blade STEM Toolbox STEM 6th - 8th STEM and STEM Career Awareness Platform At home STEM discussion questions, career research questions and home experiments.
Learning by Questions 60 days full access to a LbQ full account followed by ongoing access to 65,000 high-quality questions with instant feedback. Full access to all KS2, KS3 and KS4 maths, English and science content and functionality is granted during the 60 day period. 60 Days Full Access to all paid-for features
Learning Circuits Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Learning Circuits is a free online interactive resource to learn the basics of circuits and electricity There is no charge to use this platform. Free since 2004.
Learning Explorer Learning Explorer is giving six months of free access to its online curriculum management solution to schools and districts impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Teachers use Learning Explorer’s huge library of learning objects to find and share to students and parents to support Remote Learning.
Learning Ladders Learning Ladders is a unique online and in-class teaching, assessment and parental engagement system that brings together students, teachers and parents to improve children's learning at primary school. We provide each with integrated tools to help them be the best they can possibly be, every single day. Free access for the rest of the academic year.
Learning through Landscapes outdoor learning, play and sustainability ALL Free outdoor learning and play resources, training and advice - even through Covid-19 isolation All our resources are free for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak
Learning Without Tears Writing, Early Childhood, Keyboarding, Technology Early Childhood, K-2nd, 3rd-5th Free resources to help you continue children’s handwriting, keyboarding, and pre-kindergarten development from a distance. Free access to Keyboarding Without Tears, the Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool, and the Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool, as well as free shareable activities for children in grades Pre-K through 5.
LearnZillion Math, Reading, Writing ALL LearnZillion is making our full video collection available. In addition, we’ve made the digital versions of the Illustrative Mathematics, EL Education, and Louisiana Guidebooks curricula available. Teachers and parents can share these resources with students as needed. Instructional Math and ELA videos as well as digital versions of the Illustrative Mathematics, EL Education, and Louisiana Guidebooks curricula
Legends of Learning Math, Science, STEM 3rd through 8th Engage your students with Legends of Learning’s games and simulations correlated to your standards. Teachers create playlists of games based on standards and students work through completing each one, while teachers receive real-time data. Using our various playlist options, teachers can create custom playlists, or have a playlist built for them with a top-rated game. We are offering free access to all of our premium features through the end of the school year.
Lemonade Stand Science, STEM For 10 to 16 year olds A K12 entrepreneurship platform designed to teach 10 - 16 year old students the fundamentals of entrepreneurial thinking and doing. 14 days free access to entire platform
LessonPix   If you are looking for materials to provide to families while schools are canceled, LessonPix has many Free Sample resources including low tech communication boards, visual supports, articulation games, math, and books and activities to address literacy skills. Just go into our Sharing Center and look for anything with the Free Sample crest. You can download and print these materials to give out freely to families or send as PDFs to families to print themselves.
LessonSpeak LessonSpeak offers curriculum and training for teachers who teach English online as freelancers. Caters mostly to adults. A selection of the curriculum and free training for a limited time. Free training and curriculum must be requested via the contact form on the site.
Lets Talk Science Math, Reading, Science, Early Childhood, STEM, Careers ALL Let's Talk Science offers a variety of online resources for children and youth of all ages free of cost. The online resources, videos, lesson ideas, backgrounders, hands-on learning activities are all open to the public
Letterland Reading, Writing, ESL, Early Childhood Early Childhood, K - 2nd Letterland (Phonics/Early Years Literacy) are making digital resources available for use at home whilst schools are closed All apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store are free for a limited time
Libby App for digital books and audio books. Anyone with a library card (at least in whatever cities/states use Overdrive) can access it. Always free
Life Skills Go Social Emotional and Physical learning K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Life Skills GO is an evidence based online blended learning platform delivering social emotional and physical learning for students. It can be used in the classroom or set up to support remote access for students studying at home. Free full access to all teachers to the complete platform for 30 days
Lightspeed Systems Filtering for devices sent home and classroom monitoring/management for remote learning Relay Filter
Relay Classroom
Lingco Classroom Foreign Language 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Lingco is a language learning platform for schools that can be used to create and assign activities and adaptive vocabulary sets. Free access for all instructors and students through the end of the school year.
LingroToGo Foreign Language Appropriate for High School and Higher Education Games that make you think. Review vocabulary, grammar, culture, strategies, and pragmatics with this free, fun app. Collect coins and experience points to unlock new levels. Free access to this popular app.
linkr Linkr provides an easy-to-set-up, engaging and interactive online classroom. Linkr is free, safe, and GDPR compliant and offers your class the possibility of connecting with an international community of online educators and learners, many of whom are engaged in experiential learning projects and virtual exchanges. We hope linkr can help keep your teaching meaningful and interactive while making this challenging time easier for you.
Linkr provides an easy-to-set-up, engaging and interactive online classroom.
ListenWise Listenwise is an award-winning listening skills platform. We harness the power of listening to advance literacy and learning in all students grades 2-12. Our collection of podcasts and public radio keeps teaching connected to the real world and builds student listening skills at the same time. The curriculum aligned podcasts are paired with learning tools and listening comprehension assessments to transform them into rigorous academic content. Free Listenwise Premium for any school that is close due to coronavirus, request access here:
Literacy with the Littles   Free Printables for PreK-2nd Grade
LitFilmFest Writing 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Create purposeful writing projects Home writing challenges and a selection of free literacy projects to download.
Little Chinese Readers Online Mandarin literacy program - leveled lessons and books Two-month premium subscription with signup code HOMESTUDY
Little Spark Company   Free printables library with activities for children 0-6
Little Twisters Yoga & Emotional Wellness   Free at-home kids yoga lesson plans
Loggerhead Marinelife Center Science, Early Childhood, STEM Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School In light of our campus closure, we are moving a few of our programs online. These virtual programs will help keep our next generation of eco-advocates and eager minds focused and engaged with sea turtle and ocean conservation. During this unprecedented time, our educators are working around the clock to bring you and your family exceptional virtual learning modules. Through Facebook Live at 2 p.m. EST each day, our education team will conduct daily, 15-20 minute virtual learning lessons focused on various sea turtle and ocean conservation topics. These virtual learning modules will leverage our innovative sea turtle hospital and engage viewers with our sea turtle patients. Be sure to tune in live on our Facebook Page! Live virtual learning modules
Logic of English Reading, Writing ALL Reading and spelling company based in evidence-based practices and systematic phonics. Free videos for phonogram practice and spelling analysis to help develop reading and spelling skills.
Looking for a FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide Physical Education, I do recruiting education for hs student-athletes who want to play in college & get athletic scholarships! High School I was a college coach for 14 years and now provide 40 free blogs & special reports for families to learn the college recruiting process & getting athletic scholarships. Special Report: Strategies to Emailing a College College & many other blogs & reports
Loom Loom is a new kind of work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable video. Capture your screen, record your front-facing camera, and narrate it all at once, then instantly share with a simple link We are also making Loom Pro free for teachers and students at K-12 schools, universities, or educational institutions. Forever.
Loose Canon Reading, Writing ALL We help schools organize and energize peer-driven independent reading. Our social reading platform is a private ecosystem where teachers can set up assignments, book clubs, and reading challenges, or see their students’ multi-year reading histories in one click. Students search one another’s book reviews, recommendations, and lists. Created by teachers for teachers. Free teacher subscriptions during Covid19 school closures.
Lt by ADInstruments Science Higher Education Lt is our online learning platform with ready-to-use content for physiology, anatomy, biology, nursing, and medicine. Lt has over 360 interactive and fully-customizable life science lessons and labs that are perfect for distance learning We will be providing Lt for free until 30th June 2020. Existing Lt customers are able to invite an unlimited number of students and will be able to access all of our content collections during this time.
LucidChart From graphic organizing to mind mapping, Lucidchart is a cloud-based tool to make learning visual and collaborative. 10 free Lucidcharts
LucidPress Lucidpress is a cloud-based, easy to use tool for creating stunning documents - infographics, posters, magazines, and school newspapers with the ability to collaborate with others in real time. 10 free Lucidpress docs
Lumen Learning Transition mid-term to Lumen Learning courseware at no cost. Lumen Learning uses open educational resources (OER) to provide course materials that improve learning and replace expensive textbooks in 50+ general education college courses. Lumen courses are “ready to teach,” meaning you can get started quickly with minimal set-up. You can do as much or as little customization as you like. Lumen OER courseware includes Waymaker personalized learning course materials, OHM online homework system for math and other quantitative subjects. Sharing our no cost offer to help faculty transition to online.
Lyryx Learning Inc. Math, Accounting Higher Education Lyryx is an OpenStax Ally providing online homework for Accounting, Statistics, and Calculus. For instructors (not already using Lyryx) needing to move their courses from face-to-face to online delivery, we are offering our online homework at no charge. This offer is valid for current courses (i.e. Winter/ Spring 2020) which end by June 30, 2020.
LZM Studio Fine Arts Ages 8 through Adult Learners Learn to Draw with videos, handouts, photos; great for ages 7 through adult learners! Free how to draw videos on both sites
Macbeth Academy Macbeth Academy is a non-profit organization that offers K-12 Gifted and Talented homeschool courses for credit. We offer courses through AP level. For all schools and families, we provide free education resources, free video tutoring services, and free PD workshops for families and education professionals
MAD-learn STEM 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Build mobile apps with your students! Free licenses to MAD-learn for teachers and students
Madeleine Editions Reading, Foreign Language Early Childhood, K - 2nd Madeleine Editions presents beautiful, immersive story experiences for modern families. Their mission is to help children ages 3~8 cultivate an ear for languages and a taste for the creative arts. We’ll be offering the entire Madeleine Editions award-winning collection of multimedia, multilingual stories for children 3~8 completely FREE until March 27th. The collection, which has received the National Parenting Award and Family Choice Award, is as fun as it is mind-nourishing — an excellent way to pass the time indoors with your little ones.
Maged - School App Quickly, securely and from any PC send regular and urgent messages to Parent/Students for FREE via our APP, or during these challenging times, we can send them for you. Free extended trial with a No-Cost price plan after that. No obligations. App demo here
Magic Sparkles Publishing Orange Sparkles Do More & Understand More Workbook Free workbook
Magic Spell by Brainbox Games Finally a game that makes spelling fun! Magic Spell is a carefully crafted spelling adventure. If you are a child, parent or school, there is a Magic Spell app to suit your needs. Wands, wizards and wondrous worlds...come and join the fun! 6 months free!
MajorClarity Counseling, Career Exploration / Career Readiness 6th - 12th grade Interactive Career Exploration and Career Readiness Content Free "lite" accounts for schools and students, which includes task assignment and tracking, career exploration, and career planning tools.
MakeAcademy Classroom Science, STEM, Hands-on projects ALL Virtual classroom platform designed for projects and hands-on learning Everything is free for educators and their students
Maker Maven - Free STEM Challenges Maker Maven Math, Science, Early Childhood, STEM, Design Thinking STEM Challenges from Maker Maven - Feature items that can easily be sourced around the home. STEM Challenges
Makers Empire Makers Empire is an Australian EdTech Company helping K-8 educators harness the power of 3D technology to teach STEM, Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning. Makers Empire makes the world’s easiest to use 3D design software, Makers Empire 3D, which is the cornerstone of our solutions for elementary, primary and middle schools. The Makers Empire 3D design app has always been free for home users (schools pay for a subscription or package). However, in response to the coronavirus, we have now created FREE Resources for Parents and Teachers to help support student learning at home.
Making English Fun Reading, ESL ALL Free English Learning Online games, mobile apps and printable Board games and worksheets. All ages Free Online games, free app downloads and voucher code - makingenglishfree for access to the editable resources.
Manage1to1 Manage1to1 - Asset Management, Device Tracking, Incident Reporting Software Full Manage1to1 Software through the end of the school year to help manage devices and device assignments
ManageBac ManageBac is the leading planning, assessment and reporting platform for the IB continuum. The trusted choice of 4 in 5 IB Diploma students and over 3,000 leading IB world schools ManageBac is offering a free trial for the duration of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
ManagedMethods Technology K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School G Suite and Office 365 data security and student safety platform built specifically for K-12. Monitor your district G Suite and Office 365 apps, and email, 24/7/365 for cybersecurity threats and student safety risks. Free access to the ManagedMethods platform for 60 days. To help K-12 district IT teams monitor their district's G Suite and/or Office 365, keep data secure, and students safe when using these applications for remote learning.
Manga High    
Mango Languages - Mango Classroom As the nation comes together to help stop the spread of COVID-19 throughout our communities and most vulnerable populations, we're making our Mango Classroom offering freely available to all schools facing closures through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Digital curriculum via desktop and mobile apps, accessible online or offline
Seamless integration of features that organize classes, activities, and assessments
Immediate, reliable time-on-task monitoring and assessment results
Multiple integration options, including Clever
More than 70 world languages, including: Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic, and English
Proven efficacy backed by third-party research and a track record of success
Marbles Kids Museum Math, Reading, Science, Physical Education, Early Childhood, STEM Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Marbles Kids Museum is dedicated to learning through PLAY! Digital resources for learning and play for families at home. Activities, crafts and games that you can recreate together!
Marco Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Foreign Language, AP Exams Teacher Resources Marco Learning supports teachers and students with AP prep. We have free three-week writing clinic plans for AP English Literature and AP English Language teachers. We offer free AP resources for teachers and students, including live events, practice tests, lesson plans, and more!
Mark Kistler Offering free access to free, virtual, live webcasts for art/drawing lessons for students needing to work from home during this period. Offering free access to free, virtual, live webcasts for art/drawing lessons for students needing to work from home during this period.
Maryland Historical Society Reading, Writing, Social Studies K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School The Historical Investigations Portal (HIP) is an online, digital curriculum that provides learners interactive lessons about United States history. Free subscription to the Historical Investigations Portal (HIP) courses, Upper Elementary and Middle-High School, for non-Maryland school districts and independent schools.
Massolit Over 2,800 short curriculum relevant video lectures designed and delivered by top university academics covering English Literature, History, Classics, Psychology, Philosophy, and Government and Politics. Free access is available until 30 April 2020
MasteryConnect Software for tracking mastery of standards and finding standards-aligned resources ALL Online formative assessment, tracking, resource community, and curriculum planning. Free individual accounts
Match Fishtank Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies ALL Match Fishtank offers free K-12 instructional materials in math and English Language Arts. The site offers full courses of instructional content for each grade level comprised of daily lessons plans, problem sets, homework, assessments, writing prompts, and vocabulary resources and can be searched by standard and topic. The content is always free. Free ELA and math unit plans, lesson plans, worksheets, assessments, writing prompts, vocabulary resources, and more.
Math Aids Math K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Math-Aids.Com provides free math worksheets for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. Math-Aids.Com provides free math worksheets for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers.
Math Shed Math K - 5th K-5 (4 - 11 year olds) arithmetic fluency intervention program, web game and app Free access for schools It's an automated online math tutor, like a Google for math. Enter your math problem or search term, press the button, and we show you the step-by-step work and answer instantly.We cover 2nd grade through college. Always free
Mathchops Math 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, SAT, ACT Adaptive math practice through customized games. Specific versions for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT and school enrichment grades 4 - 11. Created by NYC tutor with 17+ years experience and two former Google engineers with 10+ software engineering experience. Free access to adaptive SAT and ACT math prep and grades 4 - 11 math enrichment. Math High School Online math courses with video instruction and interactive practice for middle school, high school, developmental college math, and standardized test prep.’s FREE YouTube channel (yourteachermathhelp) offers 1000+ math videos that cover all the key concepts for 5th grade math, 6th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, College Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, and math test prep for over 100 standardized tests.
Mathigon Math, STEM High School Mathigon is an award-winning, online textbook for middle and high-school mathematics. The unique content format makes learning more interactive than ever before, and a virtual tutor offers personalised support. Completely free to use, for students and teachers
Mathletics Math K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Mathletics is a K-8 math learning resource that offers fun online learning activities and printable learning worksheets We are offering free training on how to best implement Mathletics for home learning which includes online learning activities and printable learning worksheets
MathLight Math 6th - 8th MathLight provides video lessons with guided notes for all pre-algebra & Algebra 1 topics – perfect for distance learning. Offering a free unit of your choice for schools affected by COVID-19 closings. Math K - 6th Math Playground provides hundreds of math games, logic puzzles and educational resources. All math games and resources are free through the end of June 2020.
Maths with Parents Award winning parental engagement programme for primary schools Full access for free - register on
Mathseeds Math Early Childhood, K - 2nd Mathseeds is a foundational math learning solution for ages 3-9 which includes fun engaging content, placement test, interactive activities and printable worksheets. We are offering free access to Mathseeds along with training opportunities to best understand how to implement Mathseeds with your youngest learners, leveraging both online and printable resources.
Mathspace Mathspace is the world’s first adaptive math program for grades 3-12 that gives students feedback at every step of their work. Also includes full etextbook aligned to state and common core standards and instructional videos and reporting tools. free accounts for teachers students and admin for closed schools from now until end of school year
MathTreks Math, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources High School Online math tutoring in which a student uses their foundational math skills and understanding to solves an open - ended applied math problem that aligns with their mathematical needs and personal interests. Free 30 minute problem - solving sessions for students aged 13+, March 23rd - April 15th. (The student must be located in Minnesota at the time of the session because MathTreks is only a legal entity in Minnesota.)
Me and My INKlings All Elementary Subjects ALL A library of educational printable resources Hundreds of FREE printables, games, puzzles and learning packets
Meals Plus Online Meal Ordering & Community Catering ALL Free software to help streamline getting food to kids and/or community members. Free software and set-up to help districts get food to kids more efficiently and reduce food waste.
Megapixels School of the Arts Fine Arts K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Learn to draw animals and more during this FREE art challenge, which takes place in a Facebook group with videos and more! There are video tutorials for ages 5 - 18 in the beginner / intermediate skill levels. Art Classes Online
Mehackit Fine Arts, Coding, STEAM High School We want to bring technology and programming closer to teachers and secondary school students. Our material makes it easy to teach creative projects with open source technologies such as Arduino, Processing and Sonic Pi.
MEL Science Interactive science simulations for Chemistry 3 free lessons including a maker space / lab for building atoms
Membean, Inc. Reading, Writing 6-12 Membean offers guided, multimodal, personalized vocabulary instruction for grades 6-12. We are offering free classroom pilots through September 2020 for all of your students. We’ll help you get setup quickly. Send email to
MemoryFox Parents and children staying connected through storytelling! ALL It's a digital campfire to tell stories around for geographically separated communities of people. Private & safe for minors! Free during school closures!
MentalUP Educational Games Brain Exercises and Mind Games 4-13 years old MentalUP is one of the most popular scientific and entertaining educational games applications, developed by academicians and pedagogues. It is offering dozens of mind games with suitable difficulty levels for children. MentalUP has more than 5 million downloads, more than 75,000 comments and an average of 4.7 points in App Stores. It has games that boost memory, attention, focusing, analytical thinking, visual intelligence and a lot more to support the development of cognitive skills for children between 4-13 years old. Try MentalUP to turn kids' screen times into quality time while schools are closed!

Get free subscription opportunities now.
MentiMeter Mentimeter is a nice graphic way to poll students and engage them remotely Free for two weeks if you're school has been closed- no credit card needed.
Method Test Prep   We are offering free access to our program for the remainder of the school year for any district not currently using our program, but experiencing closures due to the Coronavirus.
Metropolitan Opera House Rebroadcasts of LIVE HD opera series All “Nightly Met Opera Streams” will begin at 7:30pm EDT and will remain available via the homepage of for 20 hours. The homepage link will open the performance on the Met Opera on Demand streaming service. The performance will also be viewable on all Met Opera on Demand apps.
MI Write Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School We understand that weeks away from school can be detrimental to the progress students have been making thus far in the year. MI Write offers teachers help during this time to keep their students on track through virtual classroom support with engaging lessons, writing assignments, and easy communication with students. Engaging lessons, writing assignments, and easy communication with students.
Microsoft Education    
Mindful Poetry Moments Mindful Poetry Moments is a free program that offers a chance to pause and reflect on poetry's ability to encounter ourselves, the world, and the mystery of each other. Participating schools, individuals and organizations will be offered recordings of poets — including Brad Aaron Modlin, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Naomi Shihab Nye, Carrie Newcomer and Gregory Orr - — reading their work from two of The On Being Project’s content offerings: the On Being with Krista Tippett radio show and podcast and/or Poetry Unbound podcast. The audio will be accompanied by mindful prompts and meaning-making questions like "Does this poem encourage gratitude? How?” and "What’s a line in this poem that brings a strong visual image to your mind?" Always free.
Minecraft: Education Edition A game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. Always free.
Mission2Move Physical Education PreK- 4th grade Free access to movement and mindfulness for students. Evidence based program. Amazon Alexa Skill, Live Free Facebook Stream Classes, and prerecorded videos.
MIT Edgerton Center - Instructables page These lessons are great ways for kids in grades 3 -8 to be introduced to and practice 3D modeling, coding, and hand fabrication. All projects have opportunities to learn skills and customize the final product. The Edgerton Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a home for experiential learning for students of all ages. We support the MIT community, K-12 schools, and STEAM education organizations seeking to learn by doing and have fun along the way. 3D printing projects and Coding projects, involving math and other K-12 subjects
Mobile Guardian Mobile Device Management Software To assist Teachers & IT Administrators with MDM for remote learning Mobile Guardian is a powerful, mobile device management (MDM) solution purpose-built for districts and schools. Mobile Guardian is providing remote Classroom Management Tools and premium Web-Filtering free to all schools subject to enforced closures. This enables teachers to monitor what students are doing in lessons on their Chromebooks in real-time from their Mobile Guardian dashboard. They can also view how students spent their time during class. Web-filtering allows schools to secure devices that are now going home, as well as facilitate an academic environment.
MobyMax MobyMax offers the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. MobyMax‘s digital courseware solution can be used at any time, on any device with an internet connection, whether it’s a desktop at school or a tablet at home. MobyMax announced on March 6, 2020 that it will provide its award-winning educational software free to all schools and school districts forced to close to protect against COVID-19. MobyMax has also developed a Contingency Learning Plan strategy that will help all schools access online learning while schools are closed. Given that most schools do not have plans in place to keep students learning if the physical school has to close, Moby has taken a very bold move in offering our solution to schools and districts for free, understanding school closures could start to snowball.
Modern States Education Alliance Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Over 30+ courses aligned with the College Level Examination Program High School, Higher Education a philanthropy dedicated to making a college degreeA philanthropy dedicated to making a college degree more affordable and accessible for everyone. Great for high school students looking to stay occupied and earn free college credit. Modern States is a “free credit-for-college” website where you can sign up for an account and register for free online courses taught by college professors which will help you prepare for the CLEP exams and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. After completing the courses, answering all the practice questions and passing the practice exams, you can request vouchers for each CLEP exam you plan on taking (this pays for the $89 test registration fee per exam which is purchased on the College Board website). You then sign up to take the test at a test center near you (you can locate one at the College Board website).
Monster Phonics Reading, Writing, ESL, Early Childhood, Intervention Resources Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Phonics lessons and resources to teach reading and the spelling curriculum. Colour-coded and linked to monsters to significantly improves results. Monster Phonics is easier to teach and lots of fun! The entire programme is free to parents whilst schools are closed
Moosiko Guitar Practice Tool Fine Arts 6th - 8th, High School Online guitar practice tool for teachers to help students learn chords, transitions, and playing songs. FREE for instructors and students
Mosa Mack Science Science 6th - 8th Award-winning Mosa Mack Science provides animated mysteries, live video phenomena, labs and engineering challenges. We are running a free month access to Mosa Mack Pro to all schools and institutions due to COVID-19.
Mouse Create Science, STEM 6th - 8th Free learning platform for school groups with over 200 STEM, CS, and technology design activities and courses. Courses cover circuitry, game design, web literacy, coding, green technology, and more. Learning platform with STEM, computer science, and technology curriculum
Mouse Open Projects Science, STEM 6th - 8th Free, no account required, creative STEM, CS and technology activities for students in grades 5-12 learning from home Free STEM, computer science, and technology activities Video-based creative writing and film studies courses Free video-based creative writing and film studies courses with LMS tracking students' progress and quiz results. Email for free LMS access.
Mr. Robertson's Corner blog Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, STEM, Financial literacy High School and Higher Education Meaningful reflections, stories, ideas, advice, and resources for high school and college undergraduate students. We're exploring history, philosophy, critical thinking, the trades, business, careers, entrepreneurship, college majors, financial literacy, the arts, the social sciences, test prep, and a whole lot more. Join the conversation. Always free
Mrs Mactivity Math, Reading, Writing, Early Childhood ALL Free home learning packs for ages 3-11. Low print topic and project ideas and more! Free home learning packs
Mrs. Evelyn Educates   Mrs. Evelyn Educates, LLC, is offering free reading, writing, and grammar support for all grade levels in addition to free mentoring during daytime hours.
Ms Havrot's Canadian University Math Prerequisites Grade 11 Functions, Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors EVERY lesson that would be taught by your highschool teacher in class. mathematics lessons on YouTube for the complete curriculum requirements
MsMindfully Math, Reading, Writing, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Intervention Resources, Wellbeing High School Access to free subject-specific lessons, PowerPoint, graphic organisors supporting the Wellbeing of both teachers and students All downlaodable resources
Mtelegence DBA Readorium Reading, Science, Intervention Resources 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Readorium’s award-winning reading in science program teaches grade 3-8 students the nonfiction strategies needed to understand standards-aligned science text. Interactive science books are written at 10-12 levels, with video mentor guides. Text levels and supports continually adjust to individual needs. Educators can view progress reports 24/7 and download resources. Email: Call 201-836-8403 Mtelegence is offering Readorium Rising Reader (Grades 3-5) and Readorium Scholar (Grades 6-8) free of charge for the rest of the school year. It is also offering the free use of the Teacher Resource Center to educators using the program as well as all training by prerecorded or live webinar needed to use the program.
Music Theory Introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, exercises, ear trainers, and calculators. Free online content
MusicFirst MusicFirst Classroom is the only comprehensive learning management system (LMS) for K-12 music education. We are offering MusicFirst Classroom and the full suite of integrated software for free to any school during a closure.
Muzie.Live Fine Arts ALL Online Music Classroom (Free) Host online music lessons for free
My Kids Drawing Fine Arts ALL Platform to draw, share, cherish drawing. You can earn talent coins, redeem for gifts Earn talent coins, redeem for gifts.
myBlueprint Portfolios Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Intervention Resources, Counseling, As a digital portfolio, this can be used in any capacity/subject to allow students to document learning, and reflect on what they are doing at home right now. ALL myBlueprint Portfolios makes it super easy for your students, or you as the teachers to capture evidence of learning in real time, i.e. pictures, videos, audio recordings, files, and more. Provide students with your class code, so they can join your private space remotely, and they can continue to communicate/reflect on evidence of their work/growth even while they are away from the classroom. See video > myBlueprint Portfolios is providing free classroom access and dedicated support for all interested schools, for remainder of the school year. Visit to learn more and sign up now. We're all in this together.
myDocendo Remote collaboration ALL and myDocendo is a free collaboration tool which enables users to create study groups of up to 5 users and interact with school-mates, teachers and friends through messaging, group video and a live interactive whiteboard - all seamlessly integrated in one place. The unique combination of group video with an interactive whiteboard enables teachers and tutors to work with individuals or with small groups of students, and enables students to easily connect with their friends, collaborate on school work, or just hang out together. To get started - Download the myDocendo app for IOS at or visit and create your free account. Connect with friends, or invite your contacts to join myDocendo. Create study groups of up to 5 friends. Launch interactive study sessions with your groups. Members can participate from a web browser or an Apple device, and access is unlimited and always free! Remote collaboration tool for teachers and students, which enable the creation of study groups via group video and an interactive whiteboard
myShakespeare English, Literature, Shakespeare 6th - 8th, High School The leading digital edition of Shakespeare’s plays. Because of its self-study aspect and smart phone implementation, it's particularly useful in an online classroom environment. Currently all versions available for free
Mystery Science To help all these teachers during school closures, we at Mystery Science just finished going through all our lessons, pulling the easiest ones to do from home, and putting them all up for free on a page to make it easy. No signup required, no student login—we just want to help. Free Access Unique Learning System, Positivity, news-2-you and L3 Skills online instruction and social emotional Learning. Free special education instructional materials, newspaper, skill practice, behavior and social emotional learning differentiation resources
Naiku Naiku is a comprehensive, student-centric assessment management solution used by schools for everything from classroom formative assessment to district-wide benchmark assessments to easily measure, track, and view student learning. Educators can create, import, and share their own items and assessments or use a large bank of professional items and assessments. Naiku is offering new school subscriptions for free through June 30th, 2020 for schools affected by the Coronavirus.
NASA Kids Club Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th NASA Kids’ Club provides a plethora of space focused games, videos, images and activities to introduce and help kids learn about the world of space. There are videos, games and related articles covering the exploration of space and the NASA projects currently operational and those in the future.
National Constitution Center - Interactive Constitution Social Studies Elementary, Middle, and High School students, as well as college students and adult learners At a time when students and citizens across the country are looking for virtual learning resources, the National Constitution Center will continue to serve as America’s leading platform for constitutional education. While our museum is closed, we will host a series of conversations with thought leaders streamed live on our website, and through YouTube and Facebook Live. Our weekly podcasts, videos, and blog posts can be found here on the Interactive Constitution. With students, teachers, and learners of all ages planning for remote and online learning, many for the first time, the National Constitution Center will offer an expanded range of free online, nonpartisan resources to ensure that civics education continues across America. Our Interactive Constitution: Classroom Edition offers extensive primary and secondary sources and a content-rich media library with videos, podcasts, and blog posts that students can access without any log-ins or passwords.
National Geographic Kids Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Subjects explored by National Geographic for kids Articles and videos that explore subjects in science and culture around the world
National Geographic Resource Library/The Real Time Curriculum Project National Geographic Resource Library/The Real Time Curriculum Project Curated access to relevant news and events as they happen
National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC) Science, STEM, Computer Science ALL the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC) is providing free resources to parents and teachers. These projects can help kids stay engaged and continue to develop cybersecurity literacy. There are some fun activities including how to build an enigma machine from a Pringles can! Fun activities to support curiosity and creativity, as well as cyber literacy
National Inventors Hall of Fame / Camp Invention The National Inventors Hall of Fame connects inventors that have built the world around us with the innovators of tomorrow. Camp Invention® is one of our K-12 education experiences. Led by local teachers, this summer program has tapped into kids' natural curiosity and brought STEM concepts to life since 1990, giving them the opportunity to become innovators through teamwork and immersive, hands-on creative problem-solving. Hands-on STEM activity guide
Naviance by Hobsons For Naviance clients, we have the following free resources to ensure students can continue with and successfully complete their Naviance work online. A New Show Me How Feature for students, Naviance Resource Guide highlighting grade-level activities for your student to complete online, and live webinar series help you learn how to complete critical tasks with your students during the final months of the school year. Naviance is also providing open access to our College, Career and Life Readiness Curriculum for all Naviance clients through June 30, 2020 For Naviance clients, Naviance Resource Guide, Live Webinars on end-of-school year activities, open access to Naviance College, Career and Life Readiness Curriculum
nawmal really fun app supporting self expression through talking animated characters free to try the app for 2 weeks
NEO LMS A US-based company, that offers learning management systems for schools, universities, businesses, and entrepreneurs. NEO LMS offers a very comprehensive plan for schools and it's completely free for schools with up to 400 students.
Nepris Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL Nepris connects educators and learners with a network of industry professionals, virtually, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to all students. Nepris also provides a skills-based volunteering platform for organizations to extend education outreach, and build their brand among the future workforce. Nepris is here to help teachers and students affected by school closures. Now through April we are opening our live virtual Industry Chats to everyone to help students stay engaged.
Nessy Learning For schools closed by Coronavirus (COVID-19), Nessy is offering the free use of our digital learning platform* to support the continued education of children. The structured language programs automatically guide the instruction of phonics, reading, spelling and writing to all children aged 5-12 years. Teachers may monitor student progress remotely. We are offering our programs at no charge to contribute to the community effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and because we want to ensure children do not miss out on their learning. No credit card information is taken. Schools will not be billed. Nessy Reading & Spelling and Writing Beach It's online tool to curate, organize and share any content in a form of a Web page (netboard). Using netbord, teacher can easily create Web pages with texts, links, documents, videos, photos, presentations and other content. It is already actively used by teachers in different countries. It suggests (both free) personal and organization accounts. With organization account teacher can create user accounts for students and other teachers (no emails required) and organize collaborative work, sharing educational materials and enabling students to create own netboards, commenting and voting other students' and teachers' content. Teachers can create students groups and decide what to publish for each group. Unlimited number of boards
New American History Access to digital learning resources and tools developed by Dr Ed Ayers for American History/Geography/Current Events Free
New Jersey Center for Teaching & Learning    
News2You Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, STEM 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Access thousands of compelling, leveled reading materials to support instruction and drive literacy skills, no matter what subject you’re teaching · Newsela is making our entire product suite available, free of charge, to all districts and teachers through the end of the school year.

· Free professional learning for remote instruction: We’ve assembled a Remote Teaching Toolkit to make sure you are fully prepared to use Newsela to support core instruction remotely.

· COVID-19 educational content: We’ll continue publishing content that educators across subjects and grades can use to teach about COVID-19 in a way that’s accurate, responsible and empowering to students. Our goal is to help them process the news, stay physically and mentally healthy, support the health of their families and communities and bring relevance to learning.
Newsicle: News Trivia For Families Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, STEM ALL News Trivia For Families Anytime, Anywhere! The free resource is a daily news trivia game that families can participate in to qualify for a monthly prize. Bonus, a free news story connected with the news of the week as a reading resource!
Next in Mind - MindPowered Kids Meditation and mind tools for kids and parents to reduce anxiety and create healthy mental habits Free 6 week course for kids ages 9-12 and parents to learn meditation and mind tools to reduce anxiety and develop healthy mental habits.
NextWaveSTEM STEM 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School The NextWave STEM experience sparks inspiration and curiosity in students as they explore emerging technologies through hands-on learning that integrates STEM into the traditional K—12 classroom. Our curriculum is designed to spark students’ critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity by introducing them to coding skills and cutting-edge STEM. Free Curriculum - 3D Printing and Coding with Drones Full curriculum of lessons for Personal Finance instruction including games, activities, projects and lessons. Free curriculum, free teacher training via video conferencing and free advocacy resources.
Night Zookeeper Complete homeschooling website. Gamified learning with online tutor support, lessons and 100s of learning games. Focused on Literacy. FULL access for FREE for one week and then half price. (If you are in US let us know and we can share the US link)
Nimbus Capture It is a google extension that works similar to screencastify. Allows you to screen grab, record over presentations or record a "live" lesson. Many features are free but expanded features can be purchased as well (reasonably priced)
Nimbus Note organizing online eductaion teachers Teaching is not just teaching. It's also a lot of organization and administration - organize your classes or courses, public sharing, cultivate collaboration, all-in-one text editor, knowledge base and asset storage, student tracking, video at the service of education, a web clipper that works! We can offer a special discount to educational organizations. To acquire for a special price, please contact us at
Nitro Type Students improve the foundational skill of typing by competing in fast-paced races against their friends. Nitro Type is always 100% free.
Nomster Chef Illustrated recipes designed to help kids age 2-12 cook with their grown-ups. Recipes encourage culinary skills, literacy, math, and science. Nomster Chef is always free, but we wanted to highlight it as a resource for families looking to get in the kitchen!
NoRedInk NoRedInk is a free online curriculum that builds better writers. It includes diagnostic tools and assessments, targeted skills practice, a writing platform that guides students through the drafting and revision process, and instructional resources for teachers. It is used in more than 50% of US districts. Always Free.
NoteFlight Noteflight is an online app that allows users to compose, view, and share music notation from any web browser. In response, we are offering anyone in this situation the ability to use Noteflight Learn with all students through June 30th.
Novel Effect Novel Effect is a free, award-winning app that brings your books to life with music, sound effects, and character voices — custom-made to celebrate the tone of each story. Our app is free to users at all times. We have educator and parent resources on our website as well.
Numbots   We are offering affected schools free full access to NumBots– our platform that tackles addition, subtraction and number bonds – throughout any school closure*.
Numerade Math, Science, STEM ALL A free platform enabling educators to record and share lessons with students and the world's largest collection of STEM video courses and text book answers. Free unlimited lesson recordings for educators and unlimited access to courses and text book answers for students.
ObjectiveEd Distance learning for students with visual impairments Free use of the system until the end of the 2019/2020 school year.
Ocean School, by the National Film Board of Canada Math, Science, Social Studies, STEM, French 6th - 8th Learn at home with Ocean School! This set of 5 great lessons tackles science topics for grades 6-9. Ocean School has created a set of 5 lessons that anyone can access without logging in!
Odigia Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Early Childhood, STEM Higher Education All OpenStax courses can be customized around an instructor’s needs and current syllabus in a matter of minutes. Odigia has helped hundreds of instructors convert their courses and we are ready to support you so you can continue to do what you do best, teach.  
Olive Book Math, Reading, Writing, Science, SAT and ACT test prep High School Test prep for visual learners - no screen scribble, no tripod teachers, comprehensive content. Free enrollment - students, classes, districts...come one, come all.
Omega Notes Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, STEM, All subjects Higher Education Online Collaborative Learning Platform that maintains the integrity of your course design. Waiving all fees.
OMNI Calculator Math, Chemistry, Physics ALL OMNI Calculator brings you hundreds of custom-built calculators. Our calculators take only seconds to use and give you precisely the numbers you need. Our goal is to solve all small math problems that people deal with on an everyday basis. Free access to over 1000 calculators
OnSchooler Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, STEM PK-8th K-8 complete curriculum in Math, Science, Communications, Culture (world geography & history). Lessons are interactive; some are bilingual. You always get 3 free lessons when you sign up. Continue using it for free as long as your school district is closed for coronavirus by emailing for more credits. Open to families, teachers and schools.
Open Culture List of open source and free resources for K-12 (and adults!). Educational Resources, including free books, ebooks, audiobooks, courses, languages, movies and more.
Open Learning Initiative Science, Foreign Language, STEM, Full course list at: Higher Education and High School Free online courses on many topics that combine an interactive textbook with learning activities, assessments, and rich simulations. Free courses across many disciplines. Also offering free Webinars and Virtual Office Hours to help support your move to remote delivery and to provide guidance on whether OLI materials are a good fit for your class.
Open Learning Initiative Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, STEM, Intervention Resources, ALL In light of the dramatic impact COVID-19 is having on education, we’re making all of our courseware free for affected institutions. Our OER courseware combines interactive textbooks with learning activities, assessments, and rich simulations. The materials are organized into units and modules that are aligned to learning objectives, so you can select OLI content to match your needs for the rest of the semester and plug it in to your learning management system. You can explore our course offerings here : courses, office hours and webinars
Open Up Resources Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, ESL K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Open Up Resources is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to broadening access to excellent content and materials, in order to empower all students & teachers. Full-course math and ELA curricula for K-8 teachers and students.
OpenApply School Admissions Management System Simplify the admissions process for applicants & families from enquiry to enrolment. OpenApply is offering a free trial for the duration of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
OpenClassrooms STEM High School, Higher Education, Job Upskilling OpenClassrooms offers hundreds of free courses in Coding, Business, Data Management, and More Free access to all courses.
OpenStax OpenStax is a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University, and it's our mission to give every student the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. 38 digital textbooks for college/AP courses, 100% free all the time. 20+ different online homework products also free this semester to instructors moving in-person courses online. Math, STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Online lesson platform specializing in math lessons that are interactive, story-based, and focused on effectiveness. Free lessons on basic math (Fractions -, Ratios -, and Negative numbers - for now, but they're planning to launch even more!)

There are other lessons available on the platform, but quality may vary.
Otus Otus is a free LMS, Assessment Management, and Data Analytics platform designed specifically for K-12 remote learning. The platform is free for an indefinite period of time for teachers, students, and families.
Outschool   They are offering live webinars for teachers, for free, to share strategies for successful online / remote learning.
OverDrive Education Reading K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Sora is a K-12 student reading app through which students and educators can access ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive Education’s extensive catalog of digital titles for schools. Educators can complete an online form for no cost access to the Sora Remote Reading Book Bundle, a collection of 200+ premium, simultaneous use digital titles from publishers like Abrams, Britannica, Bellwether Media, Live Oak, and Orca, in addition to classic required reading titles like Emma and Call of the Wild. Specific title availability may vary by region.
Oxford University Press USA, Higher Education Division Not for profit higher education publisher, a branch of the University of Oxford Free resources to help those moving to online teaching, including access to digital resources, webinars and online courses for teaching online, and free access for students to OUP HE eBooks for balance of term. Do not need to be using an OUP title currently to access these resources.
Pachas en Peru   YouTube channel
Packback   Packback is providing zero cost licenses through the end of the Spring semester or academic quarter for any higher education courses moving online due to COVID-19 prevention.
Pactful Math, Reading, Writing, Science, STEM, Design Thinking 6th - 8th, High School Pactful teaches teenagers how to become social good innovators in order to help build a better world. Starting at the Innovator’s Guide, students are introduced to the innovator’s mindset, the 17 UN Global Goals (or SDGs), and design thinking. Students form teams and identify a local or global problem that feels relevant to them. Teams work through a three-phase design thinking curriculum to create a solution to their identified problem. We are offering professional development and ongoing support, combined with our entirely virtual educational curriculum and app, for free to the public.
Pactful Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, STEM, Design Thinking, PBL 6th - 8th, High School Pactful teaches teenagers how to become social good innovators in order to help build a better world. Starting at the Innovator’s Guide, students are introduced to the innovator’s mindset, the 17 UN Global Goals (or SDGs), and design thinking. Students form teams and identify a local or global problem that feels relevant to them. Teams work through a three-phase design thinking curriculum to create a solution to their identified problem. We are offering professional development and ongoing support, combined with our entirely virtual educational curriculum and app, for free to the public. Information sessions for educators on 3/24, 3/30, and 4/8.
Panopto Panopto is a video platform leveraged heavily in the education space for use cases including lecture capture, flipped-classrooms, and overall online learning. We are offering our two solutions: Panopto Pro and Panopto Free were teachers and students are able to record and share teaching video content remotely. Click on the link and you can compare both the offering to pick which can best suit your needs. We are offering Panopto Free which includes most of Panopto's functionalities, 2 hours of free video storage and 100 streaming hours per month. The tool is built with faculty and students in mind. For any technical question visit our support site at
Paper Gifts for Estefany Bible ALL Free paper gifts of love for kids - filled with fun, faith and encouragement Free Bible colouring pages, puzzles, crafts, posters, bookmarks, stationery, creative ideas, etc
Paragon One Career Development (Remote Internships) High School, Higher Education Paragon One is a career coaching resource that provides internships to high school students, college students, and career changers. Remote Internships
ParagraphPunch Teaches students how to write a paragraph online Free
Parchment Counseling High School, Higher Education Online Transcript Ordering, Processing, and Delivery for Students and Admins Free Transcript Processing Through June 2020
Parlay Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, STEM ALL    
PBS Learning Media PBS LearningMedia is a free, PreK-12 digital media service available to educators nationwide. Our free service offers teachers access to more than 30,000 learning materials aligned to state and national standards, including 25,000+ videos, interactive lesson plans, media galleries and more to enrich classroom instruction. Educators can easily browse and find content that demonstrates key curricular themes by subject area, standards, and grade bands. For classrooms using Google Classroom, teachers can easily import their class roster directly into PBS LearningMedia, creating a seamless experience between both services. PBS’ partnership with REMIND means that educators can share their favorite materials to students using the REMIND text messaging service. This innovative effort aims to help educators strengthen the school-to-home connection. Create a free account to save, organize, and share resources. Always Free.
PDSA - PetWise School Award Writing, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, STEM Age 5-11 PDSA have made changes to their PetWise School Award programme so parents can sign up as a home school and their children can work through the levels and still end up with a glass award, lanyard and pin badge. It’s all completely free of charge, thanks to the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. They just thought it would be nice for children to earn an award for the work they complete while they’re off school and what better topic than pets! Free curriculum linked resources that children can do at home to earn an award
Pear Deck    
PebbleGo by Capstone PebbleGo is a curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students. Packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities, it boosts engagement and fosters independent learning in core subject areas. Free Access
Pecha Kucka PechaKucha helps teachers, students, and researchers create short, powerful talks that are engaging, memorable, and easy to share. Use of our PK Create software. Thousands of schools and nonprofits use PechaKucha to share classwork, research, projects, and more.
Peekapak Reading, Writing, Early Childhood, Special Education, Intervention Resources, Counseling, Social Emotional Learning Pre-K to 5th Grade Free access to the entire platform of digital social emotional learning curriculum, storybooks, family activities and personalized learning games for students.  
Peergrade   For the next 4 months, you will be able to use all features in Peergrade completely for free.
PenPal Schools PenPal Schools connects more than half a million students from over 150 countries to learn together through collaborative online projects! Students collaborate through online projects ranging from human rights and the environment to fake news and robotics, all while practicing literacy, technology and social-emotional skills. Teachers can assess student work and support student growth by providing customizable and personalized feedback. At PenPal Schools we are offering free access to our programming to all teachers and schools affected by the virus.
Perusall Perusall is a social learning platform that prepares students for class. The platform incorporates a novel e-book reader with collaborative annotation tools to ensure students learn more, come to class prepared, and are more engaged in the learning experience. It enables instructors to teach more effectively, understand student misconceptions, structure class discussion, and save time. It is based on extensive patent-pending behavioral research at Harvard University. The Perusall platform is always free for instructors to use with their own materials, or with open educational resources.
PhD Science Science 3rd - 5th Providing knowledge-building resources and daily instructional videos for science (Grades 3–5). We are providing knowledge-building resources and written materials for math (Grades K–12) and daily instructional videos for English language arts (Grades K–8), math (Grades K-12), and science (Grades 3–5). We will post new video lessons and update our content daily. All can be found here:
Phet Science Labs Always free
Phonics Hero Reading, Early Childhood K - 2nd Phonics Hero teaches school-aged children to read and spell with systematic phonics. Using a step-by-step approach, the 850 games teach children the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences. Available on tablets and computers. 30 days full free access. Obligation free; no payment details taken. On signing up, teacher inputs student names (first name is fine) and will be provided with a list of logins to distribute to students.
Photomath Math ALL Photomath is a phone/tablet app that helps take the anxiety of helping your children with their mathwork. Take a picture of the math problem and it walks you through all the steps of how to solve the math problem and gives you the answer. Service is free but there is a paid version that offers additional services.
Physics Lab Learn science by doing experiments in your virtual lab with Physics Lab! Play with various circuit components, build your own 3D electric circuits, and see how they work in real time. Anyone can enjoy the fun of scientific experiments. Perfect for teachers to demonstrate physics experiments in class and for students to explore inside and beyond classroom. All basic functionalities are free at this time
Picmonic Science, STEM High School, Higher Education Picmonic is a research-proven online web and mobile visual learning platform. Picmonic enables anyone to create, share and learn highly effective “picture mnemonic” video-quiz lessons proven to increase long-term memory recall. Free Access to 1,000+ Science Education Videos
Students - 6 weeks FREE access to all Premium Picmonic Products
Educators - Free access for forever
Picture This Games The Picture This app makes learning interactive and fun! This virtual card-matching memory game allows you to customize your own "flashcards" with educational content and exercise your memory recall skills all in one. Cover any subject from social studies to language arts, or math to science. The possibilities are endless with customizable games of Picture This. Great for parents and kids of all ages to train their brain and enjoy learning! Download for FREE on any device. Always Free!
Pinna The only screen-free, ad-free audio streaming service custom-made for kids 3-12, featuring podcasts, audiobooks and music. Use the promo code PINNA4KIDS. To activate, create an account and enter the code in step 2 of the sign up process. Two months for free.
Pixton EDU Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Use Pixton EDU for grades 3-12 to create stories and demonstrate learning in any subject through digital comics. Users can explore topics in Math, Science, Social Studies, History, English, Art or any other subject. Choose images from popular content, books and movies like The Hunger Games or The Outsiders, plus other topics like the solar system, black history or the environment – all Common Core aligned. Free, all-access to Pixton EDU for 30days.
PlayForward: Elm City Stories (PlayForward)/play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games Health education: risk reduction and prevention Ages 10-15 PlayForward provides teens the opportunity to acquire and practice skills for risk reduction and overall health promotion. It uses character development and social and emotional learning to impact health outcomes in adolescents. **FREE to access through our website (above)!
Playful Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Fine Arts, Early Childhood, STEM Early Childhood Members' Lounge is a subscription-based, online resource for early childhood teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. Hundreds of online lessons and engaging printables for children ages 2-8.
PlayPosit It is an interactive, distance based learning software that allows instructors to imbed questions into videos (like YouTube, but they have a variety of integrations) The basic account is free and it comes with access to a lesson library, which might help teachers who are scrambling to create their own materials.
PlayTunes App Home Practice App For Band in Elementary/ Middle School 3 Months Free Access to All Levels - 150 practice sessions with video feedback/Games
Pobble Reading, Writing K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Writing lesson sorted! Free daily, age specific writing lessons. No planning needed, accessible by parents and pupils with a single link click. Free access for teachers to the daily lessons for as long as schools closures remain.
Pobble 365 Reading, Writing K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Pobble 365 is a free, daily writing resource, used by over 20,000 teachers each day. It is free - and always has been free! Enjoy!
PopBug Math, Reading, Writing, Early Childhood ALL British Primary School curriculum support and resources for parents and carers Access to content for ages 3-11, with downloads and videos for parents and caters to use.
Poptropica Poptropica is an educational game for kids ages 6-12, created by Jeff Kinney, the best-selling author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In Poptropica, kids go on educational adventures where they need to problem solve and build persistence to solve a challenge. The challenges put common subject topics (like Greek mythology) into a playful environment that makes learning fun. Poptropica is certified as COPPA compliant and safe for kids by KidSafe. Social Studies based online game
Population Education Population Education creates classroom activities for K-12 students that focus on human population change and related issues including natural resource use, environmental sustainability, equity, well-being, and more. A collection of activities and projects from our resources that we plan to do with our own children (K-12) while working at home.
Positive Physics An online physics problem and video bank designed for conceptual, standard, honors or AP1 physics. All teacher and student accounts are free for the remainder of the school year.
Possip ( Early Childhood, Special Education, Family Engagement ALL Possip helps teachers and schools get parent needs, check in with students routinely and systematically. Teachers can get a free account for up to 30 students through the end of this year.
PowerNotes Writing, Screen Reading, Research, & Writing. High School, Higher Education We designed PowerNotes to unify the steps of reading, gathering, saving, annotating, organizing, outlining, tracking, and citing research into a single, efficient workflow that feeds directly into the writing process. Free premium accounts for students and instructors.
Prezi Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, STEM, Prezi and PreziVideo are presentation tools, but it also has a library of subject specific presentations and videos. ALL Prezi is a free presentation tool. With a Basic subscription and a profile that states you're in Education, you get PreziNext and PreziVideo for free.
Prezi Video Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL Prezi Video is a video maker that puts your content right alongside you on the screen, creating a broadcast-like experience for your students. You can sign up for a free training here: Prezi Video is always free.
Primary Stars Education Math K - 2nd K-1 (Year 1 & 2) FREE Maths Home Learning Packs K-1 (Year 1 & 2) FREE Maths Home Learning Packs and editable PowerPoint presentations
Prodigies - Music Prodigies is a colorful music curriculum for kids 1-12 that will teach your kids how to play their first instrument, how to sing in tune & how to understand the language of music! 21 Days Free
Prodigy Prodigy Education connects students, parents, teachers and school districts with resources that promote a lifelong love of learning. Anyone with an internet connection is welcome to create a free account and try the most effective and engaging K-8 math platform in the world. Prodigy Game is an educational computer game, where a student needs to solve math problems to play the game. Prodigy Education's business model allows for users without membership to play the math game to its full extent. The educational component is identical to that of the users with memberships. The only component that would be missing is the cosmetic features (player's outfits, items in the game to decorate with etc.). There is no in-game purchasing.
Project Exchange Foreign Language, Study Abroad 6th - 8th, High School Project Exchange is an international 501c3 nonprofit increasing access to cross-cultural learning experiences for middle & high school students around the world through digital programs. Participate in a free study abroad experience, all online. Middle & high school students are matched with a peer from a different country, and over 12 weeks, participate in weekly video calls and activities to simulate the exchange experience. Our Spring 2020 cohort will run from April 6-June 26, and we’re currently accepting applications from middle & high school students around the world here until March 27 and are hoping that this can be an opportunity for students to continue connecting with others and engaging in culture, even as we’re limiting our daily in-person interactions.
Project Wayfinder SEL / Advisory High School Imagine if adolescent education was designed for all students to develop lives of meaning and purpose. In 2015 Project Wayfinder was founded at the Stanford to answer this call. We partner with educators to design innovative learning experiences that foster meaningful relationships and guide students to navigate their lives with purpose. Project Wayfinder is committed to providing the greater educational community with resources to navigate these times of uncertainty with purpose.

We will be proactively curating topical response tools from our existing programs and sharing them in virtual format, such as:
- Free lessons from our toolkits to download.
- Tips for managing meaningful distance learning.
- Regular Waybinar check-ins to counteract loneliness during this period of “social distancing.”

We are first providing a download to a lesson from our signature Purpose Toolkit: Sharing Resources to do yourself, with your students, or your colleagues!
ProjectExplorer Globally focused videos free videos from around the work from grade 3-12
Providing Guidance and Support to Teaching Teams Using Distance Learning/PublicImpact Materials on providing guidance and support to teaching teams using distance learning, from Opportunity Culture, an initiative of Public Impact Free materials/resources
Python with Penjee STEM High School Teach kids python. Penjee was made to help kids transition from block coding to their first programming language-Python. It offers virtual classroom so teachers follow student progress and provide feedback along the way. Penjee will be free for the remainder of the 2020 school year (through July).
Qualtrics Surveys and Reports ALL The resource is free and additional free survey tools for students and families are coming soon. Growing concern and the ongoing development of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced many school operations to move to remote instruction and work. The Remote Work Pulse Survey helps districts understand if their organization is prepared for this shift, and whether or not staff have what they need to succeed in this new environment.
Quark Academy Science, STEM 6th - 8th, High School, middle schoolers to early high school years We bring the most up to date science to live streaming interactivity with world-class scientists responsible for everything from training astronauts in the world’s only underwater saturation laboratory to developing robots that interact with us as equals and engineers who create tech to use on Mars, all to inspire and excite your students to embrace and explore science in school and in life. The Hab Lessons Full Course
QuaverEd - Music Seriously Fun teaching and learning for PreK-8 general music teachers and their students. QuaverMusic is offering free access to general music activities to all impacted schools, including free student access at-home.
QuaverSEL (by QuaverEd) Intervention Resources, Counseling, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 3rd - 5th QuaverSEL offers teachers, counselors, and interventionists a platform to stay connected to students, no matter where they are, with evidence-based assignments to individual student accounts, and support your students’ social and emotional wellness while learning from home. The QuaverSEL free 30-day preview is available anytime and can be extended if school closures continue. In addition, they have created sample assignments that can sent to students right away for SEL skill development.
Quickpage Quickpage allows teachers to easily and quickly send personalized videos to their students and included pdfs, docs, and even youtube videos all in one spot. Students can ask questions within the message feature. Quickpage is going viral at the moment as it is providing a solution. We are making Quickapge FREE for life for teachers during this time. Writing Grades 3-12's free online tools help 3rd-12th grade students improve their writing and grammar skills. uses artificial intelligence to automatically grade and serve feedback on student writing, enabling students to continually revise their work and quickly improve their skills. As a nonprofit, 100% of Quill's content will always be free for students and teachers.
Quizlet We are free for students and teachers and make it easy for students to practice and master whatever they are learning. Always Free.
Read Aloud Project Reading K - 2nd Lessons designed to highlight the ELA/literacy Shifts and expectations of college- and career-ready standards Lesson plans to accompany texts parents may have or can purchase.
Read Naturally Live Reading, Intervention Resources 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Read Naturally Live is a web-based intervention that applies the research-based Read Naturally Strategy to accelerate reading achievement. Visual and auditory prompts guide students through the motivating steps to develop fluency and phonics skills, support comprehension, and improve vocabulary. Get a free 60 Day trial Read Naturally Live for 60 days
Read Naturally, Inc. Reading K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th Keep students learning during school closures. Splat-O-Nym makes learning words FUN! Students independently play games that include over 7,000 synonym questions, 1,000 antonym questions, and 600 meaning-from-context questions. For details and an in-depth overview of the app visit: Splat-O-Nym Vocabulary iPad App
Read to Lead Reading, Writing, Intervention Resources, Career Exploration 6th - 8th, High School Read to Lead is a digital literacy learning game, where students are empowered to be the boss while reading their way through a virtual internship. It is a fun, engaging, and relevant way to blast through traditional reading barriers and promote workplace readiness and skill building. By playing our learning games, youth increase reading achievement, find motivation, and see, often for the first time, a real connection between learning, career aspirations, and their futures. Read to Lead is geared for students in 5th - 9th grades and provides a diverse representation of characters to showcase that ALL of our students can be the Boss! Additionally, Read to Lead provides community action projects, coaching, and implementation support for an enriching educational experience! Our staff is committed to turn-key (ready-to-use) implementation and support to build the capacity of educators. All resources on our platform are FREE that includes community action projects, lesson plans, and unlimited educator and student accounts to access our games. Additionally free virtual support in the form of webinars, one on one coaching sessions, and online communities, and video tutorials are offered on a weekly basis and free to access.
ReadAskChat Reading, Early Childhood Early Childhood ReadAskChat is a highly curated, beautifully illustrated digital library that provides parents, caregivers, and teachers of children six months to four years with all the guidance they need to lay a strong foundation for reading and love of learning. During this time of school disruption and uncertainty, we are making the full library free to families through April 2020. Use organization code 5RVLD4 when registering.
Readers 4SC A critical thinking activity that incorporates novels and famous books, argumentation, and key themes together. Lesson plan, suggest topics per book, and publishing students' work on the website are all free.  
Reading Egg This is one of my favorite supplemental reading programs! It helps children become stronger readers and boosts comprehension. I've used this with many struggling readers that I've tutored over the years and have had excellent results each time. It's great for any child 2-13 years old. This link gets you 30 free days to use the program (no credit card required) 30 day free trial no credit card required
Reading Horizons Reading, ESL, Special Education ALL Reading Horizons - Resources for Reading From now through the end of the school year, we would like to offer your school/district access to our software products free of charge. This includes apps that can be used from home for students.
Readorium Readorium is an award-winning, automatically adaptive reading in science program teaches nonfiction reading skills as it guides students through science books aligned to National & State Standards. We are offering Readorium for free to schools for grade 3-8 students from now through the end of the school year.
ReadTheory Reading ALL Free adaptive reading comprehension learning platform The site is entirely free
ReadWorks ReadWorks is an online resource of reading passages and lesson plans for students of all levels K-12. The company was founded with the goal of improving reading comprehension by bringing the latest in literacy teaching research into the classroom. Always Free.
Red T Media ( Thinking Skills 3rd - 5th Critical Thinking resources for K-6 students Free downloadable lesson plans, parent/teacher resources, and activities, all in support of critical thinking. Accompanying videos are available on our YouTube channel (Red T Kids' Media).
ReelEducation Equity/disability/accessibility/empathy ALL Free films and lesson plans to teach the social model of disability, including equity, accessibility, empathy, and more. Free films and lesson plans (available in English and French)
Remind "A free Remind account lets you create up to 10 classes with up to 150 people each, so assess your classes and create any that you might need in an urgent situation. In most cases, it’s more convenient to use the classes you already have." Always Free.
Renaissance Select versions of myON & myON News available. Digital access 24/7 to thousands of fiction and nonfiction books and daily news articles reviewed by a child psychologist. Call 800-338-4204 for details.
Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Program Social-Emotional Learning ALL SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Respectful Ways is a PreK-12 digital curriculum offering 300 FREE online activities that teach children social skills and emotional intelligence. Students need to feel connected during uncertain times. This is a great opportunity to teach them empathy for others, how to persevere through tough times, and responsibility to do the right thing. Free access to three or more digital modules *of your choice.* -- All students have different behavioral needs. We help you choose which modules work best for you!
Rethink Ed Social and Emotional Learning K-12 Rethink Ed SEL is a comprehensive K-12 online platform that provides many opportunities for students of all ages and abilities, teachers, administrative staff, and parents to develop their social emotional skills. We provide on-demand professional development videos, grade level videos and curriculum that promotes well-being, connectedness and success for all students and adults. Rethink Ed will provide districts that are planning closures for preventative health measures with a tool kit that will include webinars, whitepapers, tips and strategies for supporting your entire community during this time of uncertainty. We will offer FREE access to our online Social Emotional Learning Suite through the remainder of the school year. Link to request free access:
Retrieve Technologies, Inc. We designed our VTS to modernize online education, deliver a humanized learning experience and provide personalized education to meet the needs of each learner. It is not your traditional LMS. Virtual Teaching System is offered for 6 months of free usage. Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL Review Game Zone is an educational website for students to learn and play games. The arcade games are set up so students have to answer a general knowledge question in the subject area they are learning in order to play. They provide a trivia question review game format where the more often they provide a correct answer, the longer play time they get. These act as incentives to keep the student engaged in learning the study material. The reward for practicing the classroom material is playing the arcade game and we know students love games. Free review games and teacher account creation (to create their own games)
Rhithm Intervention Resources, Counseling, Social Emotional Learning ALL Emoji based digital check-in, automatically launched SEL activities, simple intuitive data dashboard. SEL for all. Our entire platform is completely free
RingCentral RingCentral Office will provide all those impacted with video conferencing, team messaging, business phones, and even SMS and fax For Educators, Health Care and Non-Profits, RingCentral Office for free for 3 months.
RiseUp! An American Curriculum   Always free
Rock Hall EDU We provide free classroom resources like videos, playlists, essays, lesson plans, writing prompts, and digitized materials from our Library & Archives. Teachers can sign up for a free account, download the resources, and use temporary authorization links to share materials directly with their students online. Always free
Rockalingua Music Based Spanish Learnin g We want to make sure teachers have all the tools they need to be able to keep teaching while schools are closed and that's why we are providing free Teacher Pro upgrades to all subscribers impacted by school closures.
Rocket Spelling Reading, Writing 3rd - 5th Gamified spelling education for elementary students. Ideal for independent practice at home (with a dashboard to view student progress). Free subscription for the rest of the school year. Use coupon code "covid19" when you register!
RocketLit Reading, Science, Social Studies, STEM 6th - 8th Leveled Science and Social Studies reading, adapted to student reading levels. Free access for students and teachers until August.
Rockin Resources Digital Educational Resources A Free Subscription to 80 + Writing Mini Lesson Videos
Rosen Classroom Reading ALL Maintain Teaching and Learning for Our K-12 Students If you just want your students to READ—whether they are learning to read or reading to learn—they can easily access hundreds of age appropriate books across various topics and content areas with a simple login and selection by using our epointplus digital delivery.
Rosetta Stone Foreign Language 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Free Rosetta Stone for Students for 3 months Free language learning for all students for 3 months.
Rosh Review The Leader in Board Exam Review, Qbanks and Medical Education. ***Proven score prediction ***Doctors, PAs and NPs “on-call” for you ***Guaranteed to pass or your money back 1 month free test prep for medical school students - no credit card required to sign up
Rosie Research Science, STEM K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Dr Erica creates fun and engaging STEM activities to teach elementary aged kids real concepts and theories of science Every day we will be live-streaming detailed science activities with accompanying printouts, Zoom Q&A sessions and parent guides.

Each livestream starts with a short lesson, then Dr. Erica demonstrates the project with her two daughters. Following the demonstration, the class moves to a Zoom video conference for project sharing and troubleshooting. Each activity has detailed printouts breaking down the science in fun and engaging ways.
Rozzy Learning Company Rozzy will also be providing free teacher licenses as well during school closures. Rozzy will be posting a list of lessons in our portal on Monday that are perfect for flipped learning so that teachers will know exactly what lessons work best. Teachers can make an account here by clicking on the free trial button- the free trial will be extended through the virus period.
Rubin Writing, ESL, Career and Technical Education 6th through higher ed Rubin is a leading provider of online training for business communication skills for K-12 and higher ed. We provide hands-on exercises for email etiquette, phone etiquette, networking, interpersonal skills and much more. 11 ready-made activities that cover email etiquette, life skills (ex: how to write your name in cursive) and how to create an entire LinkedIn profile). Each activity comes with student instructions, reference material, a lesson plan and a rubric!
Salesforce   Quip Starter - To help teams collaborate while students and staff are away from school. Available for free to any Salesforce customer or non-profit organization through September 30, 2020.
Sanako online language lab Sanako is a global leader in language lab development Free until end of semester (end of June 2020). Sanako Connect online language lab for remote language teaching. Pair students for discussion activities, create exercises and much more.
Scholastic Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Early Childhood, STEM, SEL PreK-9+ Scholastic has created a learning hub that provides 20 days of learning experiences for students in grades PreK-9+ across the content areas. The company is also providing free access to other digital learning programs. Information provided in this link. Please feel free to share. 20 days of curated lessons free. Plus, access to additional digital programs for extended learning opportunities.
School Tools TV Counseling, Social-Emotional K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Daily 1 minute social skills videos The website no longer requires a password. It is open and all students may see the videos.
SCHOOL4ONE K-12 Digital platform that tracks student progress based on standards. School4One will offer 90 day trial to all teachers and schools affected by school closings.
Schoology Schoology brings together the best K-12 learning management system with assessment management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning. Has a free, basic version
SchoolsBuddy SchoolsBuddy is the complete extra-curricular system for staff, students, and parents featuring online sign up, allocation, and management. Manage online payments with SchoolsBuddy for trips, events, activities, fees, and more Offering free trial of SchoolsBuddy Core and Communications
SchoolTron SchoolTron is a free attendance and dismissal app that has a parent app (iOS and Android) so schools can broadcast announcements, message with parents individually, send documents for electronic signature, and more. Free App.
Science Buddies Science, STEM ALL Free K-12 resources for hands-on STEM learning Science Buddies offers thousands of free resources for learning STEM, including a collection of 160+ fun, hands-on STEM activities and videos. Each of our K-12 activities covers a specific STEM concept, can be done in an hour or less, and can usually be done with materials easily found at home. Perfect to keep students engaged during school closures. In addition to activities, Science Buddies also has NGSS aligned lesson plans, STEM career profiles, and over 1,200 STEM project ideas - all for free.
Science Journal for Kids Science, Social Studies, ESL, STEM High School Hundreds of scientific articles. Written for kids. Approved by scientists. All our articles and STEM teaching resources are free to download.
Science Kids Science K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th Science Kids is the home of science & technology on the Internet for children around the world. Learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying our fun science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos & science fair project
Science News for Students Reading, Science, STEM, Current events 6th - 8th A free online science magazine aimed at kids ages 9-14 Everything
Science News in High Schools Math, Science, STEM High School Science News in High Schools is a program from the Society for Science & the Public that aims to boost science literacy for every U.S. high school student. Science News in High Schools is a program from the Society for Science & the Public that aims to boost science literacy for every U.S. high school student – and gives teachers easy ways to bring today's science developments into their teaching at a time when distance learning and homeschooling have become the new normal.
Science News, Science News in High Schools, Science News for Students Math, Science, STEM ALL, 6th - 8th, High School Science News in High Schools Science News is published by the Society for Science & the Public, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education and scientific research through its award-winning publications and world-class science education competitions. Science News for Students (formerly Science News for Kids) publishes award-winning journalism on research across the breadth of science, health and technology fields. It aims to bring these new developments to a younger audience. Published daily, Science News for Students posts both shorter news stories and longer features, all written with a vocabulary and sentence structure aimed at readers 9 to 14 years old. The breadth of technical subjects and tone attracts many advanced readers as well. Our stories highlight ongoing research in fields ranging from astronomy to zoology. (Science News for Students does not publish original scientific results.) Stories are reported by experienced science journalists, many with PhDs in the fields on which they write.
Scientific Learning Reading K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Reading Assistant Plus helps K-12 student of all levels practice independent reading and develop vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills. It is an innovative online guided reading tool “reads” to the student, “listens” while they read a selection aloud, detects when they falter, and provides immediate intervention in the form of correct pronunciation. Licenses for Reading Assistant Plus through June 30, 2020
Scoutlier Assiggments can be made to collect written input but also images, video and Audio. It is free, works well on ipads, chromebooks and computers.
ScreenCastify Screencasting, Webcam Recording, Sharing Explanations, Creating Tutorials ALL    
Scribble Together   Two months for free
Seesaw Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention Resources ALL Seesaw is the best platform for empowering students to demonstrate and share their learning. We've just updated our product for all users so that they can transition to remote learning easily using Home Learning Codes. Students use powerful tools in the Seesaw app to create, reflect and demonstrate learning. When students share their learning in their Seesaw portfolio, teachers and families gain valuable insights into what their students know and can better support their development throughout the school year. Always free, with premium options for schools. We've developed free resources and professional development specific to remote learning needs.
SelfCad STEM, 3D Modeling ALL SelfCAD is a 3D CAD web application totally based in the cloud. We're providing a free month of SelfCAD to students stuck at home due to the school closures. Code is homeschool
Seneca On the front page there is a section called 'Free Teaching Resources', the topics are listed by subject and exam board. Eah section then has ppt, exam questions, videos etc - really useful. Sign Up for Free
Senor Wooly   2 weeks of Senor Wooly PRO to every single Spanish teacher who wants one. Any Spanish teacher can request the free 2 weeks, whether you're new to Wooly, an expired user, or even if you just want to tack 2 extra weeks onto your active subscription.
Seppo Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Special Education, STEM, Counseling ALL Create online game lessons for any subject and age group. You can turn any lesson into an engaging game with Seppo gamification tool. Leverage the benefits of active learning and multimedia devices, and teach well also when you can't be in the same physical space with your students. Students play with their mobile phones or tablets, anywhere. You create and monitor the games with your laptop, where ever you are. With Seppo you'll be able to keep a close eye on your students' performance and provide them real time guidance. Full version available, also access to our content library with 4000 games created by teachers.
SEPUP Free science simulations, scientist profiles, and other digital resources for middle school science and high school biolgy. No log in required. Always Free
Seterra Geography    
SFUSD Mathematics In preparation for possible school closures, SFUSD has produced 10 days of activities teachers can choose to assign students to complete at home. All Elementary lesson plans and student pages (both English and Spanish versions) are Google Docs that you can access using the button below. The activities are available to all under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Free
Shapegrams Fine Arts, Technology 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th The challenge → Recreate the pictures using shapes The first four Shapegrams are free. Each has an instruction video and extension activities.
Showbie   For our Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro school and district customers: We are providing free additional licenses to cover all your staff and students on Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro through July 31, 2020. For our Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro school and district customers: We are providing free additional licenses to cover all your staff and students on Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro through July 31, 2020.
Shurley English The Shurley English program for grades K-8 provides a clear, logical, and concrete approach to language arts. Students grasp and retain even the most challenging concepts. Shurley English utilizes all learning styles and provides a logical connection between grammar, skills, and writing. The Shurley English Digital Edition will be offered to teachers and students for free. This offer includes complete video instruction for each lesson through our Shurley English Digital Assistant: SEDA. No code required.
Sight Reading Factory   Free Service Through June 30th
Simple Living. Creative Learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Early Childhood Early childhood, K-2nd, 3rd - 5th Lots of free (and some paid) printables and resources for homeschooling through to upper elementary as well as simple living and wellness resources. Lots of free educational printables and activities.     ttps:// Free eLearning and PD Free eLearning Professional Development to keep teachers productive. ALSO: Free training series on how to transition to a virtual classroom/teacher virtually.
Sir Linkalot Spelling K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School (The Future of Spelling) Sir linkalot is an award-winning app (Best App - Bett Show 2020) to help children commit to memory hundreds of common exception words from 'they' and 'was' up to 'accommodation' and 'onomatopoeia' using short animations, along with silly music and Sir Linkalot's quirky voiceovers.. Free access to the whole of the app
Skillshare Fine Arts, Design and creative skills - graphics, illustration, photgraphy, etc High School, Higher Education Online learning community for creative skills 2 months free to anyone with a .edu email, and 2 month free trial for anyone with a credit card
Skilltree Distributing Classwork 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School, Higher Education Skilltree is a tool which enhances the use of Google Classroom. Share your Classroom content easily with other teachers within an outside your school district. Skilltree the whole product.
Slido Education    
Smart Learning Suite SMART Learning Suite Online enables students to connect remotely to live lessons delivered by teachers and engage in real-time with lesson activities. Free Access for the rest of the school year.
Smart Science Virtual Labs Science, STEM 3-12 Virtual science labs for grades 3-12 90 day free access to all virtual science labs
Smart Steps LLC Reading, Special Education, Intervention Resources, Counseling ALL App and software for designing custom step-by-step instructions or flow charts that appear in the app one step at a time. Use for strategies, routines, functional skills. Free upgrade using coupon code "corona2020" or email for a group license.
SmartMusic   Free Service Through June 30th
Smarty Symbols Special Education ALL Families can create viausl support for children with Autism for in-home visual support and visual schedule. One Month free access to the site using Promo code HOMEVISUALS
SmokeSCREEN/ Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games Health education: smoking/vaping prevention Ages 10-16 smokeSCREEN is a videogame developed to address smoking/vaping prevention with data supporting its efficacy. It addresses the range of challenges that young teens face, with a dedicated focus on youth decision-making about smoking and vaping (conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, flavored tobacco products), and includes strategies for both smoking prevention and cessation. It uses principles of character development and social and emotional learning to impact health outcomes in adolescents. **FREE to access through our website (above), go to “Request Access” AND FREE to download from both the App Stores!
Smore Magazine We are a print and digital STEM magazine for ages 9+. Smore is available to children through schools and libraries all over the world. To keep STEM learning going for children who are stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are offering a Free Annual Subscription to Smore Digital (6 issues) until March 31st, 2020 with the use of code FREESMORE. Coupon Code: FREESMORE
Expiry: 03/31/2020
Smrt Live Class ESL ALL English classes streamed live on YouTube by Canadian and American teachers. During the class you can chat directly with the teacher and other students.  
Snapplify Snapplify offers a library of 50 000+ free e-books. Teachers can sign up for free and also claim exclusive teacher benefits. Excellent to send free e-books to your kids and get them to read while they are at home! You can also share your resources on the platform. Easily integrates with Microsoft / Google for education. Free
Social Studies School Service Social Studies Early Childhood, K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, High School Social Studies School Service is a publisher and distributor of high-quality educational materials. Through our family of innovative imprints and partners, we provide teachers and administrators with materials that promote critical thinking and informed action. We offer a wide range of products, from full curricula to supplementary resources. As we grow and adapt to meet students’ evolving needs, we remain committed to helping educators give students the best possible social studies education. Young Citizens – Elementary comprehensive program with complete digital access allowing students to work remotely.
Active Classroom – Comprehensive 5-12 social studies platform with programs in US History, World History, Geography, Government/Economics, Sociology/Psychology. Robust learning management system allowing for differentiation, quiz builder and grading.
Nystrom World – K-12 geography tool featuring maps, atlases, interactive activities and mapping programs. We can integrate Nystrom World into Active Classroom.
Socrative   For our Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro school and district customers: We are providing free additional licenses to cover all your staff and students on Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro through July 31, 2020. For our Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro school and district customers: We are providing free additional licenses to cover all your staff and students on Socrative Pro and Showbie Pro through July 31, 2020.
SoftChalk   SoftChalk is offering free access to SoftChalk Cloud from now through May 31, 2020 to anyone who may need it to quickly and easily create online lessons and course materials for delivery to students.