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CHOP Telehealth Program is now in all NASD schools


Norristown Area School District now has the CHOP Telehealth program in all its schools, following a successful pilot program last year!

In cases where the school nurse determines a greater level of care is needed, the program offers a fast, more convenient way for the child to be examined by a CHOP provider — without completely interrupting the school day.

On January 11, a medical team from CHOP demonstrated the program to several Norristown Area School District officials and Representative Matt Braford.


medical team

group 1  

School Board President Shae Ashe volunteered to be the patient! 

Mr. Ashe 1  Mr. Ashe 2   Mr. Ashe 4  Mr. Ashe 5


A virtual visit to the doctor’s office without leaving school


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Each participating school is equipped with an iPad with “virtual visit” software, as well as the digital equipment needed to make a complete in-school virtual visit possible.

The nurse calls or sends a text prompting the provider to log into the secure app. Providers log on using a computer — anytime, anywhere (comparable to a FaceTime visit, only much more secure).

Providers can then perform heart exams, measure heart rates, listen to the lungs and abdomen, view high-resolution digital images of the ear, mouth, throat and skin, and get accurate temperatures — all through technology.