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Resources for WiFi Access.


-Xfinity has opened up its hotspots free to the public. Customers and non-customers can find the exact hotspot locations at xfinity Internet customers can also locate them through the Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app. 


-Every internet provider that has signed the Keep America Connected Pledge has also opened up its Wi-Fi hotspots for free public use.

EveryoneOn has a search engine for residents to enter their zip to find internet offers that they qualify for


-Comcast Xfinity offers internet to new Xfinity customers who are eligible for public assistance programs (no cost for 60 days)

AT&T is offering two months of free service to new customers who order Access by May 23, 2020. $5/mo or $10/mo thereafter, depending on their speed. They are expanding eligibility based on income and to households participating in the National School Lunch Program/Head Start. They are also waiving all home internet data overage fees.