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Math 24 Winners Heading to the County Competition

Thank you to everybody who was able to come out and support our students at the annual Math 24 Competition today!  This day would not be possible every year without the dedication of our school coaches and all of you who volunteer your time to judge the competition.  The students did an amazing job and represented their school with pride.


Below is the list of winners from each grade group, along with some photos from the tournament.  These students will travel to the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit on May 22nd (4th and 5th grade) and May 23rd (6th, 7th and 8th grade) to represent the  Norristown Area School District at the Montgomery County Math 24 Competition.  

math 24 winners - 1  math 24 winners - 2  math 24 winners - 3



1st Place - Chase Logan (Marshall St.)

2nd Place - Jocelyn Campos (Gotwals)

3rd Place - Athena Rankine (Stewart)

4th Place - Clarissa Rico Osario (Cole Manor)



1st Place - Jimmy Moreno (ESTLA)

2nd Place - Jamey Tague (Stewart)

3rd Place - Tyler Mariathasan (ENMS)

4th Place - Jaylynn Hayward (ESTLA)


7th/8th Grade:

1st Place - Raul Garcia-Nepomuceno (ESTLA)

2nd Place - Brianna Sanchez (ESTLA)

3rd Place - Orlando Wright Burress (ESTLA)

4th Place - Rachel Phan (ESTLA)


Congratulations to all of our participants for a job well done!