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Norristown Area School District Secures PA Department of Education Continuity of Education Equity Grant

Norristown Area School District was awarded nearly $291,000 in Continuity of Education and Equity Grants (CEEG) by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the current academic year. CEEG awards are designed to help provide access and inclusion for all learners by bridging the gap for students who are currently limited in their ability to participate in the continuity of education. On April 6, the Pennsylvania Department of Education opened an emergency equity grant intended to provide additional financial support to LEAs and schools with the highest percentage of students unable to participate in the continuity of education; the application deadline was April 10.

 “Norristown Area School District is extremely grateful that we were awarded a Continuity of Education Equity Grant. We appreciate the Governor, Pennsylvania State Legislature, and Pennsylvania Department of Education allocating these funds for districts to better serve students during these unprecedented times,” Superintendent Christopher Dormer added. 

This grant will boost our efforts to more directly support students and families during distance learning and also help our ongoing efforts to help close the digital divide for our families. We plan to purchase more than 1000 additional Chromebooks to distribute to students to facilitate distance learning at home. With the additional Chromebooks we will order with these funds, we are able to provide technology to more students and families, thus greatly enhancing personal contacts with families, as well as providing more robust and equitable teaching and learning experiences for all NASD students.”