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MontCo Comic Fest 2020 Comic Contest Gallery

The art comic contest entries, submitted to MC-NPL in March 2020, have been evaluated by a panel of judges. Now the NASD students who applied their talents and energy to compose art comics can be recognized and awarded for their efforts.

COVID-19 had previously prevented the judging from taking place as scheduled. 


Embracing our diversity to enrich the community.


Scoring was based on the merits of storytelling, character design, background, and composition.

A finalist was chosen from each middle school and the high school, four in total. The finalists were then judged again with the overall best piece selected as the winner of the grand prize.


All contestants receive a certificate of participation. 

Beginning on December 15 and continuing for four days, the name of a finalist will be posted here and on social media.  The grand prize winner will be announced on the fourth day, December 18th.  

Three of the four finalists are awarded $50.00 for their winning entries. While the fourth finalist, who is also chosen Grand Prize winner, is awarded $75.00. If more than one student is involved in a winning entry, the prize money is shared between those students. 

The school art department for each finalist also receives $75. The Grand Prize winner school’s art department receives $85.00.


We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to The Dischell Bartle Dooley Law Firm, Ash Aragam, Inc., and Linda Gibson. Through their generous support this contest is possible. Plus, we would like to thank all the NASD art teachers for their leadership and support.

The library is looking forward to what other marvelous work the students of our community will contribute to our future art contests.